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4 Most Flavorful Coffee Beans In The World

4 Most Flavorful Coffee Beans In The World

You might think that all coffee tastes the same, but the truth is that coffee can have different flavors depending on where and how it is grown. We are going to take a look at four countries with the most flavorful coffee beans:

#1. Costa Rica

While only one percent of the world’s coffee supply comes from Costa Rica, the beans they produce here are some of the finest.

Costa Rica has several different growing regions that are in high elevations. These regions produce a flavorful coffee that is both smooth and bold at the same time.

#2. Ethiopia

One of the best places in the world to grow coffee is Ethiopia. The country has some of the best soil, which naturally produces some of the best tasting beans.

In fact, in this area of the world, coffee plants grow wild. Exports of Ethiopian grown coffee has skyrocketed over the past few decades, and is becoming one of the most sought-after varieties.

If you have not tried coffee from Ethiopia, you really should!

#3. Columbia

Columbia has always been known for great tasting coffee. It is used in many of the popular ground coffee brands. In addition to mass-market coffee, Colombia also has specialized coffee bean varieties that are grown higher up in the mountains.

The country’s high elevations help to make it one of the best regions in the world for tasty coffee. In addition to elevation, the soil in many parts of the country gives the beans a unique flavor you won’t find anywhere else.

#4. Brazil

Brazilian coffee beans are harvested anywhere from 400-1600 meters above sea level, and the country exports the most coffee of any region in the world.

Brazil’s coffee beans, in general, offer a nutty taste, with a low acidity, and notes of chocolate. However, there are beans in different areas of the countries with varying levels of acidity.


These are four of the best counties in the world for flavorful coffee. While coffee is grown around the globe, these four nations stand out from the rest.

So, if you are looking for a great cup of coffee, make sure you are brewing beans from one of these counties.

Brazil Adrano Volcano – Made From Volcanic Soil Minerals?

Brazil Adrano Volcano – Made From Volcanic Soil Minerals?

Brazil Adrano volcano coffee is processed from green, unroasted or roasted coffee beans. The coffee beans are the Mundo Novo Cautia and Acacia varieties of Arabica beans, which gives it a unique characteristic.

The coffee is grown on some small estates in Brazil, in the microclimate region called Pocos de Caldas. The soil in this area is rich in volcanic minerals, and rainforest soil that has plenty of minerals, giving the coffee a unique taste. Brazil Adriano volcano coffee is considered one of the best Brazilian coffee brands among other coffee varieties in the world.

What Makes Brazil Adrano Volcano Coffee So Special?

brazilian coffee in mug

The green coffee beans are huge, hard, and rich in sugar content when they are fully ripe. Brazil Adrano volcano coffee has several unique characteristics that differentiate it from other types of coffee. These beans have different kinds of flavors that are acquired from the volcanic soil minerals and micro-climate changes; these tastes include buttery aromas, caramel, and chocolate notes.

The roasted coffee beans can produce both dark and light coffees, and the raw beans can be processed using wet and dry processing methods. It is more flavorful due to the high sugar amount in the beans.

Brazil Adrano coffee beans can easily be roasted at home, using ovens or popcorn popper machines. After roasting and processing the coffee beans, the caramel flavors still exist.

This is enhanced by the sub-type of Arabica beans that are used. This coffee comforts drinkers who enjoy full-bodied and smooth coffees.


Brazil Adrano volcano coffee is full of flavor and sweetness, and is easy to prepare at home into different and tasteful varieties.

The coffee is pleasant, and has unique minerals. It is environmentally friendly, as it can be processed using simple methods. It is grown in a region that is hit with just the right angle of sunlight; this enables it to acquire enough energy to convert sugar into the flavor.

It is more preferable for those who need more minerals in their diet.

Cafe 1820 – The Most Unique Costa Rican Coffee In The World:

Cafe 1820 – The Most Unique Costa Rican Coffee In The World:

Some of the best coffee in the world comes from Costa Rica. The coffee grown in the hills of this tropical country is highly sought after and widely popular.

There are several different companies that offer Costa Rican coffee, but none of them are as unique as Café 1820. We are going to learn more about this coffee company below, and see what they offer.

Coffee From Seven Different Regions

fresh, hot coffee

One of the things that makes Café 1820 so unique is its blend of coffee. They take beans from seven different coffee growing regions in the country and grind them together. This gives their ground coffee a rich flavor that you will not find anywhere else!

The coffee beans they have chosen to include in this special blend are all grown in high altitude areas that have rich soil. This gives the coffee a smooth flavor, with just the right amount of acidity.

Café 1820 works with a network of growers who provide only the best beans. This means that the coffee you buy at the store or online is some of the best in the world! Not only does this help Café 1820 produce amazing coffee, but it also helps the farmers who grow the beans.

They are paid a fair price for their premium beans, and the money they make goes back into the local community. This is a win-win for everyone involved, including you, the coffee drinker!

Excellent Packaging

Preserving coffee beans after they have been roasted is an important part of the packaging process. Café 1820 takes pride in the beans they produce, and the method they use for packaging.

