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Weird, But Surprisingly Great Coffee Additions

Weird, But Surprisingly Great Coffee Additions

While some people like their coffee without adding anything to it, others like to try out different additions. Some of the common additions used worldwide are sugar and cream, but there are others that are rarely used.

These rarely used additions are sometimes considered weird, but they bring out a great coffee that’s rich in taste and flavor. If you want to learn about the best Brazilian coffee that can grace your mouth, read our article.

Back to the topic at hand: They create a perfect blend that can be appealing to anyone. They also make coffee more interesting by taking away the monopoly that surrounds the way it’s taken. Some of those additions included below.


Salt is mainly used to add flavor to different solid foods. It is rarely used in drinks, especially coffee. However, when added to coffee in small amounts, it can change the entire taste of the beverage.

Salt can be used for coffee in different ways. One of them is by making the coffee, then sprinkling the salt and stirring.

The other option is to add salt to the coffee during grinding. Either way, your coffee will adapt a new, amazing taste that will leave you wanting more. Just be sure not to put in too much salt.


Most people associate butter with everything else, except coffee. When combined with coffee, it brings about a unique flavor that is intriguing.

To make it more interesting, add coconut to the mixture. The oil will improve the thickness of the coffee, while adding nutrients at the same time.

This type of coffee is known to be great for your health, since it adds more nutritional value than the regular coffee. Make sure to use grass fed butter, which is healthier than conventional butter.


Harder cheeses are the preferable type to use with coffee. Its flavorful, melting nature makes it the perfect addition to create a better taste and texture to your coffee.

You can either add in the cheese when brewing (if it’s a non-filtered coffee), or put in chunks when the coffee is ready.

If you use the latter option, leave the cheese in the coffee for a few minutes in order for it to release all its fat, salt, and nutrients. You’ll definitely like the end result.


The caffeine that is found in coffee helps to stimulate the body, resulting in alertness and more energy. Mushrooms, on the other hand, help to balance the body’s energy.

Combining these two will create the perfect balance for your body. You’ll have the correct energy, and will be able to sleep better.

Your immune system could also benefit from this mixture, since mushrooms help in that area. Simply sprinkle a packet of medicinal mushrooms into your coffee, preferably in the morning, before drinking.

Different companies have different features in their mushrooms, so be sure to research which is the better option for you.


Most people who don’t like coffee often site the acidity and bitterness of the drink as the reason. The use of an egg is meant to reduce the acidic nature of the coffee.

This is a common addition in Norway, but is considered one of the weirdest in other parts of the world. While it may be great in adding nutrients to the body, you may not like the taste in the beginning.

The egg makes the drink sort of sloppy, but many people love that it combines coffee with breakfast, all in one cup.


There are many other additions one can use, such as whiskey and ice cream. All of them bring a different taste to the coffee, and also benefits to the person who is consuming it.

They are additions that are usually used in homes and are, therefore, easily accessible. You can try out a different addition every day to keep your morning coffee more interesting.

Side Effects Of Caffeine

Side Effects Of Caffeine

Caffeine is a substance found in coffee that boosts your mood, mental alertness, and psychical performance. It can be used in combination with painkillers to treat a migraine headache.

Research indicates that caffeine is safe only when consumed in low-moderate amounts. However, when consumed in high doses, it has dangerous and unpleasant side effects. Today on Jiale Coffee, we will be discussing the side effects of caffeine, specifically, negative side effects.

The negative consequences from caffeine consumption are included below:

#1. Addiction

As much as caffeine has some health benefits, it may become addictive. Caffeine triggers some brain chemicals the same way that cocaine does. However, it does not cause classic addiction like cocaine.

However, too much caffeine or frequent consumption will result in psychical dependency. One study indicated that people who consume caffeine in high amounts have strong cravings when they stay only one day without it, compared to those who consume it moderately.

Additionally, people who drink it on a daily basis are more prone to fatigue, headache, and other withdrawal symptoms, without its consumption.

#2. Digestive Issues

Caffeine can have significant effects on the digestive function, and hence you may want to check the amount that you consume. For instance, caffeine stimulates the bowel movements by increasing the contractions that move food through the digestive tract.

When caffeine is consumed in large doses, it may lead to loose stools. Research indicates that beverages containing caffeine may make gastroesophageal reflux disease worse in patients who drink the drinks. Notably, caffeine also causes indigestion and upset stomach, especially when consumed on an empty stomach.

#3. Insomnia

It is true that caffeine in coffee can help you stay awake during the day; however, it may adversely affect the quality and quantity of sleep during the night.

Consuming coffee during the afternoon will result in sleeping problems. Research indicates that caffeine intake increases the amount of time it takes for you to sleep. You might realize that too much caffeine is interfering with your sleep.

#4. Increased Heart Rate

holidays and coffee

Large doses of caffeine act as a stimulant, which causes your heart to beat faster. It may lead to atrial fibrillation, which is an altered heartbeat rhythm.

In case you notice any changes in your heart rate after consuming large doses of caffeine, consider decreasing your intake to avoid cardiovascular-related illnesses.

#5. Anxiety

Caffeine works in a contradicting manner. For instance, low and moderate doses of caffeine increase your alertness. However, when consumed in large amounts, it leads to anxiety.

Caffeine-induced anxiety disorder is common among people who intake high doses daily. These people experience nervousness and jitteriness. Additionally, it causes increased stress levels, and rapid breathing among its users.

#6. High Blood Pressure

Caffeine increases the blood pressure of the consumer, due to its stimulating effects. The people who are most affected are those already suffering from hypertension.

A study indicated that some people with hypertension saw their blood pressure rise 2 hours after consuming caffeine. To consumers with or without the disease, elevated blood pressure can lead to heart attack or stroke.

