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Clear Coffee Guide – Everything You Need To Know!

Clear Coffee Guide – Everything You Need To Know!

Coffee as a beverage is loved by a majority in different countries worldwide. A sizeable portion of this population starts their day with coffee, while some will need a refill – in a popular way it keeps them awake.

However, since clear coffee entered the market, it has come to be loved by heavy coffee drinkers. ‘CLR CFF’, as it is popularly known, is a clear water-like bottled coffee, with a unique taste and aroma. If you’re looking for quality Ethiopian coffee pots or an effective and large coffee thermos, check out our suggestions at those links!

Clear Coffee AKA CLR CFF

It’s a pioneer in its class of coffee, with no calories, and was created by two London-based Slovakian brothers, Adam, and David Nagy.

Being heavy drinkers of coffee themselves, and with hectic lifestyles, they needed some kind of drink that would provide a much-needed energy boost, while preventing their teeth from getting stained.

How Do They Make Clear Coffee?

The process to make this specific blend was discovered back in 2012. Apparently, they only needed three months of intense market research, and an additional 12 months to realize what part was missing in the puzzle. The missing part was high quality, freshly roasted coffee beans.

Since then, their recipe used to make this blend has never been known to any other sources. That being said, and this will bring much excitement to you; this beverage comes ready to drink, and has a rich aroma, unique taste, and is as refreshing as a double espresso.

The serving size of the wondrous clear coffee, ‘CLR CFF’ is 200ml/bottle, has 40mg/100mls of caffeine, and is low in calories, at 4 per bottle. And for transparency reasons, it has zero preservatives, stabilizers, added aromas, sugar, or sweeteners.

Customer Reviews on Clear Coffee

Clear coffee, like any new product, has had its share of critics, both positive and negative. One reporter once described it, saying “Imagine making coffee, and then forgetting to wash it out. The next day, you add water to get the very last dreg of flavor out of the wet beans, and that’s what this tastes like”.

Another consumer said, “The flavor notes were all there: citrus, floral, and just a hint of nutmeg. I almost cried”.

It is currently available in various EU countries. It’s stocked by London’s Selfridges and Whole Foods stores, retailing at €5.99($7.50) for two packs. For international, non-EU residents, you can order it online.

Getting through your hectic schedule, while still staying social, can sometimes be hard, but a bottle of clear coffee will make it easier for you.

It’s large in size, so it will last you all day long, while keeping you refreshed and keeping your teeth white.

Sumatra Coffee House: Changing The Way We Enjoy Coffee

Sumatra Coffee House: Changing The Way We Enjoy Coffee

When it comes to great coffee, no company does a better job of representing beans than Sumatra Coffee House. This coffee company takes some of the best coffee beans in the world, and carefully prepares them for your drinking pleasure.

Today, we will take a deeper look at this coffee company, and learn why they are one of the best in the industry. While this company has not been around as long as others, it has really taken the coffee world by storm. has expanded his coffee selection by sourcing from other coffee regions. Some consider it one of the best Sumatra coffee around.

SCH’s Humble Beginnings

Sumatra Coffee House started out in 2012, by a coffee lover named Ichsan Akbar. His passion for coffee, and his desire to bring the world a better cup of Joe helped him form this bold new company.

The single goal of Sumatra Coffee House was to make Sumatran coffee more accessible and available to coffee lovers around the globe. Akbar worked hard to put together a network of local producers, who also benefited from the relationship.

Now, the company has grown in popularity, and Akbar  This has helped his company flourish, and it has also helped the local growers whom he sources the beans from.

A Fine Selection Of Premium Coffee

When Sumatra Coffee House first opened its doors, they only carried high-quality Sumatran coffee. But as the company grew, the owner knew that he simply could not keep up with demand.

He then decided it was time to grow, and started importing coffee beans from around the globe. Now, this amazing coffee company offers coffee from several of the world’s best coffee growing regions, including Colombia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, and Guatemala.