During the roasting process, once the beans are cooled and ground, they are quickly packaged to preserve both flavor and aroma. You won’t be getting a stale coffee, like other companies sell you.

When you open one of their bags of coffee, the aroma is very rich. The bags that they use lock in flavor so that when you get ready for a cup of Joe, it will always be fresh and delicious.

More Than Just Ground Coffee

brew your own coffee

If you are busy and simply don’t have time to brew a cup of coffee, but you want that same great flavor, you are in luck! Café 1820 has developed their own line of instant coffee, and it is very delectable!

While some instant coffees simply lack flavor, this one is loaded with different flavor notes. They have worked hard to develop their instant coffee, and their labor has paid off.

If you’re a person that loves coffee, but you don’t have extra time, you should get yourself some Café 1820 instant coffee. It is as close to the real thing as you can get.


The Café 1820 coffee company takes pride in the coffee products they produce. They have developed a working relationship with dozens of growers who produce some of the finest coffee in the world!

If you want a unique coffee that is loaded with aroma and flavor, you should check out this brand. You will thank yourself if you do!

Cafe Britt – Fresh, Affordable Coffee For A Perfect Morning Start?

Cafe Britt – Fresh, Affordable Coffee For A Perfect Morning Start?

Costa Rica is a Central American nation that grows some of the best Costa Rican coffee beans in the world. This country not only grows and distributes coffee internationally, but it also has some of the best coffee brands on the planet.

One locally marketed coffee blend is known as Cafe Britt, who also has markets in Peru and Colombia, which are two other important coffee producing regions in South America.

Keep reading to discover the Café Britt Costa Rican coffee company, and the different coffee blends and products they provide to consumers locally, and around the world.

How Did Café Britt Get Its Start?

enjoying best costa rican coffee

Café Britt has American origins. The company might be based in Costa Rica, but it was founded by an American businessman who saw an opportunity to produce a great product, and to sell it locally.

Steve Aronson brought the company into existence back in 1985. He honestly believed that the locals in Costa Rica should enjoy the coffee that they produced, instead of selling all of it overseas.

Since that time, Café Britt has started a trend that would promote gourmet coffee drinking throughout the nation. The coffee brand became a big hit throughout the world after it debuted.

The coffee itself wasn’t very popular in the U.S., where the market is dominated by other major brands, but it was well received in other Central and Southern American countries.

Some nations in Europe also jumped on board with this Costa Rican coffee company. The name “Britt” in Café Britt is derived from a Scandinavian region where this coffee blend is frequently consumed.

Café Britt expanded into many nations and regions during the 2000’s. The organization now has many open stores all over the nation, and throughout the Central American region.They are now one of the biggest companies in all of Costa Rica.

What Types Of Coffee And Chocolate Products Does Café Britt Sell?

There are many different blends of Café Britt that people can purchase. The light blend is smooth and easy on the pallet. Then there is the organically grown variety that has a natural and relaxing flavor.

Coffee lovers should also enjoy the dark and espresso blends. People who enjoy a good cup of Joe, without the caffeine, should try the decaffeinated blend.

There is also Tres Rios, Poas, and Tarrazu. These blends are unique coffee flavors, as well. Many of the Café Britt blends have a hint of fruit, nut, and/or chocolate.

Speaking of chocolate flavoring, this company also sells a wide variety of chocolate products. They market chocolate covered bananas, cranberries, and orange candies.

They also have various chocolate covered nuts, such as cashews and Macadamia. Chocolate guava, pineapple, and passion fruit are also sold by this company. These are some of the many different chocolate blends sold by Café Britt.

The Other Great Services That Café Britt Provides

The Café Britt coffee tour has been a popular touring service since the early 90’s. The company started this tour to bring more tourists into the country. The tours were created to show the world how coffee is produced in Costa Rica, and they also help to generate extra money for the nation’s economy.

Café Britt continues to serve people all over the world with their outstanding coffee products and great service.

Fresh Roasted Coffee, LLC – Featured Coffee Of The Day!

Fresh Roasted Coffee, LLC – Featured Coffee Of The Day!

enjoying best costa rican coffee

Fresh Roasted Coffee, LLC’s story began in 2009 when Founder and President, Andrew Oakes, curated a line of organically grown and processed coffee products. With a commitment to providing only high-quality and organic products, Fresh Roasted Coffee has risen to become an award-winning enterprise in a vastly demanding and competitive market.

In order to appreciate the culture of this thriving company, Jiale Coffee is taking a look behind the scenes will give a broader view of how their various coffee products came to be a choice for their customers.

Fresh Roasted Coffee offers more than just typical roasts and strengths. Their coffees are carefully selected from various origins around the world.

Customers have the option to select organic coffee from South America, Africa, or the Indo Pacific regions. Each crafted coffee has its own uniqueness and quality.

Fresh Roasted Coffee, LLC can appreciate the uniqueness of these coffees, because they have traveled and seen their origins.