Luckily, its effects on blood pressure are temporary. However, you can risk increasing your chances of acquiring the illnesses. Therefore, it’s crucial to pay attention to the amount of caffeine you intake on a daily basis.


The chances of suffering from any of the side effects are reduced by monitoring your intake on a daily basis. Also, you should be aware of any pre-existing medical conditions that may contribute to these adverse effects.

Avoid consuming high doses of caffeine to prevent serious health problems. To acquire the numerous benefits of caffeine, drink a light to moderate amount and enjoy.

Micro, Macro, and Nano Lot Coffees

Micro, Macro, and Nano Lot Coffees

Coffee is not just another breakfast beverage; it is an experience. Coffee has gained a worldwide following and because of that, innovations and inventions continue to take place.

Lot coffees are some of the inventions that make coffee a favorite in various households around the globe. Below is a better explanation of the three major types of lot coffees. Just in case you’re looking for the best Ethiopian coffee pots, check them out here.

#1. Micro-Lot Coffee

In order to understand the other types of lot coffees, one must know what a micro-lot is. A good analogy that can make it easy to understand is that of a classroom.

In every class, there are always three types of students: the exceptional, the average, and the struggling. On a coffee plantation, this is also the case.

The micro-lot can be referred to as the genius lot of the coffee garden. It consists of the best coffee beans, which are not only bigger, brighter, and healthier, but also have a different and distinctive flavor.

Micro-lot coffees have a lot to do with particular weather conditions, climatic factors, and even geographical reasons, such as altitude and soil profiles. The beans may come from one special coffee bush, or separate points of a plantation.

#2. Nano-Lot Coffee

In the genius club, it is common that one or two individuals will exceed the set expectations. That is what nano-lot coffee does. They are the best of the best.

While micro-lot coffee gets 85+ points, nano-lot scores up to 92+ points per cup. This is a very high score, compared to regular coffee brews and blends.

Nano-lot coffee is as rare as its abilities. Its production location and amount varies from one year to another.

#3. Macro-Lot Coffee

Otherwise known as community coffee, macro-coffee refers to coffee beans collected from a plantation or many farms, but in the same location.

These beans are harvested because of their specific flavor. For example, if certain coffee beans give a floral, acidic or deep taste, then they will be collected and made into a special coffee brand.

Just like micro-lot coffee, macro-lot coffee may also have irregular production locations. However, in case one farm does not have the flavor required, then the growers will try incorporating a different farm, but in the same area.

How Are Lot Coffees Better Than Regular Coffees?

For starters, lot coffees have been selected because of their high quality. They are automatically better in taste and aroma than regular coffee. They, therefore, have a more loyal customer base, since their distinct taste cannot be supplemented.

Lot coffee also has a high monetary value. The growers and traders benefit highly from growing this typical type of coffee.

Micro-lot coffee, for example, goes for up to 3 times the amount of regular coffee. It is an excellent contributor to a country’s economy.


Lot coffee grows on the same farms and plants as regular coffee beans. They do well in their growth and general life. The three types of lot coffee are all exemplary sorts, and have become a favorite for both growers and consumers.

How To Clean Coffee Equipment Without A Dishwasher

How To Clean Coffee Equipment Without A Dishwasher

One of the major aspects that determine the quality of coffee you get is the state of the equipment that it’s brewed in. Clean coffee makers tend to bring out better tasting, and smelling coffee than those which aren’t cleaned frequently.

This makes regular cleaning of the machines very important, and also knowing the correct methods of cleaning. Different coffee makers operate differently, because they are built differently.

They have different parts that are put together to make them function well. As such, you need to know the correct procedures to follow to clean them properly. Here are some tips to use for those who don’t have a dishwasher. For details on a Jebana, check out our dedicated post.

French Press Coffee Machines

The first step is removing all of the parts, and placing them separately. You should then soak the different parts in soapy or salty water, depending on the type of machine you have.

Glass machines do well in soapy water, while plastic ones clean well in baking soda water. Leave them in the water for about 15 minutes, then gently scrub them, using a washcloth.

Rinse thoroughly until no soap or baking soda residue is left. Allow the parts to air dry before putting them back together. Ensure that each part dries off completely.

Espresso Coffee Makers

Start by removing the handle, and rinse it properly with warm water. Pour in your cleaning detergent and replace the handle, as if you’re ready to brew.

Brew for a few seconds, then turn it off for a short period. Continue alternating the on/off procedure for a few minutes, then remove the handle again.

Turn the machine, without the handle, in order to clean properly. Rinse with clean water and use the machine brush to scrub around the groove.

Drip Coffee Makers

Begin with removing the plastic lid of the carafe, and soaking the jar in warm soapy water. While it soaks, clean the lid and the filter separately.

While the lid requires gentle scrubbing with a scrub, the filter needs better handling. For that, you have to pour water in your sink, then pour in baking soda.

Use a rag to wipe off any oil residue on the plastic components of the filter basket, then rinse with clean water. Insert a cleaning rag in the carafe, and swirl it around with the soapy water.

Rinse it with baking soda water before rinsing thoroughly with clean water. Insert a wash cloth in the baking soda water, then use it to wipe the coffee maker, concentrating on the head.

Cleaning Coffee Equipment With A Dishwasher

Cleaning a coffee maker with a dishwasher is another convenient way of keeping your machines clean, but it isn’t always recommended.

To use this option, place your coffee machine on the upper rack of the washer. It’s also important to read the manual of the coffee machine, and follow the recommended mode of cleaning.


Cleaning a coffee maker should be done weekly. Remember to clean with a mixture of vinegar and water, or baking soda and clean water.

Using soap only isn’t recommended, since it could lead to a mixture of soap and leftover oil. This can, in turn, lead to a different taste when the machine is used to make coffee.

