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Bird Rock Coffee Roasters – La Jolla

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters – La Jolla

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters is a coffee roasting company that is consistently expanding, currently sporting coffee bars and bakeries in six locations throughout coastal California. The first thing that should be known about Bird Rock Coffee is that their coffee means business.

This is to say, it is not just financially beneficial for them, but for the entire ecosystem of their roasting program. Bird Rock Coffee Roasters involve themselves more heavily in the entire process than a typical coffee shop. Where usually coffee is sourced through a Fair Trade contract, Bird Rock forgoes that step to the benefit of everyone involved. 

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Bird Rock Works Directly With the Farmers to Ensure Better Beans

Bird Rock works directly with the farmers that grow the coffee beans and evaluate the harvest quality themselves. In bypassing Fair Trade, they are able to pay farmers a higher wage, and aid in the farming process.

This both strengthens the bond between parties and provides mutual benefits. Farmers get a reliable buyer, with higher wages resulting from the quality of their harvest. Bird Rock gets more accessibility to the beans they acquire, and thus are able to supply more unique blends than they otherwise would. 

Extremely Creative in their Packaging and Marketing

Coming in bird-egg blue packages, some of these blends include Monkey Bite Espresso, Little Italy Blend, Cafe Del Sol, and the Bird Rock Blend, which features flavors of fudge, black pepper, and red apple.

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters don’t just heavily involve themselves with their farmers, but also with their community. Bird Rock pridefully hosts events such as open mic nights twice a month, and even display the pieces of local artists’ work on their walls.

Involved in Community Outreach Programs

Furthermore, they engage in community clean up events, like the upcoming cleanup at Windansea Beach. To assist customers in engaging with each other, Bird Rock fashions their stores with suitability to sit and chat, whether inside or out next to a fire pit.  

However, Bird Rock wouldn’t be a coffee business without also selling their products to the community they are so invested in.

Offering Delicious Food & Beverages

Firstly, there is their beverage menu, which lists assortments of coffee and tea such as espresso-based cappuccinos and macchiatos, signature salted caramel lattes and mochas, cold brew, and artisanal chai.

If you are looking for more to fill your stomach, food and baked items are made at their location in Carlsbad, California, and dispersed amongst their other locations. Bird Rock’s food offerings include scones, cakes, fruit bowls, salads, sandwiches and more. 

Want to Learn about Latte’s? Take a Workshop!

If you are interested in learning more about their coffee crafting processes, the Carlsbad location is home to both their bean roasting efforts, as well as the workshops they teach about topics from latte art to water cupping.

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters were founded in 2002 and have received multiple awards since. Some awards include a 2017 Good Food Award, and the 2012 Roaster of the Year award in Roast Magazine.

Have your own experience and try out the products of their craft for yourself by visiting any of their locations that can be found in La Jolla, Carlsbad, Little Italy, Torrey Pines, Morena Boulevard, and Pacific Beach, California.


5627 La Jolla Blvd, La Jolla, CA 92037

James Coffee Company – Little Italy

James Coffee Company – Little Italy

James Coffee Co. is all at once a coffee shop, roaster, and home goods store located in the neighborhood of Little Italy, in San Diego, California. Little Italy is the home to their original and central location, but they have also established a coffee shop location in Banker’s Hill, with another location currently in development.

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You Can Get Coffee Sent to Your House!

Their coffee can also be found in six other locations and businesses that James Coffee Co. provides for throughout the coastal California area.  If you don’t fancy stepping out your door for their products, James Coffee Co. sells them online through their website, with their coffee beans also being sold through a monthly subscription service.

Be it online or in their store, James Coffee Co. has a broad selection of goods to be purchased. Beyond consumable offerings, they sell all of the different coffee brewing tools you could possibly need, from French presses, aero presses, milk frothers, decanters, and much more.

There’s More than Just Coffee

Mandatorily, as both a coffee shop and merchandise sales point, they also boast a buffet of branded goods, such as mugs, rings, and high-end clothing in the form of the McKinnon Connection.

James Coffee Co’s unique logo can be found across a majority of their physical goods featuring their name and their signature owl. 

Of course, when it comes to the mugs, it’s what you put inside that matters, and James Coffee Co. has a lot to offer. Six blends make up their roasted repertoire, including the Shop Blend, Night Owl, White Owl, Peter McKinnon Golden Hour, DecafNation, and Three Grades.