They have gotten a taste of the culture of some of these countries, and have an understanding of what they are bringing to the table.

Fresh Roasted Coffee, LLC Produces Specialty Organic Coffee

One of their many bestselling coffees is called Costa Rican Tarrazu. This coffee consists of “caturra” and “cataui” varieties.

These two varieties require extensive care and fertilization in order to obtain high quality. The farmers in Costa Rica are granted medical insurance, housing, and transportation. They are also provided with other benefits during the growing, harvesting, and processing seasons.

Another notable favorite is called Organic Bali Blue Moon. This coffee originates in Kintamani Highlands, Bali. This bold, medium roast coffee from Bali, Indonesia contains notes of a rich chocolate flavor, with an earthy finish.

The government has strict practices in place for their farmers. It is illegal to use pesticides, or any other chemicals on their crops.

These restrictions have helped in the continued growth of their economy, and have made purchasing coffee from Bali a reliable choice for providing quality organic coffee.

For the select customers that enjoy a very bold and dark roast, there is the Octane Italian Roast. This exclusive, artisan blend offers a woody and smoky flavor, with a hint of baker’s chocolate. Octane Italian Roast offers more than a quick pick-me-up.

Does Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC Also Produce Specialty Organic Tea?!

Hell yes!

While coffee seems to be the main ingredient that keeps this company moving up in the ranks, there are also a variety of organic teas available.

One of their best-selling tea products comes from Assam, India. Organic Assam TGFOP Black Tea is described as a complex, textured black Assam tea that is notably smooth and sweet. It is a highly caffeinated tea that customers have described as “having a kick” and “with a mellow flavor”.

The go-to choice for tea that is naturally decaffeinated is Organic Very Berry Citrus Herbal Tea. With a long list of natural and organic ingredients, this tea offers notable herbal, sweet, berry flavors.

Certifications And Allegiances

Fresh Roasted Coffee, LLC has thrived, due to their commitment to providing only high quality and organic products. They pride themselves in remaining Fair Trade Certified, which ensures that the farmers are treated fairly and are provided with basic human needs, like healthcare and housing, in order to promote socio-economic growth.

They are also Rain Forest Alliance Certified, which ensures that farming practices are organized in a certain way that doesn’t threaten the environment by endangering rainforests, wildlife, and waterways.

This program also helps support the rural farmers by providing programs that promote education to farmers and their families.

Fresh Roasted Coffee is also committed to the community in which they serve in Selinsgrove, PA. With the constant growth, they will be able to provide jobs in different fields within the business, from coffee roasting to retail, customer service, and marketing.

These values will contribute to their constant growth, which in return will allow them to provide their customer with the very best in organic specialty coffee.

Morning Hills Coffee Company – The Finest Unroasted Coffee Beans In The World?!

Morning Hills Coffee Company – The Finest Unroasted Coffee Beans In The World?!

When it comes to coffee, some of the best beans in the world come from a tiny country in Central America. Costa Rica, although small, has more than seven different coffee growing regions.

The farmers here produce coffee beans that are grown at high elevations, and in soil that is rich. There are many different coffee companies that source beans from these farmers, and one of them is Morning Hills Coffee Company.

Here, we will learn what sets this company apart from all the others, and will take a look at what they have to offer.

enjoying best costa rican coffee

Behind Morning Hills Coffee Company: Coffee Community And Charity

At the heart of the Morning Hills Coffee Company, you will find three key principles: coffee, community, and charity.

This company not only makes some of the finest blends of coffee in the world, but they also care about everyone who is involved in the process and the community.

Their focus is not only on high-quality coffee, but also the community in which it grows. This company gives back to the community by investing in local charities.

They also work with farmers and give them fair prices for their beans. This is a working relationship that everyone benefits from.

Morning Hills Coffee Company Has Unique Coffee Products

Most coffee companies roast their beans before selling them on the market. But, Morning Hills has taken a different approach.

With the exception of one coffee blend, all of the beans you buy from them are unroasted. This means that you get a bag of beans that you can have roasted.

Unroasted beans come to you fresh, and all the flavors are locked inside. While they source most of their coffee beans from Costa Rica, they also have beans from other countries around the world.

If you like variety, you can find it here. One of their most popular unroasted coffee beans is the Costa Rican La Rosa.

This coffee comes from the Canton of Naranjo region of the country. The region is known for some of the finest beans in all of the country.

The Freshest Beans!

unprocessed coffee beans

What makes their beans so fresh is the fact that they source them very shortly after harvest. All of the beans they sell are purchased and bagged within three to six months after harvesting.

This is very important, and is one of the key reasons why so many people love their beans. If you are looking for extremely fresh coffee beans to roast, this company can provide.

Many coffee companies purchase beans that are more than a year old, and this can affect the flavor of the coffee. However, you will never find a dull coffee bean at Morning Hills.


For some of the freshest and most flavorful coffee beans in the world, you can’t go wrong with Morning Hills Coffee. This company not only has great beans, but they also love to give back to the community.

