Moka Pot Guide – Top 5 List & Pricing Information

Moka Pot Guide – Top 5 List & Pricing Information

The Moka Pot produces some of the best tasting cups of coffee on the market today. This style of coffee has a robust flavor that is full and rich.

People all over the world love this version of coffee, because it truly is one of the best coffee beverages for consumers to experience. Keep reading to learn about the history of the Moka Pot, and why people truly like this coffee style.

List of 5 Best Moka Pots On The Market

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Alfonso Bialetti And His Bialetti Moka Pot Creation

Alfonso Bialetti created the Moka coffee pot in 1933. He was an engineer who had his own aluminum business that was started in 1919.

Bialetti was born in Omegna, Italy back in 1888. He came from a wealthy family, and by the time he was a young man, he was able to secure an apprenticeship in France from about 1909 to 1919.

During that time, he learned how to transform raw aluminum into various products that would be used in contemporary Italian homes during the early 20th century.

One day, Bialetti was drinking the rich coffee that many of the people within his country were accustomed to consuming. He then had an idea that he could create this coffee by manufacturing a coffee pot that would produce it in an easier way.

He took his inspiration from one of the first washing machine models. He noticed how a housewife in those days would use this machine to wash clothing.

The hot water would shoot up from a central pipe, and cover the clothes from the bottom of the machine. This idea helped Bialetti to create his own unique pot. He named the Moka Pot after the city of Mocha in Yemen.

In 1933, he created the first Bialetti Moka Pot.

Once this pot was created, it caught on with many people around Italy. In those early days of the country, people frequently visited coffee houses to consume this beverage.

Coffee houses back then were not like coffee shops of today. Men frequented coffee houses in Italy in those days. This was a place for them to socialize, and to discuss political matters.

They would also catch up on the latest news and discuss local events as well. Women rarely joined men in those establishments. However, they enjoyed drinking coffee as well.

Italian Coffee Culture And The Moka Pot

fresh, hot coffee

Coffee houses that were in Italy during the early 20th century enjoyed a rich and strong brew. They made it by hand, and used filters to create their strong brew.

Bialetti had to figure out how to mimic this style of coffee, from his machine, to get that flavor. One thing that his machine did was to capture that flavor inside of the pot.

Since Bialetti used aluminum to make the pot, this particular metal had the ability to retain much of the coffee’s flavor that was contained within the product.

People figured out that they should not thoroughly clean the Bialetti Moka Pot. The reason why is that the leftover coffee product that had accumulated within the pot just added more richness to the flavor.

Some people might have thought that the coffee would get mold on it, but it didn’t. Instead, the remaining coffee grounds and drink would eventually help to improve the flavor of the overall beverage.

Italian men like their coffee strong. They have been drinking it this way since the 17th century, when coffee first began to appear within the nation.

Italians did not invent coffee, but they did help to transform it. This group of people are credited with creating espressos, and this version of coffee is very popular in modern times.

The Moka Pot is not an extension of the espresso machine, but it is another way for Italians to make their coffee beverages. Italians are noted for using special methods to create their coffee.

Women Get In On The Bialetti Moka Pot Action

It was already stated that women did not drink coffee at local coffee houses, because it was not socially acceptable. However, after the Bialetti Moka coffee pot was created, women began to drink more of this product.

They still primarily drank it at home, but more females were gathering out in public, drinking this coffee socially. The Moka Pot helped to encourage women to become more socially active.

Many females had a Moka Pot in their homes, because they were fairly inexpensive to purchase. Bialetti made them to be cost effective, and knew that they would be a big hit with the masses.

Once women gravitated to the Moka Pots, and had one in their home; this changed how coffee was being consumed within the nation. As a matter of fact, the women’s movement of that day was also influenced by the Moka Pot.

Since many women were becoming more socially involved, due to the presence of this machine, the Bialetti Moka coffee pot received more credibility and popularity with the masses.

Coffee drinking started to evolve in Italy, and the nation became a major epicenter for coffee production.

Best Moka Pots Today

coffee with cheese and snacks

The Bialetti Moka Pot is now standard fare in Italian homes, coffee shops and coffee houses. This pot has also spread out to other parts of the world.

Many people in the world who consume coffee have either tried Moka Pot coffee, or consume it daily already. Bialetti’s creation has caught on in a major way.

Bialetti eventually passed in 1970. After his death, his son took over his factory, which continues to produce these specialized pots in modern times.

Why Do People Drink Moka Pot Coffee?

Many coffee drinkers in Europe and Latin America like coffee products made from the Moka Pot. The machines are well received in this area, because the people enjoy the hearty flavor that they provide.

They also enjoy consuming this style of coffee, because it can use different varieties of coffee flavors and brands to create an unlimited array of coffee styles.

Some coffee sellers in Europe and Latin America make an unlimited amount of unique flavors that they sell to the public. These flavors have a coffee brand’s taste, but they are slightly altered from the original.

Sometimes, the stronger brands of coffee will produce a powerful taste when produced by a Moka Pot. Medium or light strains of coffee will typically produce a softer coffee drink, even though they still have a thick taste.

Latin America Popularity

Latin American people (mainly those in Mexico and South America) are coffee consumers by nature. They enjoy the robust taste of coffee, and many of them drink the beverage like water.

While every home in Latin American nations do not have a Moka pot, enough of them do to make this option for drinking coffee a natural part of the culture. The people there do not like sweet, or sugary coffee.

The Bialetti fits into this scheme of coffee drinking because of its heavy flavor. If a particular coffee brand produces an extremely bitter taste after being created in a Moka coffee shop, then they will add other flavorings to it, to make it more balanced.

They will add flavors such as unsweetened chocolate, and various fruit flavorings. Again, most coffee flavorings in Latin America are not sweet. That’s why the Moka coffee pot has a place in this part of the world.

Europeans Also Love Moka Pot Coffee

peppermint coffee with chocolate

The Moka Pot is also utilized throughout Europe. Many Europeans take a different approach to their coffee. They like it sweet, with various types of milk and creams. They also use other flavorings as well.

Moka Pots are in many homes, in places such as Italy, Spain, Portugal and other southern European nations. They are also popular in other parts of Europe as well.

Europeans utilize the Moka preparation method to add variety to their coffee culture. Many women enjoy this version, as well as men.

The rich flavor helps to stimulate people and get them started for the day. Bialetti styled coffee is well received, and people love this coffee brand.

Moka Pot Use In Other Countries

Westerners in North America typically do not drink a lot of Moka Pot styled coffees. They gravitate toward the espressos, and sweeter versions of coffee.

Many American people like sugar, milk, and flavorings in their coffees. The coffee shops tend to make commercialized versions of coffees that are compatible with Americans tastes.

Sweet products are what Americans like the most, and strong bitter coffee is just not that popular in the states. However, many consumers in the country do drink it black.

Canada has the same attitude toward their coffee products. They tend to like softer coffees, with more sugar and flavorings. The Moka coffee pot is more of a novelty in this part of the world, as well.

Mexico is another North American country, but they are classified as a Latin American country. The Moka Pot variety is popular there, because they also like bitter coffee drinks.

How To Use A Moka Pot

The Moka Pot’s Future

Moka Pot styles will continue to remain popular in certain parts of the world. European and Latin American people will maintain this habit of consuming their beverage, because it is a normal part of their culture.

Bialetti and other Moka coffee pot manufacturers will eventually make more complex machines. These new and improved models will be used to serve coffee in a different way.

The Moka Pot will always continue to remain a standard part of the Italian home, where people enjoy great coffee and a taste of home.

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