Vinegar is recommended for the first cleaning after a long time, since it’s stronger. Baking soda, on the other hand, is mild enough to clean properly, without leaving any unwanted taste. Always clean the filters in baking soda, while scrubbing gently.

Seeing Kauai, HI By Air

Seeing Kauai, HI By Air

When it comes to paradise, Kauai, HI is one of the most beautiful places on earth. This Hawaiian island is the oldest of all the main islands, and is one of the most popular ones for nature lovers.

One of the best ways to tour this amazing place is by air. Today, we are going to learn more about Kauai air tours, and what they have to offer.

See Kauai By Helicopter

One of the most popular ways to see the island of Kauai is by helicopter. There are many tour companies that will take you up in a safe, and modern helicopter.

These tours are relatively cheap, and are a great way to take some amazing photos. Just one of the things that you will see while on a Kauai helicopter tour is the majestic Na Pali Coast, which is simply amazing.

You will also get to see some of the cascading waterfalls that call this island home. Seeing the island by helicopter will allow you to reach areas of the island that are not accessible by car.

You will be able to get really close to the area’s waterfalls, and many who take this tour get some stunning photos to share with friends and family back home.

Another highlight of helicopter tours is seeing the impressive Kauai Coffee Estate. This Kauai coffee plantation is the largest coffee farm in the United States, and grows some of the best beans in the world!

See Kauai By Airplane

While you can have a lot of fun touring Kauai by helicopter, you just might have a more thrilling time touring it by airplane. When you are on an airplane tour of Kauai, you get to not only see all the amazing sites, but you will be able to zoom around at high speeds.

This is perfect for the more adventurous types, and these tours are still very affordable. There are several different airplane tours to choose from on the island. Many companies offer group tours by plane.

During a group tour, you will be grouped with other tourists. There is also an option to take a private plane tour. This will give you more room, and these tours are often longer.

A private plane tour will cost you extra, but it just might be well worth it. Also, some tour companies offer biplane adventures. This is a really fun way to see the island, and riding in one of these planes is a real thrill!

Just imagine touring the island in an open cockpit, with the wind in your hair! This tour is not for the faint of heart, so make sure you are prepared before you go.

Book Your Air Tour Today!

Now that you know more about these amazing air tours, you should book one today! During the tourist season, many of these tours fill up fast, so you might want to make plans before you leave home.

Remember to bring your best camera along with you, so that you can capture some great photos. You will get to see the island in a totally unique way, and there will be lots of photo opportunities!

What Is Turkish Sand Coffee?!

What Is Turkish Sand Coffee?!

Turkish coffee was first discovered, or rather noticed, during the Ottoman Empire, between the 13th and 14th centuries. It, however, did not hold the same popularity that it has today.

Back then, original Turkish coffee was regarded as a drug, which under the law of both the Sultan and Quran, was prohibited. It was only later on, after people could not have enough of the coffee, that the Sultan made it legal.

Any coffee bean and variety of coffee can make Turkish coffee. The only difference is the technique of brewing. Unlike with other coffee cups, Turkish coffee includes the ground beans, which most strain out.

The powdered beans are added to boiling water, and milk if needed. They are then left to settle at the bottom of the cup. This is what makes Turkish coffee both thicker and stronger than most coffees.

What Is Turkish Sand Coffee And How Does It Work?

Turkish sand coffee is Turkish coffee made in a special way, which as you guessed, involves sand. Turkish coffee is traditionally made using a special pot called a ‘cezve’ or ‘ibrik.’

In normal Turkish coffee brewing, the cezve is directly placed over an open fire and brought to a boil. In the Turkish sand coffee, sand is placed in a cooking pan and heated. The sand acts as a heat regulator.

When the cezve sits in the sand, they are regularly heated. The deeper the cezve goes into the sand, the hotter it gets. Turkish sand coffee is baked, rather than boiled.

Is Turkish Sand Coffee Better Than Traditional Turkish Coffee?

Regarding aroma and freshness, Turkish sand coffee is better than the original brew. Given the fact that the ground coffee beans are left to sit in the coffee cup, the aroma is automatically stronger.

The freshness factor comes in when you grind your beans instead of buying already packaged coffee powder. It is assumed that commercial and bulk coffee bean packaging does not pay enough attention to the quality of the coffee beans.

However, when you grind the coffee by yourself, you can sort through the beans, only picking the ones that are in good condition.

For people who do not like the strong, and sometimes bitter taste of coffee, the Turkish sand coffee might be too bitter. Most Turkish sand coffee brewers prefer to add spices, such as cardamom, and maybe even sweeten and cream each cup.

Are There Machines Available For Making Turkish Sand Coffee?

When you do not have sand and a pan in your house, but you still want to make Turkish sand coffee, you can invest in one of a few machines.

Although there are not many machines that can perform the art of sand coffee making, there are at least a few available options.

One common one is the Copper Sand Brewer Machine. Since this technique is mostly traditional, it majorly occurs in areas where sand is readily available, and easy to find.


Turkish sand coffee is a special coffee brewing method that brings out a rich, thick, and deeper taste to the original Turkish coffee.

Sand coffee brewing gives the coffee a longer time in the heat, therefore allowing for better preparation. This coffee is better for some people, compared to mainstream brewed coffee.

Others find the taste a little too bitter. However, it remains as a technique that everyone should try at least once in their lives.

Touristy, Fun Things To Do In Kauai, HI

Touristy, Fun Things To Do In Kauai, HI

Kauai, Hawaii is a popular tourist destination on the island state. This particular jewel in the Pacific is considered a major tourist destination for people who enjoy traveling and seeing new sites.

When tourists visit Kauai, they can indulge in a variety of activities that will make them glad that they visited the island. One thing that will definitely perk their interest is something that is considered one of Hawaii’s little secrets.