They work hand in hand with local farmers, and help improve the lives of everyone in the community. If you love coffee and a company that cares, why not try some of their flavorful beans?

How Costa Rican Coffee Beans Are Different From Others

How Costa Rican Coffee Beans Are Different From Others

Coffee is one of the world’s most popular drinks. In fact, some even claim it is the most widely consumed liquid in the world, aside from water.

It isn’t difficult to understand why people love the popular drink; it’s warm and comforting, has a delightful aroma, and is bursting with earthy, rich flavors.

There is one particular type of coffee bean that connoisseurs claim rivals all the rest, and that is the Costa Rican coffee beans.

What’s So Special About Costa Rican Coffee Beans?

brew your own coffee

Costa Rican coffee beans grow in a tropical climate, and the beans thrive in the high altitudes and warm temperatures. The country has only two seasons: the dry season and the rainy season, but both provide ideal coffee plant growing climates.

Another factor is that the soil in Costa Rica is enriched by volcanic ash, which actually oxygenates the plant and beans, which many believe gives them bolder, richer flavors.

Many coffee bean farmers claim that the climate, altitude, and soil create the perfect environment for the coffee plant to flourish. This, in turn, provides better tasting beans.

Costa Rica’s Coffee Production

Costa Rica is the 15th largest coffee growing country in the world. There are about 80,000 small scale coffee bean farmers in Costa Rica.

As a matter of fact, their beans are so popular, the ever-growing Starbucks coffee company owns its own coffee farm there, where it gets a great deal of their beans from.

Coffee beans are such a cash crop in Costa Rica that the locals often refer to the beans as the “golden bean.” The most popular coffee from Costa Rica actually comes from the Tarrazu region. It is the largest region there, producing up to 35% of the nation’s coffee!

How Do Costa Rican Coffee Beans Taste?

quality coffee beans from costa rica

The best high-grown coffee beans of Costa Rica are distinguished and notable for their full body, fruity acidity, and clean taste. There are different types of Costa Rican coffee beans too.

The country is known for processing coffee in one of 3 ways; washed, natural, or honey. Washed coffees are the most common type. They put the coffee bean fruit into a wet mill, and the fruit is then forcefully removed by means of water and machines. These washed coffees have notes of honey, chocolate, and even fruit.

The naturally processed coffees go through no cleansing, and have a thicker body to them, as well as containing notes of berries or citrus.

The honey processed coffees are sort of in-between the washed and the natural. Only part of the fruit is left on the bean to create a different kind of flavor.

The honey processed coffee beans have less acidity to them, and therefore, have a much sweeter flavor. They have small hints of fruit as well.


It is easy to see why the Costa Rican coffee bean tops all other types of coffee beans. Their superior growing locations, their intricate preparation and processes, and their exquisite taste keep this bean, rightfully, in the highest demand.

Costa Rican Chorreador: The Secret To A Better Brew?

Costa Rican Chorreador: The Secret To A Better Brew?

Costa Rica is one of the most peaceful countries on the planet. And that’s not a figure of speech. It has no army, and no ongoing conflicts with any other power.

Its decision not to get involved with international spats has allowed it to quietly flourish and thrive. It’s a peace that benefits not just its citizens, but its ecosystems too.

Costa Rica is home to some of the most ecologically diverse regions in the world. It’s a perfect place to grow incredible coffee. And they take their beans and brews very seriously here. The traditional way to drink coffee in Costa Rica, if you want to sip like a local, is with a device called a Chorreador.

The word literally means ‘to pour coffee’ and that’s what it does; a chorreador filters and pours your drink at the same time. Let’s take a closer look at how the traditional chorreador works.

The Chorreador Method


Chorreadors are very simple. There have two basic pieces: a stand (usually handmade from wood), and a small cloth sack. The sack is pushed through a hole at the top of the stand to allow it to hang directly over a coffee cup. Ground beans are added. Then, hot water is poured over the top of the beans.

Gradually, the water travels around the beans and takes the flavour of the coffee with it as it drips down into the cup. In other words, it’s a basic filtration system.

The Costa Ricans swear by it for a wonderful cup of coffee and, in fact, the chorreador design has started to become popular in other parts of the world.

The Design of the Costa Rican Chorreador

As the chorreador is fairly easy to make, many Costa Ricans create gorgeous designs and shapes for their stands. If you visit the country, you’ll see both basic types, and beautifully crafted artisanal ones. Some are made out of soft woods, others hard.

While the bolsita (or cloth sack) is changed regularly, the stand can be used over and over again. So, it’s worth putting a little effort into creating something that’s visually appealing. If it’s carefully sanded and varnished, it may last a long time.

The bolsita is made out of cloth, so it has a shorter lifespan. Though, if cleaned properly, these little cloth sacks can last for several months.

To clean a bolsita, you just need water. Any type of soap or detergent would affect the taste of the coffee. If it needs a deep clean to remove coffee staining, a salt scrub is usually sufficient.

The ‘Do It Yourself’ Method

If you want to experience an authentic cup of Costa Rican coffee, you can buy a chorreador or make one yourself. The latter is easier than you might think. All you need is a stand, a bag, and a small piece of steel wire.

