All You Need to Know About Air Roasted Coffee

Have you been yearning for air-roasted coffee and are curious about the processing methods? Hundreds of thousands of people across the globe drink coffee for the simple reason that it is quite delicious!

Today, we’re going to explain what air-roasted coffee is. [PS If you’re looking for a delicious coffee, check out our Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Guide – All You Need To Know!

So, what is air roasted coffee?

The term “air-roasted coffee” simply refers to the process by which coffee bean varieties have been prepared. As its name suggests, an even current of hot air is used to roast the beans.

Sometimes referred to as fluid bed roasting, air roasting techniques have the beans remain “fluid” inside the roaster as they are continuously rotated by hot air currents introduced beneath the coffee.

The even supply of hot air and constant movement of the beans allows for accurate roasting of the coffee. This modern technique, invented in the 1970s, is the excellent work of a famous coffee industry consultant and engineer Michael Sivetz.

Benefits of air roasting vs traditional roasting methods

Across the globe, only one percent of all the coffee beans harvested are air roasted. The rest are roasted using the traditional method, often known as drum roasting. In this section, we shall look at some of the benefits of air roasting vs conventional roasting methods. It includes the following:

Air roasted coffee boasts of unique and unmatched flavor

A drum roaster takes 20 or more minutes to bake a bunch of green coffee beans completely.

On an air roaster, a similar batch is roasted in less than eight minutes. It is worth noting that if green coffee beans are subjected to roasting temperatures for an extended time,  they ultimately lose their sweet aroma and flavors.

Traditional roasting traps and burns bean chaff

Traditional coffee roasting using a drum roaster burns much of the chaff from coffee beans. As the chaff is burnt, smoke is spread throughout the roast, causing an unpleasant burnt flavor.

It is easy to control or duplicate with air roasting

Everything is under control when air-roasting coffee beans. Gone are situations where you need to rely on color changes to stop roasting. Here, you know the exact air temperature for optimal and precise roasting.

Since the degree of roast is already known, it is quite easy to duplicate the next batch of roasting accurately.

Top three brands of air roasted coffee

Now that you know what is meant by the term air-roasted coffee, let us shift gears a little and look at some of the leading brands under this category. Notably, coffee enthusiasts applaud the following brands:

  • Ethiopian Kochere Gedeo Air-roasted Coffee
  • Air Roasted Whole Bean Teasia Coffee, Sulawesi Toraja
  • Mountain Boys Organic Fair Trade Coffee

Let’s look at each one in detail,

Ethiopian Kochere Gedeo Air-roasted Coffee

This is the world’s leading air roasted coffee brands. Airis Coffee Roasters roast it and the coffee beans are harvested from the Gedeo Zone – a region known for growing the best coffee in the globe.

The brand’s whole beans are blended with cherry flavors and blueberry hints, so users enjoy fruity aromas. The brightest, cleanest, and flavorful coffee is ideal for people seeking for medium acidity air-roasted coffee.

Air Roasted Whole Bean Teasia Coffee, Sulawesi Toraja

Teasia Toraja coffee is yet another popular air roasted coffee brand. Its whole beans are sourced from the island of Sulawesi – a high altitude region in Indonesia. It is baked to medium dark colors with undertones brooding fruit and cinnamon and dark chocolate flavors.

The beans are roasted in small batches, so it optimally develops the unique flavors and characteristics. They are then vacuum sealed within twenty-four hours to ensure maximum quality and freshness is preserved.

Mountain Boys Organic Fair Trade Coffee

If you are looking for a slightly acidic, earthy, and upper-crust air roasted coffee, then the third brand on our list may your preferred choice.

The brand is Fair Trade and Organic Certified. It is a blend of three coffee varieties from three continents. The product is medium roasted with a fruity aroma.