Kauai has the largest coffee farm in the U.S. That’s right, coffee farming is big business in Hawaii. This is something that many people typically do no associate with the Aloha state.

Here is a list of things for visitors to enjoy during their stay in Kauai. Coffee lovers will especially like the Kauai Coffee Company farming tour that is available in the area, giving you the chance to try and purchase the best Kauai coffee on the island!

The Primary Attractions In Kauai

Most of the major attractions that are available for people include outdoor activities. Kauai is an island, and on this island, there are lots of outdoor activities to indulge in.

First up is the Waimea Canyon & The Cliff/Canyon Trail. This is a state park that gives people a full view of the great scenery that defines the Hawaii islands. There is a huge area that is filled with lush forests, amazing landscapes, and breathtaking scenery of the Pacific Ocean.

There is also the Cliff/Canyon Trail hike that provides tourists with a first hand experience through Kauai’s landscape. This is definitely one place that tourists must visit, once they arrive.

Wailua Falls

Wailua Falls is a major attraction because it was seen by millions of people during the late 1970’s and early 80’s. The show Fantasy Island recorded here in its opening shots.

Since that time, millions of people have frequented Wailua to see the falls up close and personal. Wailua Falls is another place to view nature in Kauai.

Na ‘Aina Kai

Na ‘Aina Kai is a major botanical location on the island. It is a natural botanical garden that is spread out over the whole area. Visitors can take tours when passing through the area, and there are plenty of activities for visitors.

They include a children’s garden for kids to play, teak forest trees for visitors to explore, and a maze for everyone to find their way through. Na ‘Aina Kai is yet another great place in Kauai for people to have fun.

Other Major Sites For People To See In Kauai

Other sites in the state include the Church in Hanalei, which gives people a glimpse into the life of Hawaiians from hundreds of years ago.

The Hanalei Wildlife Refuge is where visitors can see various animals, and enjoy kayaking and horseback riding. Hanalei Bay and Anini Beach are two other major points where visitors can gather to have a good time.

Coffee Farms In Kauai

The coffee farms in Kauai provide tours. These tours typically allow visitors to come to the farms and experience how coffee is grown and manufactured.

There are gift shops for purchasing Hawaiian coffee brands. Visitors will also usually be allowed to sample some of the coffee products that are available from this region.

The Kauai Coffee Company Estate is large, and very exhaustive. People typically visit the estate to enjoy taking the tours for an in-depth view of the industry.

The tours typically last for about an hour, and they give people a thorough understanding about Kauai’s coffee industry.

The coffee tours and other activities in Kauai reveal why the island is such an interesting place to visit and experience for tourists.

Coffee Shops To Visit In Kauai, HI

Coffee Shops To Visit In Kauai, HI

The state (and island) of Hawaii comes with outstanding places to visit, with so much to offer. Adding to your to-do list, you must include visiting their coffee shops.

Depending on which island you are visiting, you will be able to enjoy an amazing cup of coffee from one of the best coffee houses.

A must-have is the Kauai coffee from Kauai Island. There is much more to coffee that makes the experience more appealing while on the island.

While sipping through a cup of coffee, you will enjoy the nature and culture of the people. More importantly, the coffee stands out on quality, freshness, and a roaming aroma that is bound to calm your nerves. The following are coffee shops to visit while in Kauai.

Aloha In Paradise – Waimea

This shop is highly recommended for outstanding coffee, which also comes with health benefits. How is this possible? Other than the benefits that come with freshly ground coffee, they also use ionized water to prepare your coffee.

Coffee from the island features an acidic nature, and by combining it with the alkalinity of the water, it strikes a balance, ensuring that your cup of coffee has a unique and appealing taste.

The shop also comes with modern amenities, allowing you to remain in touch with the rest of the world, through their internet connection.

Ha Coffee Bar

At Ha Coffee Bar, you will enjoy the rich culture of the people by not only drinking a cup of quality coffee, but also enjoying local food specialties. The combination ensures that you make the best of the Hawaiian cuisine on the island.

They offer a variety of coffee beans and beverages. You can request for whole bean, as well as different coffee drinks that are brewed in the shop. Simply put, you will have coffee served to you just how you like it. Make sure to take in the delicate taste of Kauai coffee beans that will stay with you long after you visit this coffee shop!

Kalaheo Coffee Co. – Kalaheo

While this shop specializes in coffee, they operate as a full-service restaurant. It is well known for its breakfast menu diversity, where they incorporate coffee into a majority of the meals.

They are not a quick coffee place. They are keen to place emphasis on every detail. Every cup of coffee stands out for its unique taste, and they take their time to prepare it.

Its only downside is that it will not meet the needs of individuals who are looking for a quick caffeine fix. It is best for coffee lovers who understand the importance of quality coffee.

Small Town Coffee – Kappa

This shop aims to serve the best coffee, while at the same time, ensuring that you enjoy comfort similar to that of your own home.

You can choose to sit indoors, or enjoy the outdoors. Due to the fresh aroma of coffee from the preparation and production areas, you are bound to soothe your senses of taste and smell.


The above are some of the best coffee shops to visit while on Kauai Island in Hawaii. They all uphold on quality, and blend it with expertise to ensure that every cup of coffee counts.

Considering that the island is a coffee growing area, you are bound to sip through the freshest ground coffee, and enjoy the relaxing aroma of it. Depending on your individual preferences, you can always pick from the options above.

Other Hawaiian Coffees vs Kauai Coffee

Other Hawaiian Coffees vs Kauai Coffee

The Kauai coffee brand is among the biggest and best known coffee brands in the state of Hawaii. This particular blend is grown exclusively on a coffee farm in Kauai.

Keep in mind that Hawaiian coffee culture has been around for hundreds of years. It is the only place in the United States that grows its own version of coffee. All other states import this product, or buy it wholesale from suppliers.

