Best Coffees For Moka Pots

Best Coffees For Moka Pots

Moka pot coffee makers are designed to make a strong, caffeinated drink. This pot was created by Alfonso Bialetti back in the 1930’s.

Bialetti hailed from Italy, and his invention had revolutionized the coffee culture in that region of the world, once it arrived. The Moka Pot was designed to make a strong brew.

This strong coffee beverage, made in a Moka Pot, is double the strength of normal coffee. The pressurized feature of the machine is what causes the coffee to have such a deep and rich taste.

What You Need To Know About The Moka Pot

Getting the best taste from a Moka Pot relies on two things. First, a person must know how to use this style of coffee maker. Many Moka Pot users say that it takes some practice to learn how to use it.

Secondly, the type of coffee grounds are key. In order to get the best tasting and type of coffee, you must use the right type of coffee grounds.

Coffee grounds for Moka Pots have to be fine, but not too powdery. They must have a slight bit of coarseness to them. If they are too refined, the beans will clog up the Moka Pot.

If the grounds are too thick, they will not work. The coffee that is produced by thick grinds will be lacking in flavor, and many of the grounds will remain inside of the unit, unused.

Moka Pot professionals tell people to use grounds that are finer than that used by a coffee maker. The grounds should also be more coarse than the type used for an espresso machine.

As a side note, experts encourage people to use good water for their coffee. Moka coffee is primarily made of water, so using the best tasting, cleanest water for this beverage helps to make it a better drink.

You should not forget that you will sometimes need a good coffee grinder to make the right type of grind for your pot. A burr or blade grinder will do the job.

Coffee Flavors For Moka Pots

Don’t forget that the strength of a coffee is important for flavor. Coffee flavors for Moka pots should not be too strong or rich.

Coffees that fit this description will end up becoming too concentrated after the brewing process has been completed. A person should look for Moka coffee with a medium flavor to get the best taste.

Coffee Brands That Work Best With A Moka Pot

Some medium coffee brands that will work best in a Moka Pot include Peet’s coffee from California. Jamaica Blue also has some medium roast coffee products that make exceptional Moka based drinks. Jamaica Blue coffees are considered some of the best in the world, so they are expensive to procure.

Starbucks is a chain of coffee shops that are located across the globe. The company packages some of its coffee drinks, and they offer medium roast blends. They, too, work best inside of a Moka Pot.

Colombia Supremo has great tasting medium roast products that will also work. Some people prefer dark roast coffees for their Moka drink.

Once again, dark coffees might produce too strong of a blend. Still, it’s a choice for people to use the best type of coffee roast they think is best for their Moka coffee pot.

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