If you don’t want to craft a wood stand from scratch, try using something like a fruit hook (or any other wide-based stand with a device for suspending the bolsita). There must be space for a coffee cup to sit underneath.

The bolsita should be suspended high enough so that it doesn’t hang directly into the coffee cup. It’s important to put a bit of distance between the two. You need the coffee to be thoroughly filtered for a great brew.

The Secret To A Beautiful Brew:

The alternative to making your own is to pick up an authentic, handmade chorreador online. But if you do, try to find a seller that benefits local communities in some way.

If you love coffee, it stands to reason that you’d want to protect the vibrant, verdant people and places who nurture it.

Cafe Milagro: Sourcing The Best Naranjo Region Coffee Beans

Cafe Milagro: Sourcing The Best Naranjo Region Coffee Beans

When it comes to great coffee, some of the world’s best beans are grown in the Naranjo Region, which is located in the West Valley of Costa Rica.

Café Milagro has been sourcing coffee from this area for many years and is a very popular Costa Rican coffee brand. This company has a rich history, and is part of the local community.

Cafe Milagro: An Independently Owned Coffee Company

begin your cup of costa rican coffee

In the 1990’s, a couple of adventurous college students from the United States embarked on a journey. During their journey, the pair visited the beautiful country of Costa Rica. They each fell in love with the country, and its people.

During their travels, the students searched high and low for a good cup of coffee. While they knew the country was known for some of the best coffee in the world, they wondered why they could not find any here.

It turns out the best beans that Costa Rican farmers grow are exported out of the country, and the locals are left with a lesser quality bean.

This shocked the students, so they eventually started their own coffee company to serve not only the local population, but also the world. Café Milagro was then formed, and it still remains one of the few independently owned coffee companies in the region.

Products By Cafe Milagro

Café Milagro has some of the best coffee products in the world! They work hard to ensure only the finest beans go into their products. Each of their products are handcrafted, and they have a huge selection to choose from.

They have a line of ground coffee that includes House Blend Dark Roast, Organic Dark Roast, Naranjo Roast, and many more. Each of their ground coffees is also available in whole bean form, for those who like to ground their own.

In addition to coffee blends, they also offer a selection of coffee gift sets. For those who fall in love with their coffee, they can also purchase the company’s own line of coffee cups, tote bags, and more.

Cafe Milagro Remains A Part Of The Local Community

fresh, hot coffee

This company not only helps bring much-needed revenue to this part of Costa Rica, but they also give back to the community. Café Milagro helps to bring awareness to deforestation and the damage it does to the environment.

They bring in much-needed funding, and allow their customers to support the area by planting a tree in the region. For every bag of coffee they sell, the company donates one dollar to help with reforestation efforts.

Also, they work with area schools and provide funding for supplies that children in the area need for a proper education. They truly do care about Costa Rica, and the people that live there.


As you can see, Café Milagro doesn’t just make some of the finest coffee blends in the world, they also care about the community.

The owners of this company work closely with the people that live in this region of Costa Rica, and help bring attention to deforestation.

If you want to taste some of the best coffee Costa Rica has to offer, and give back at the same time, this is the company for you!

Costa Rican Coffee Guide – Everything You Need To Know!

Costa Rican Coffee Guide – Everything You Need To Know!

Costa Rica is a small country that produces only one percent of the world’s coffee. While only a small amount of coffee comes out of this country, it is some of the finest on the planet.

Today, we will take a look at the history of coffee in Costa Rica, and how it has changed the country forever. We will also take a deeper look at why the world is so obsessed with this country’s coffee. If you want to check out coffee reviews, check out our main page.  Here we go!

Costa Rican Coffee – Its Rich Historical Ties To Its Country

enjoying best costa rican coffee

In 1779, coffee production began in Costa Rica. The region of Meseta Central was chosen for the first coffee plants, because of its rich soil. Coffee production increased over the years, but was not widely grown until 1829.

That year, coffee production was at an all-time high, and surpassed many of the other commodities grown in the country. This brought much-needed income to the country, who usually relied on other forms of agriculture, such as tobacco and sugarcane.

While these crops are still grown in the country, coffee has remained king ever since it took root in the nation. Once coffee became a major export, it gained popularity in many different regions of the world.

England, for example, used coffee exported from Costa Rica to supply their troops during World War II. This helped to change the economy of Costa Rica, and has helped the country develop into a nation based on the coffee bean.

The revenue from coffee helped to build the nation and to improve the way of life for millions of people. The nation’s first railroad that linked the country to the Atlantic was funded by coffee in 1890.

This would change the way goods came in and out of the country. Also, people could freely travel and farmers could get their crops to market much easier.

How Soil Gives The Best Costa Rican Coffee Its Flavor…

quality coffee beans

Coffee is grown in many parts of the world. But the coffee grown in Costa Rica is different than any other. You might be wondering why it matters where coffee is grown.