When it comes to comparing the taste of Kauai coffee to other Hawaiian brands, this coffee flavor has some major competition.

Let’s explore the taste of Kauai coffee, and see how it does when compared to other Hawaiian styled coffee flavors.

Taste Profile of the Kauai Coffee

Kauai coffee is a basic, low acid coffee blend, producing a smoother flavor. Once a person takes a sip of Kauai coffee, they’ll immediately know how mild the drink is.

Keep in mind that there are 5 different versions of Kauai coffee. The best of these five is the Jamaican Blue version of Kauai.

This particular blend is full of flavor, has low acidity, and is very aromatic. Many people who drink Kauai coffee know that it delivers a great tasting product that can be consumed with, or without sugar and other condiments.

Kauai Coffee Vs Kona Coffee

When it comes to coffee on the Hawaiian islands, Kona is a highly rated blend. Kona has a staunch reputation in Hawaii for being the best out of all coffee flavors that are produced in the state.

This coffee is produced in the rich volcanic soil of an active volcano. It has a bolder flavor, and very sophisticated taste. It also has more acid, and has a richer taste than Kauai.

This type of coffee is not for people with sensitive stomachs. Still, it is frequently consumed by many coffee drinkers in Hawaii. Kona’s flavor is bolder than Kauai’s, and provides more of a caffeinated punch.

Kauai would win because of its low acidic content, and its smooth flavor. Kona might provide way more flavor, but Kauai has a more sophisticated taste.

Also, the taste of Kauai is very consistent, unlike Kona. Remember that Kauai is only grown in one area, but Kona’s growth is widespread on Hawaii’s main island. This causes it to taste different at different times.

Kauai Coffee Vs Molokai Coffee

kauai coffee island view

Molokai is another major coffee brand that is grown on the Hawaiian island of Molokai. This particular coffee is not as popular as Kauai or Kona.

However, many people in Hawaii (and in the states) enjoy this coffee version. Molokai taste is fairly smooth for its darker blends, and its medium blends have a higher acidic content.

This coffee’s taste is not harsh, so it will go down smooth, but it is not as flavorful as Kauai. Still, the taste of Molokai is very satisfying.

Ultimately, Kauai would win between the two, because it provides a more distinctive flavor that is hard to deny.

Kauai Coffee vs. Oahu Coffee

Oahu coffee is produced on the Waialua Estate in Oahu. This style of coffee is full of flavor, and it is very easy on a person’s stomach. It also has a hint of chocolate and other flavorings.

Oahu coffee is sold in different varieties, and the acid content is low. This style of coffee is appreciated because of its different taste and flavor, but it doesn’t have the same basic coffee taste like Kauai.

While Oahu coffees are big on flavor and easy on the stomach, Kauai coffees are just more natural tasting. If you just want the basics, with low acidity and a smooth taste, Kauai is the winner here.


Other regions in Hawaii produce coffee as well. They include Kau, Puna, and Hamakua. All of these coffee growing regions make original coffee blends, but they still have a hard time competing with Kauai’s distinctive brand.

Kauai is highly rated, because the flavor is good, and it is a smooth coffee for drinkers to consume. Once again, Kauai is not considered Hawaii’s best, but it is highly rated among Hawaiian coffee drinkers in the state, and around the world.

Kauai Chocolate And Coffee Festival

Kauai Chocolate And Coffee Festival

Kauai is one of the major islands that make up the island state of Hawaii. This is Hawaii’s fourth largest island, and it is a popular tourist destination.

Hawaii is a great place to visit, but you might also know that it is home to the biggest coffee farm in the United States. That’s a relatively unknown fact about Hawaii. Most people just do not associate coffee drinking with this state.

When they think of Hawaii, drinking coffee is the further thing from their mind. However, many Hawaiian people that reside in Kauai are more than aware of the coffee industry that thrives in this region.

One way they honor their rich coffee tradition is by sponsoring the Kauai Chocolate and Coffee Festival, which has been taking place since 2014.

What Is The Kauai Chocolate And Coffee Festival?

The Kauai Chocolate and Coffee Festival is a special event that showcases some of the best products that are produced in the region. The festival is sponsored by major coffee and chocolate producers, and sellers.

Other businesses in Kauai also help to sponsor this event, as well. Coffee and chocolate lovers look forward to this event. Tourists in Kauai, who are lucky enough to be there when the event is taking place, have a great time. This is where you can try the best Kauai coffee!

When Does The Kauai Chocolate And Coffee Festival Take Place?

The festival takes place toward the end of October, and it usually lasts for about 2 days. It starts on a Friday morning, and lasts until Saturday evening. Hanapepe, Kauai is located on the southwestern part of the island, and is the location for this event.

What Does The Festival Have To Offer?

best kauai coffee

The Chocolate and Coffee Festival has a lot to offer participants. It provides tours and workshops that last throughout the day. It also educates people about both the coffee and chocolate industries.

It gives them insight into the inner workings of these industries, and how they provide economic support for the island. There are farm tours, classes, workshops, and demonstrations.

Festival attendees can visit one of the many chocolate and coffee stations that will be set up in the area. There is a silent auction, and food sampling for people that like to consume the products.

There is live entertainment, which features local bands, choirs, and local acts. There are many other activities for festival guests to enjoy.


The Kauai Chocolate and Coffee Festival provides people with lots of great, fun things to do. It also helps to inform outsiders about the coffee industry that thrives in Kauai.

People attend the festival from different parts of the states, and the world. While it is not a huge national or international event, it is important to Kauai, since the largest coffee farms in America are located on this specific island.

The festival is free to attend, and there are plenty of places for people to park. Travelers visiting the area during the time of the festival should book their lodgings well in advance. The area’s commercial housing fills up quickly when the festival takes place.