As a self-taught bean roaster, James Coffee Co’s focus is in producing artisanal roasts that lend themselves to the lighter side of things, which they say is to promote the fruity flavors.

Hot Drinks, Cold Drinks & Pastries

Using these blends, they form their menu in which they focus on quality over quantity, with hot drinks such as mochas, cortados, macchiatos, honey cinnamon and more.

Under cold drinks there are selections like horchata, cold brew, and coffee soda. Pairing well with coffee come the pastries and baked treats they provide, consisting of creative almond chocolate croissants, Nutella cruffins, and quiches. 

The James Coffee Co. storefront is large, and whether you are stopping in for a coffee or a croissant, you will surely notice the multitude of shops that they share the aptly titled “The Space” with.

Lying under the same roof as James’ coffee roasting operation, there is an optometrist and glasses store, a greeting card shop, a barber shop, a home and hobby supply store, and a salon.

You Can Drink Coffee & Take a Class

The Space is also the place in which James’ multitude of coffee crafting classes occur. With the expansive amount of brewing methods, they sell the tools for, they are knowledgeable of the skills required to use them, and in one and a half hours, they can teach you what you want to know.

Current classes on their calendar include “Intro to Latte Art,” “Public Cupping,” “V60 Coffee Brewing,” and “AeroPress Brewing.” With such a robust list of reasons to do so, stop by James Coffee Co. in Little Italy.


2355 India St, San Diego, CA 92101

Revolution Roasters – Oceanside CA

Revolution Roasters – Oceanside CA

Revolution Roasters is a small-batch coffee roasting company and cafe located in the neighborhood of Oceanside, in San Diego, California. Founded in 2015 by Miriah and Dan Scheibe, they are a newly established and fully invested in the modern way of coffee production, which is the Third Wave.  

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Environmentally Sustainable & Locally Roasted

With this at the core of their company’s ethics, everything they create and serve comes with environmental sustainability in mind.  Revolution Roasters only source their coffee beans from farms that treat the environment well, never destroying the land they harvest.

After they receive their beans, they locally roast them on their own, in Leucadia, California. Each batch that they roast is small, which they say allows them to be more deeply involved in the flavors and process of their output.

They Roast Their Beans an Old Fashioned Way

The batches are delivered to their designated locations no later than a day after roasting, securing their fresh quality.  The method Revolution Roasters use to roast their beans is with their state-of-the-art Probat L12 gas fire-batch coffee roaster. It is the most old-fashioned thing about the company, but they do this because of their commitment to quality.

The small batch-work and roasting method are just two components that aid Revolution Roasters in achieving their ideal, which is more than a consumable product. They see every item they serve as an experience, meant to enhance transcendental pleasure and awaken your senses. 

The experience they seek to promote flows into their cafe as well, where they wish customers to feel like they’re at home and part of a community.

Brandishing a modern, cozy appearance, the interior of Revolution Roasters is complete with a subway-tiled wall behind the counter, metal stools, wood beams on the ceiling, neon-lit signs, string lighting throughout, and round pendant lamps above the white counter.

Offering Carefully Crafted Beverages

One wall, most importantly, is as bold as their coffee. With a chalkboard aesthetic, their menu is spread over an entire wall. It is on that wall that you’ll find the drinks they carefully craft, such as their macchiato, flat white, mocha, latte, cold brew, house brew, tea, and their concoction menu.

As the name implies, this is where they show their experimental side. Some drinks in this section are their coffee soda, cold brew float, and lavender honey latte.

Using Locally Grown & Organic Ingredients

Their menu is ever growing and changing, and the syrups they use to make these changes are crafted in-house. All other ingredients are locally acquired and are organic, true to the indie based coffee scene. 

Making up the familiar coffee cafe offering of food, Revolution Roasters serve standards such as fruit bowls and juices, breakfast sandwiches, various pastries, and even the millennial favorite of avocado toast, among many others.

Like This Brand? Become a Partner!

Revolution Roasters initially began as a wholesale provider of coffee, hence the name, and this service is still available today. If you are interested in becoming a partner and bringing their products into your business, points of contact can be found on their website for more information.

As a part of their program, they will even provide training and equipment. To invoke the memorable experience Revolution Roasters aims to provide, visit their storefront in Oceanside.

Located at:  1836 S Coast Hwy, Oceanside, CA 92054