The answer lies in the soil. The soil in Costa Rica has a certain PH level that makes it perfect for growing coffee beans. It also helps to give the coffee grown here a special flavor that can’t be produced anywhere else.

Costa Rican coffee has a rich flavor that is smooth, but still has some bite to it. Many people prefer this coffee over others, and there are many different brands of Costa Rican coffee to choose from on grocery store shelves.

Just one trip to your local grocery store, and you will see just how many there are. While the price might be higher than other brands on the shelf, Costa Rican coffee is one of the best you will have ever tasted.

Is Costa Rican Coffee Rainforest Friendly?

A lot has changed since the first coffee plants were introduced to Costa Rica. As we have already learned, coffee is now a major export of the country, and people from around the world simply love it!

The way coffee farmers grow coffee has changed for the better. New production methods are not only increasing yields, but they are also helping to save the rainforest from certain destruction.

Many of the coffee plants that are in production in Costa Rica are now grown with the environment in mind. Farmers are using different methods of planting, which do not harm the rainforest.

Shade grown coffee is encouraged, and the farmers that join the Rainforest Alliance are helping to save the planet. This method of farming does not require cutting down trees, and water management is also part of the planting cycle.

Drink Guilt Free: Free Trade Coffee At Its Finest

quality coffee beans from costa rica

We have learned that the method of growing coffee has changed in Costa Rica. We have also learned that the farmers are given incentives to grow in the shade.

In addition to shade-grown coffee, farmers are also taking part in the free trade movement. Those who grow free trade coffee and work with non-profit organizations often get more money for their beans.

This not only helps put more money in the pocket of the farmer, but overall, it helps the entire economy of the country thrive.

Two Of The Best Growing Regions In The World

Costa Rica has six separate growing regions that coffee plants thrive in. Harvest times, coffee acidity, and flavor can all be defined by each region.

Two of the regions, the West Valley region and the Tarrazu, are at the highest elevations. Coffee grown in the higher regions is more labor intensive, but it produces some of the best coffee in the world.

Coffee from the West Valley region is so highly sought after, that there is often a mad rush for the beans when they become ready for harvest.

In the Tarrazu region, companies like Starbucks has sourced beans and use them in their blends. While you will have to pay more for these coffee beans, the flavor you get from them is well worth the price.

Why Is Costa Rican Coffee Highly Sought After?

If you are looking for Costa Rican grown coffee, it won’t take you long to find it. Major coffee companies, like Starbucks and others, use Costa Rican coffee in their blends, and they go for a premium price.

A wide range of other coffee companies have followed Starbucks, and now have Costa Rican coffee in their shops. Even some fast food companies are starting to offer Costa Rican coffee to their customers. It is no secret that this coffee is some of the best in the world!

Best Costa Rican Coffee Brands Worth Mentioning:

begin your cup of costa rican coffee

When the phrase “best Costa Rican coffee” is mentioned, one automatically thinks of great quality and strong flavor in a coffee. It is true that all the thoughts you have about Costa Rican Coffee is correct, and it is not a coincidence.

The reason why this reputation is true is that the people of Costa Rica are serious and take pride in their coffee, especially with their golden beans. Costa Rican coffee has many brands in existence, and there are also those who import and sell it. We will go on and discuss three of these of brands.

#1. Coffee Bean Direct’s Tarrazu

The Costa Rican coffee from this company is a highly accepted coffee that grows in the Tarrazu region. It is from the coffee plant varietals Caturra and, at times, Catuai (a blend of Mundo Novo and Caturra).

This coffee has a rich, full body. Its growing altitude ranges from 1200 to 1700 meters above sea level. Its ripe season is from December to February, and its milling process involves washing and drum drying. Its acidity is lively and bright, with an aroma that is intense and fragrant.

#2. Artifx Café Deep Cloud Forest

This particular Costa Rican coffee brand contains single origin Arabica beans from Monteverde. Its growth follows the nature on the edge of the Cloud Forest Reserve, using practices that are sustainable. It has a light, smokey aroma, and rich caramel notes.

#3. Café Rey

This Costa Rican coffee brand is 100 percent strictly gourmet coffee that is loved by the Costa Rican population. It is produced from the world renowned West Valley area of Costa Rica. It is of outstanding quality and consistency, due to its flavorful coffee beans. It has a chocolately taste and a rich, full body.


Costa Rica has a rich history that is blended with coffee. It is one of the most successful Central American countries, thanks in part to the coffee bean.

For hundreds of years, they have been growing rich, flavorful coffee that is highly sought after around the world. If you have never tried coffee from this region of the world, you really don’t know what you are missing! So, get out there and get yourself a cup! You will not be disappointed!

Florestal Coffee Candy To Pair With Your Coffee?

Florestal Coffee Candy To Pair With Your Coffee?

Florestal is an online company that specializes in different types of candy and chocolates. The company site is detailed in the form of a blog, which provides information about their products in a friendly manner. The company lends out important information, and there is the ability to contact customer service for more information. With their navigation links, they invite you to take a look at all of their candy.

brazilian coffee candy

What Makes Florestral Coffee Candy Special?