Coffee Flavors By Kauai Coffee Company

Coffee Flavors By Kauai Coffee Company

Located on the island of Kauai, Hawaii, Kauai Coffee Company is the largest coffee company in the United States. The company plants over four million coffee trees on a 3,100 acre piece of land.

The company was established in the early 1800’s as a sugar company under the name of McBryde Sugar Company, but changed to the current name when it started planting coffee in place of sugarcane.

Kauai Coffee Company engages in producing and processing different varieties of coffee, making it a self-sustainable company. Since 2011, it operates under the management of the Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group.

Kauai Coffee Company Coffee Flavors

Kauai Coffee Company produces eight flavors of coffee, all which have gone through the test control process. They include: Chocolate Macadamia Nut, Hazelnut, Hawaiian Pumpkin Pie, Coconut Caramel Crunch, Holiday Spice, Regular Medium Roast, Toasty Banana Nut Cream, and Hawaiian Irish Crème.

The fertile and conducive climate in Kauai make it possible for the company to grow different varieties of coffee plants. They provide an opportunity for visitors to sample their coffees in the tasting area of its premises.

One can also try iced coffee and coffee ice-cream. Kauai Coffee Company’s diversity makes it a favorite coffee producer, not only in Hawaii, but the U.S. as a whole.

Kauai Coffee Company Coffee Pods

Recently, Kauai Coffee Company reported that its coffee pods are 100 percent decomposable, which means that one does not have to worry about their impact on the environment.

They claim that the pods are compatible with brewers’ recommendations. Therefore, one did not have to necessarily dispose of them in industrial facilities.

However, the NAD discredited these claims by saying that the pods are not decomposable in places like the compost in customer’s backyards, but only at industrial facilities.

The regulatory body went ahead to urge the company’s management to make this disclaimer prominent in their packages, to avoid adverse effects on the environment or individuals’ health. Kauai Coffee Company agreed to comply with the regulations.

Additional Company Information

The pods’ issue notwithstanding, Kauai Coffee Company practices environmental friendly ways of growing their coffee; for instance, it happens to be the largest irrigation coffee farm in the world.

Typically, it applies water and fertilizer directly to the roots of the plants, instead of spraying or dusting. This way, it does not pollute the environment in any way.

Also, it plants hedgerows, uses diversions and contoured farming to avoid soil erosion, as well as to protect the forests and other natural habitats.

It has also reduced its use of herbicide use by more than 75 percent since its inception. Noteworthy, the company steers away from GMO products, thus ensuring that all its products are naturally grown.

It commits itself to maintaining a clean and sustainable environment for the sake of the economy, the local community, and its customers.


Kauai Coffee Company is known, by many, to be the best coffee company in the U.S. for the quality of their products, top-notch services, and their concern for the environment.

The company is not a part of the Fair Trade movement, but they don’t really need to be. Their employees are paid well, and they also receive benefits like dental, medical, and retirement.

They observe the highest standards during production to deliver products worth their name. One is free to visit the company to learn more about its coffees.

Scavenger Hunt By The Kauai Coffee Company

Scavenger Hunt By The Kauai Coffee Company

What could make a more memorable and interactive fun day, than having a scavenger hunt at Kauai Coffee Company’s estate? The estate is located on the glimmering landscapes of the southwest coastline of the island of Kauai, HI.

A scavenger hunt of any kind, especially on a coffee estate, will prove to be loads of fun. A review of the Kauai Coffee Company scavenger hunt can help shed light on the fun that awaits us, and what is to be discovered along the way.

When Does The Kauai Coffee Company Have Their Scavenger Hunt?

The company’s scavenger hunt is a public event, held every Wednesday at their coffee estate. The company posts instructions for the scavenger hunt on their website every Wednesday morning.

Who Can Take Part In The Scavenger Hunt?

Since the Kauai Coffee Company scavenger hunt is a public event, anyone can take part in it. However, registration is essential, and is done the day before the occasion.

Surprisingly, registration for the scavenger hunt is free, and so is participation. Teams may be made up of family members, or friends.

What Does The Kauai Coffee Company Scavenger Hunt Entail?

The scavenger hunt is a challenge where participants search for items on the given list of instructions. This is true of all scavenger hunts, wherever they are held.

Notably, nothing makes it a more interactive and enjoyable activity than the reward of completing the scavenger hunt before anyone else. The company offers free lunch to the first five teams that finish the scavenger hunt by noon.

Since parts of the island organize the scavenger hunt, participants can start wherever they are located on the estate. Every team earns points for visiting any of the required spots. Upon finishing the hunt, participants are required to head over to the Kauai Coffee Company Estate aka the Kauai coffee plantation!

The scavenger hunt should be completed before noon, so the participants can ensure that they make it to the top five teams. Without a doubt, this would be in a quest to earn them free lunch.

However, no team goes away empty handed! The Kauai Coffee Company is very generous, so all teams that complete the scavenger hunt will walk away with a free coffee bag to take home!

What Does One Need For The Scavenger Hunt?

No one should experience such a fun day and not capture memories of it! Therefore, a camera would be essential for capturing moments together with fellow teammates, as you participate in the scavenger hunt.

Also, documentation of every spot you visit is key to earning crucial points that help to roll out the winner. A vehicle is also needed for the completion of the task, since the Kauai Coffee Company Estate is quite expansive.

A print of the hunt, and a map would be valuable tools for the scavenger hunt, since internet access on the island is very limited.


There’s not a lot that’s more fun than achieving goals and winning challenges with your loved ones or friends. Participating in the Kauai Coffee Company scavenger hunt provides a perfect getaway from boredom, due to repetitive daily routines.

After such a memorable activity, the participants have the privilege to take part in the Kauai Coffee Company farm tour that is scheduled to start at 1:00 PM.