Each of these beans are sourced from local producers who have a close connection to their local community. By sourcing beans from smaller farmers, it helps bring vital income to the community. These funds go to help improve schools and other services, which makes life better for everyone.

Transparency And Fair Trade

There are quite a few things that set Sumatra Coffee House apart from all the other coffee companies. One of the biggest things that makes this company different is their dedication to transparency.

Every bag of beans they sell can be traced back to the area in which it was grown. They often showcase their growers, and they make them a vital part of their team.

This transparency helps consumers know where their coffee is coming from, and how those that produce it are compensated. Sumatra Coffee House is a proud supporter of the Fair Trade movement, and they ensure that their growers are always fairly compensated.


As you can see, Sumatra Coffee House is dedicated to the art of producing high-quality coffee. They work hard to source the best beans from around the world.

Not only do they bring in some of the best beans in the industry, but they also give back to the growers who make everything possible. Sumatra Coffee House knows that without the producers, there would be no coffee for anyone to enjoy.

Mavis Bank Coffee Factory

Mavis Bank Coffee Factory

Mavis Bank is a small, picturesque, rural town nestled quaintly in the mountainous eastern region of Jamaica. The town harbors the Mavis Bank Coffee Factory, internationally recognized for the production of Jablum coffee.

The factory was established back in 1923, and has grown to be the largest producer of the one of the best Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee. It boasts an attractive production record of about one million pounds of green beans per year.

It services approximately six thousand coffee farmers annually. The Jablum brand is the company’s longtime serving coffee production line, and most sought after all around the world.

#1. Jablum Gold Coffee

enjoying jamaican blue mountain coffee

Jablum Gold coffee is made from Peaberry (a type of coffee bean), as well as grade one arabica beans. It is grown in the lofty, mountainous region of Blue Peak.

A slew of factors contributes to its success, ranging from growing at the optimum altitude, moderate humidity under the gentle cloud cover, mountain shade, and sublime sunlight, as well as mineral-rich soil.

It is usually an attractive dark roast of arabica beans. Under the gold production line, there are four items available for sale: Jablum Gold, ground (8 oz), Jablum Gold, whole beans (8 oz), Jablum Gold ground (16 oz), and Jablum Gold, whole beans (16 oz).

#2. Jablum Classic

This is a signature coffee, with a rich acid aroma that is handpicked and roasted before it is shipped. There are 5 items available under the Classic production line for sale: Jablum Classic, ground (8 oz), Jablum Classic, whole beans (8 oz), Jablum Classic, ground (16 oz), Jablum Classic, Peaberry Beans (16 oz), and Jablum Classic, ground in a tin.

#3. Jablum Caribbean

This premium blend gives exhilarating taste sensations, and features a strong flavor, making it a favorite to many. The thrilling sweetness is juxtaposed by a suppressed acidity, giving it a rich taste.

The Mavis Bank Coffee Factory is owned currently by the National Investment Bank of Jamaica, and the Munn family group. The partnership is 30/70, in favor of the bank.

The managing director is senator Norman Grant. The factory gets its supply of coffee beans from among its plantations, including Orchard Rest, St. Thomas, and Abbey.

Similarly, it also outsources from farmers, as mentioned earlier, making it an economic foundation in the area, creating employment and generating income for the farmers. Predominantly, coffee picking is done by women.

After picking, the berries are usually sun-dried for about 58 days, or dried in a gigantic tumbler during rainy weather for two days.

Dry coffee is then aged in sacks for 11 weeks, when the outer shell is removed, and the beans are then washed clean and roasted in a roaster. From picking to shipping is usually a long process, spanning for almost three years.

Why Is the Mavis Bank Coffee Factory Successful?

While the Mavis Bank Coffee Factory may have grown expansively over the years, the craft of making perfect coffee has always been the same. The care they take to make the best beans possible is what makes them so special.

The quality of coffee is due to patience and careful treatment of the berries, ensuring a perfect blend of the final product. The Jablum brand still maintains as the most sought-after coffee throughout the world, thanks to the Mavis Bank Coffee factory!