Today, we will be talking about Florestal’s authentic Brazilian coffee-flavored hard candies. It is one of the top rated coffee-flavored candies on the market, rated between 4.5 out of 5.0 stars from various reviews. Their Brazilian coffee candy is a best-selling product.

Florestal coffee candy is gluten free and made with real coffee. This makes it the perfect, tasty snack for almost all coffee lovers. It is a hard candy treat, and its ingredients include sugar, Brazilian coffee, corn syrup, butter, cocoa butter, salt, caramel color, soy lecithin, and additional coffee flavoring. If you have allergies to any of these components, you should avoid this product.

If you want to know just how much coffee these little morsels contain, the company claims that six to seven pieces equals one cup of coffee. One candy contains 20-25 mg of caffeine alone.

These are the nutrition facts for four pieces of the coffee candy: 57 calories, 9 grams of sugar, 1 gram of fat, 4 mg of cholesterol, and 13 grams of carbs.

Buy A Pack Today!

If you enjoy a good cup of coffee and also have a sweet tooth, or you’re just looking for a burst of caffeine on the go, Florestal coffee candy is a great treat. It has a light taste of coffee without making you jittery, if you eat just a couple, especially for those of you who are sensitive to caffeine.

It is a great purchase for either a gift, or for personal use. As Florestal states on their website, you can enjoy your coffee break everywhere! Just pop a candy in, and everything you do will be more enjoyable!

Feature Highlight Coffee – Lettieri & Co.

Feature Highlight Coffee – Lettieri & Co.

Coffee is an everyday necessity for many people around the world when they wake up. Sometimes, when we don’t have time to brew our coffee at home, due to timing, we decide to pick up a cup from somewhere else.

During the morning rush that you go through today, have you ever really considered how companies make your coffee, or what work they have put into the coffee for quality? Here’s one of those companies.

History Of Lettieri & Co.

brew your own coffee


In 1973, Francesco Lettieri opened his first small shop called “Mr. Submarine” in San Francisco. His start was making sandwiches for customers, which then gained popularity, due to the quality put into his food.

After opening an expansion of shops, Lettieri sold the chain and officially opened up Lettieri & Co. in 1988. Presently, the company offers a lot more than just sandwiches.

Lettieri also offers groceries such as baked goods, pasta, pasta sauces, fish, condiments, frozen desserts and pizzas. They distribute bulk foods for their retail customers, and they also have brands of wines and spirits.

This company imports and distributes these items for retailer food services, and exceptional quality is guaranteed because they create everything they sell from their own line of house brands. Lettieri & Co. believes in providing education about their products for their customers as well. They want their customers to have knowledge of what a retailer is selling.

Lettieri & Co. is made with 100% Arabica Brazilian coffee beans, so while it is an ‘Italian’ branded coffee, the sourcing of beans is from Brazil.  Does that make it a coffee brand from Brazil!? You decide!

What About Kimbo Espresso by Lettieri & Co?

Kimbo Espresso, founded and sold by Lettieri & Co., is an Italian coffee that can be brewed in all coffee makers at home. When bought in bulk, it can be brewed by coffee retailers for their customers.

Other than being purchased in bulk, Kimbo coffee can be purchased in a tin that is 100% organic. With as much product as this company offers for sale, you’d be able to, for example, pair a cup of their espresso with their Borggreve Butter Stabchen cookies!


Quality coffee is more than just a hot, caffeinated beverage, or a brand name. The best coffee can be found and purchased from companies such as Lettieri & Co., who put time and effort into their line of coffee.

Any company who is knowledgeable about the products they distribute, as a result of traveling to destinations that these products originate from, is proof that they are dedicated to their customers.

Quality of coffee isn’t just physical, and that’s why Lettieri & Co.’s Kimbo coffee is highly recommended. You can also buy treats from them for the perfect pairing!

Discovering Lavazza Coffee – Affordability and Taste Blended Well?

Discovering Lavazza Coffee – Affordability and Taste Blended Well?

Coffee is more than just a beverage, it’s a way of life for many. It’s also a conversation topic that breaks barriers and unites those who enjoy it.

Lavazza has been making memories since 1895, and as one of the finest coffee companies, has been making each cup more flavorful than the last.  Lavazzo is a delicious Brazilian brand of coffee that any coffee lover should enjoy.

How Lavazza Came To Be

fresh, hot coffee

Lavazza coffee was born when Luigi Lavazza opened his first shop in 1895. Located in via San Tommaso, Turin, he took his innovation and curiosity to new levels. After discovering the different origins and flavors of the coffee plant, he began to craft the blends and styles that his customers would come to love.

Lavazza Blends And Ideas

Lavazza coffee would grow into the coffee that we all know and love, after a trip to Brazil helped Luigi Lavazza discover the flavorful powers behind blending different coffees from different regions. With this idea and practice in hand, he began to carefully craft new blends, meeting all of the flavor components that one would expect in a great cup of coffee.