With the fun from all the activities, and gifts from the coffee company, Kauai Coffee Company scavenger hunts remain one of the most perfect ways to spend a free Wednesday.

Other Coffees vs Kauai Coffee

Other Coffees vs Kauai Coffee

In the United States, only the states of California and Hawaii grow coffee. Coffee from Hawaii has gained popularity, thanks to the island’s climate and volcanic soil, which allows for different styles of coffee.

The different types of coffee from Hawaii include Kauai, Kona, Ka’u, Puna, Hamakua, Maui, Molokai, and Oahu. Rapidly gaining popularity is the Kauai coffee for its mild acidity.

While it is popular in Hawaii and gaining acceptance across the globe, it is facing competition from other countries for a similar market share. Below is a summary of Kauai coffee, and other popular coffees from across the world, and what makes them unique.

Kauai Coffee

Grown and produced in Kauai, the coffee from Kauai Coffee Company is grown on coffee plantations that cover about 22,000 acres of land. The plantation was initially a sugarcane plantation.

The Kauai Coffee Company currently grows Kauai coffee, with five different arabica coffee beans. They have the largest coffee farm in the United States.

Kauai coffee comes with a mild acidity that makes it stand out, surpassing even Kona coffee, for some individuals. Other than the cultivation stage, this coffee is carefully processed to ensure a rich and aromatic cup. Enjoy the moderate floral aroma, and unique winey and spicy traits.

Brazilian Coffee

Brazil is practically the largest coffee producing country. They grow both arabica and robusta types of coffee, in equal measure.

Depending on the soil quality and climate, they have determined that the best type and variety of coffee will grow best in a certain region.

Key traits of a Brazilian cup of coffee include sweet, low acid and a medium body. They have a moderate floral aroma, with a fruity character.

Kenyan Coffee

Accepted across the globe, Kenyan coffee has gained popularity for its quality. The plantations cover the foothills of Mount Kenya, and after harvesting, they will carefully monitor and control the drying and processing procedures, with the aim of upholding on quality.

The beans will produce a fruity acidity and rich fragrance to create a great balance between its taste and aroma. Kenya produces one of the best full-body coffees in large scale. It is also one of the major producers from Africa.

Ivory Coast

The Ivory Coast produces coffee in large scale, and it has built a reputation for producing robusta coffee at its best. Many a time, you may have used their coffee in an espresso blend.

They are popular for espresso blends, because their coffee variety is suited for a darker roast. The robusta coffee beans have a strong aroma, with a rather light acidity.

Indonesian Coffee

Grown and produced on the Indonesian islands, the country has built a reputation for producing high-quality coffee. Some popular styles of coffee include Sulawesi, Sumatra, and Java. These are named after the islands in Indonesia.

These styles of coffee are popular for their rich, mild acidity and full body, to leave you with a tingling aroma and fulfilling taste.

The uniqueness of Indonesian coffee is thanks to its fine aged beans. They hold coffee over a period, allowing the beans to age gently. This method beats even modern technology in producing outstanding coffee.


Kauai coffee is popular across the globe, with high-quality coffee. However, it faces competition from other countries producing high-quality coffee on a larger scale.

The variance of these coffees comes in the type of coffee, its variations, and levels of acidity. However, they all produce outstanding coffee qualities, to provide coffee enthusiasts with a variety to satisfy their taste buds.

Kauai Coffee Guide – Best Brands, Beans, & Pricing

Kauai Coffee Guide – Best Brands, Beans, & Pricing

For more than a century, coffee has become an integral companion of many people’s morning routine. This can be attributed to its powerful, stimulating effect and tantalizing aroma.

Besides being an ideal morning routine for many people, coffee comes with a myriad of health benefits to the human body, especially the skin. If you want to be revitalized and have smooth skin the natural way, coffee comes in handy.

That being said, the market today is thronged with different coffee products. This makes it harder and harder to distinguish between quality and low grade coffee.

Grown in the natural habitats of Hawaii, Kauai coffee is one coffee brand that you can rely on to meet all your morning and healthy needs.

History Of the Kauai Coffee Company

Considered the largest and most efficient coffee plantation in Hawaii, the Kauai Coffee Company has a rich history behind its success. Originally, the company was a sugar company known as McBryde, back in the 1800’s.

In 1987, the sugar fields were converted to a coffee plantation/estate. It then began to represent the largest and most diversified agricultural project in Hawaii for the past 50 years.

Today, the coffee plantation sits on 3,100 acres of land, and is considered to be the biggest coffee plantation, not only in the state of Hawaii, but in America as well.

In 1992, the plantation experienced a massive setback to the crop with Hurricane Iniki, which swept away over 8.5 million dollars worth of the crop and properties.

This was a severe setback that nearly tarnished the future of the Kauai Coffee company. However, they came back stronger than ever; in 1996, Kauai Coffee Company’s harvests massively exceeded other companies in the region, combined.

Keep in mind that Kauai Coffee Company seems to be the only Kauai coffee brand to sell it, hence, by default, making it the best Kauai coffee one can have!

Kauai Coffee Company’s Harvesting And Production Process

best kauai coffee

Apart from the climate and soil quality, there are many factors that determine the quality of coffee beans. A vast majority of the coffee plants grown at the Kauai Coffee plantations are of the varietal Yellow Catuai, also known as Brazilian seed.

This is a high quality coffee seed that is genetically engineered to bring the most nutrients out of the coffee plant. Other varieties on the farm include varietals Typica(Guatemalan seed), Mundo Novo( Central American seed), Blue Mountain (Jamaican seed) and Red Catuai (Brazilian seed).

With that in mind, Kauai coffee has massively invested in modern coffee production and processing for over a decade. The company has enlisted modern technology and techniques to ensure that the customer receives only the best quality coffee beans from their farms.