Growth And Expansion of Lavazza Coffee Brand

Over the years, Lavazza would expand from a small shop into a huge operation. New styles and blends would be created while employing women and others who needed it most in the early days of the mid-twentieth century.

The brand would create new packaging, allowing larger packages to be sold, while still staying fresh. When they first vacuum sealed their coffee tin in 1950, the brand would be one of the first to offer such fresh coffee at prices that families could afford.

This practice continues into the present with the air sealed Lavazza packaging and tins. Lavazza grew several branches over the years, and would even branch into drinkware and other interesting ventures, all while growing and creating the finest coffee.


Lavazza has continued to grow and please customers all over the world. Offering a variety of different flavors and styles, there’s a Lavazza coffee product for anyone who loves a good cup of coffee in the morning.

The company has made many advances in the way we enjoy their coffee. From a small shop in 1895, to the sophisticated, delicious offerings we know today, Lavazza has over 100 years of pleasing people who love coffee. They love the coffee they produce, and they know that you will love it too.

Top 5 Fast Food Coffees – Can You Guess Them?!

Top 5 Fast Food Coffees – Can You Guess Them?!

Getting your coffee fix in the morning is a routine that many people enjoy. But we don’t always have time to brew our own coffee, and often end up at a fast food restaurant. Jiale Coffee recommends: If you find yourself in your car and are craving a good cup of Joe, these are the top five fast food restaurants you should visit:

#1. McDonald’s

mcdonalds coffee

When it comes to good coffee, you can’t go wrong with McDonald’s. This very popular fast food chain has been serving up its own brand of coffee for many years. In fact, you can even buy it in the grocery store. If you purchase a cup of coffee from McDonald’s, keep in mind that they deliver it to you piping hot, so be careful!

#2. Wendy’s

wendys coffee

Another great place to get a fast and affordable cup of coffee is Wendy’s. This restaurant uses 100% Arabica coffee beans.

Wendy’s coffee is highly affordable, and you can get a cup for only a buck! Their coffee is really smooth and is not as tart as other fast food coffees. Wendy’s also carries some rather interesting breakfast items, but only at a few locations.

#3. Dunkin’ Donuts

dunkin donuts coffee

Also known as Dunkin’, this fast food restaurant has made a name for itself selling breakfast food. While the food is very good, they have also perfected the art of coffee making.

They have a wide variety of different flavors of coffee, and you can purchase Dunkin coffee at your local grocery store. People love their coffee so much, it has its own cult following!

#4. Burger King

While known for their delicious hamburgers, Burger King also offers some very impressive coffee. They have teamed up with Seattle’s Best, a well-known coffee brand, to bring its customers a smooth cup of Joe.

Just like many of the fast food restaurants on the list, Seattle’s Best uses only the finest Latin American arabica blend. Burger King also has a wonderful breakfast menu that you might want to try!

#5. Taco Bell

Last, but certainly not least, we have Taco Bell. This very popular fast food chain is known for their Mexican-style food. But many people come to Taco Bell, not for their tacos and burritos, but for their coffee instead.

This restaurant not only cares about their customers, but also the environment as well. This is why you will find only premium Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee here. The coffee at Taco Bell is really good, and many people have made it a part of their morning routine. So the next time you need some caffeine, why not head on over to Taco Bell?


As you can see, there is a wide selection of fast food coffees out there for you to choose from. No matter which one of these restaurants is your favorite, you will always have access to premium coffee on demand.

So if you are running late and don’t have the time to brew your own, make a pit stop at one of these locations. You really can’t go wrong with any of them!

Featured Coffee Of The Day – Cafe Bom Dia Coffee

Featured Coffee Of The Day – Cafe Bom Dia Coffee

Café Bom Dia, owned and operated by the Marques de Paiva family, has been producing coffee products for many decades. Based in Brazil, which is the heart of the South American coffee growing countries, this Brazilian brand has worked hard to source the best beans possible. The result is a flavorful brew that will help you start your day with a smile on your face. Below, you can read some more information about this company that Jiale Coffee has researched for your reading pleasure:

They Care About The Environment

Café Bom Dia is not only good at making coffee, but they also care about maintaining and protecting the environment. This company cultivates their beans on Rainforest Alliance farms, which means they are helping the planet, while also producing excellent coffee.

These farms grow organic coffee beans that are also shade grown. This helps to prevent deforestation, and helps keep the rainforest in a natural state. They mostly work with organic and fair trade farmers, but also source beans from other, more conventional farmers from countries like Costa Rica and Ethiopia.

They Work Directly With Growers

The network of growers that Café Bom Dia works with is all part of a larger network of Fair Trade producers. This means that the farmers who plant the coffee plants get a fair price for their beans. When a farmer gets a good price for their coffee, it means that the entire region benefits. This helps boost the local economy and encourages others to plant coffee on their own land.

Buy Online

You don’t have to go to Brazil to sample the fine coffee that Café Bom Dia produces. In fact, you can find it in most specialty shops, and even in some grocery store chains. In addition to buying it in a store, you can also purchase it online directly from their website.