It’s for this reason that Kauai Coffee Company is the sole producer of more than half of the coffee consumed by customers in America.

To ensure that quality is maintained, a rigorous quality control process is undertaken from the time the crop blossoms, to when the end product is shipped to the stores. This can be said of very few coffee companies around the globe.


The mountainous region of Hawaii is quite natural, with a serene climate that is perfect for coffee plant growing. Kauai coffee starts to blossom between February and March.

Just like any other fruit, coffee cherries delicately blossom with a beautiful fragrance. The coffee beans are the seeds found inside the cherry.


After blossoming, the fruits take around 5 months to ripen. Harvesting in Kauai usually takes place in the month of October. The harvesting period usually takes three to four months, and always ends in December.

Kauai coffee uses the latest and safest mechanical harvesting technology to harvest their coffee beans, which makes the load easier. This distinguishes Kauai Coffee from other coffee producing companies in the entire region.

The harvesting process on the farm is usually carried out 24 hours, around the clock, 7 days a week. The company only utilizes three shifts a week for the entire process.

This module is quite unique, which makes Kauai Coffee stand out from other coffee producing companies. Only the fields with maximum ripeness are selected for harvesting, due to the existence of numerous micro-climate conditions on the island.

Wet Processing At Kauai Coffee Company

book and coffee

The wet processing stage basically involves the separation of viable cherries from the bad ones, in three categories. At Kauai Coffee, the cherries harvested are quickly delivered to the wet processing plant, to avoid fermentation, and damage to the coffee cherries.

The cherries are then separated into three types, unlike most coffee processing companies. Other companies separate their cherries into only two types.

Kauai separates the coffee cherries depending on the level of maturity, i.e. ripe, natural, and immature. In order to determine how to categorize the coffee cherries, inherent differences in the densities of the cherries are noted.

This requires high end technology that Kauai Coffee has invested heavily on. The beans are then graded into five categories at the wet processing plant.

Environmentally Friendly Practices

One of the key aims of Kauai coffee is practicing sustainable farming that is environmentally friendly. Such is seen in their drip irrigation system, which is the largest drip irrigation in the world.

By utilizing drip irrigation, Kauai is committed to preserving water and minimizing soil irrigation in the same proportions. The irrigation process not only supplies the roots of the coffee plant with water, but also the much needed fertilizer.

The water used in wet processing is only used once, and is further treated before being used back on the farm for irrigation. Additionally, in a bid to mitigate soil erosion and surface runoff, Kauai Coffee Company has grown hedgerows along the edges of the farm.

These are contoured plantings and diversions that are very helpful in protecting the native plants in the surrounding forest. To top it all, the company utilizes modern cultivation techniques that reduce the use of herbicides on the farm by 75%.

By doing so, not only is the soil acidity level kept at par, but also the quality of the cherries are greatly improved.


Unlike many other plants, coffee plants are quite delicate to grow and maintain. It’s for this reason that utilizing modern techniques come in handy for maximizing productivity and quality.

With the current trend at Kauai Coffee Company, its only expected that the company will continue to spread its territories even wider in the coming years.

How To Get Nitro Coffee Into The Office

How To Get Nitro Coffee Into The Office

Different people like their coffee in different ways. Nitro coffee is one type of coffee that is taking the market by storm, since most people are liking it more and more.

This cold brewed coffee, mixed with nitrogen, has been found to have more benefits than regular brewed coffee. It also brings convenience that isn’t found with other types of coffee.

It is often served from a tap, and it has a distinct taste associated with the nitrogen addition. The coffee can be consumed in different ways, such as black, or in addition to a sweet cream of choice.

Some people also add it to cocktails to bring out a uniqueness to an adult beverage. When it comes to bringing nitro coffee into the office, however, the following should be considered. If you don’t know what is nitro brew coffee, please read our detailed article.

Choose The Best Option

The first step in bringing nitro coffee into the office is deciding whether you want to get a tap installed there, or you want someone who can deliver at specific intervals.

Since most people rely on coffee at the office, it could be better to have a readily available nitro coffee machine anytime someone needs it.

Drinking coffee keeps most employees alert and as such, productive. If it helps, talk to your employees and find out what they would prefer.

Contact A Reputable Supplier

Many coffee shops pride themselves in making the best coffee, with some of them taking part in supplying coffee making machines. Depending on what your decision is, you should contact the appropriate supplier.

If you choose someone to bring in ready-made coffee, ensure that they bring fresh coffee, and are able to keep the specified time frame.

If you choose to install a nitro coffee tap at the office, which is the most convenient option, ensure you get a company that will bring the equipment, and offer installation services at good prices.

Most of those companies will bring everything required, including the nitrogen, and will offer a package deal, which tends to be cheaper.

Installation And Supplies

When installing the tap, you have to ensure that you follow maintenance procedures frequently. You should also ensure that you can get a supply of freshly ground coffee for your nitro coffee every day.

The company that installs the kegerator should be responsible for ensuring that fresh nitro coffee is available every day, which will make them responsible for bringing the ground coffee.

Alternatively, if you opt for cup deliveries, you can have them customized to suit your office.

Enjoy The Nitro Machine

With the successful installation and operation of this machine (should you choose to go that route), the productivity of your employees will increase.

They will spend little time going on coffee brakes, since they’ll have it readily available in the office. Nitro machines have many benefits, including the ease with which they can be operated. Getting one into your office is the best way to acquire daily nitro coffee for you and your employees.


It’s advisable to go for a tasting first, when looking for a nitro coffee supplier for the office. This will give you the opportunity to sample a few potential suppliers, and choose the best one.

You’ll also be able to weigh your options practically, and consider all the pros and cons of having a nitro keg tap in the office. With the great taste of nitro coffee, your employees will appreciate the kegerator.