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5 Best Thermoses for Coffee Buying Guide – Keep Your Coffee Piping HOT!

5 Best Thermoses for Coffee Buying Guide – Keep Your Coffee Piping HOT!

Coffee thermoses are incredibly essential for people who enjoy outdoor activities like camping and hiking, or for those who enjoy good coffee as they travel. With that in mind, investing in a suitable thermos can make your life easier.

Regardless of the qualities that you are looking for in a coffee thermos (small coffee thermos?  large coffee thermos?), here are some of the best coffee thermoses you will find on the market.

5 Best Coffee Thermoses for Keeping Coffee Sizzling HOOOTTT:

#1. Contigo Stainless Steel Travel Mug

If you are looking for a leak-proof, and small travel mug that can keep your beverages hot for many hours, then the Contigo stainless steel mug is a great option.

Vacuum Insulation

In addition to hot beverages like tea or coffee, this vacuum-insulated coffee mug will keep your drink cold for a maximum of 18 hours, contingent on whether you purchase the 20 or 12 ounce version. The coffee mug also fits in many traditional cup holders.

Elegant Lid Technology

Unlike other travel coffee mugs that have sliding lids that are prone to leaks from time to time, the Contigo thermos lid comes with a push-button that easily opens the vacuum seal whenever you want to drink, and then closes once you release the push button.


The Contigo coffee thermos can keep your beverages hot for approximately seven hours, and cold drinks at low temperature for around 18 hours. Again, with the elegant lid technology, it’s pretty easy to clean. The fancy lid can go on the top rack in your dishwasher, while the thermos itself must be cleaned by hand.

You can also select between seven unique colors, so everybody in your family can keep their coffee mug straight.

#2. Zojirushi SM-KHE48AG Stainless Steel Mug, 16oz (Smoky Blue)

While many coffee mugs work pretty well for cold or hot beverages, they are usually better at one or the other in various aspects. That’s not the case with this coffee thermos from Zojirushi.

This stainless steel mug will keep your drinks cold or hot for six hours, which gives you plenty of time to finish your morning coffee, whether it’s iced or hot.

Compact Design

The Zojirushi mug has a compact design that takes up a small area, while maximizing capacity. The mouth of this mug is pretty wide, meaning that it can accommodate full-sized ice cubes if you love using travel mugs to keep your beverages cold.

The compact footprint of the mug is ideal for people with limited luggage or backpack space.

Flip-Top Cap

The Zojirushi coffee mug outsmarts other similar products, due to its overall design and easy drinking. The flip-top cap not only keeps your mug from leaking, but it also keeps the drinking nozzle clean and protected. The cap also comes with a lock to prevent it from spilling in your bag.

18/8 Stainless Steel

Just like other top coffee mugs, the Zojirushi SM-KHE48AG mug is made of kitchen-grade 18/8 stainless steel to ensure maximum hygiene, but the rest of the components are normally made of BPA-free plastic.

#3. YETI Rambler 20oz Stainless Steel

This YETI tumbler is a favorite among many customers, and most users love it because of what it can do. It can carry almost anything, from water to coffee to iced tea.

It has a wide design that allows you to carry thick shakes and smoothies. Therefore, if you are looking for a flexible travel coffee thermos, this one will easily do the trick.

18/8 Stainless Steel

The stainless steel that makes this mug is kitchen-grade, rust-proof, and durable. It’s BPA-free, functional, convenient, and it tightly locks your cold or hot beverages, ensuring that there aren’t any accidental spills. It’s also shatter-resistant and dishwasher-safe.

Double-Wall Vacuum Insulation

The Yeti tumbler comes with double-wall vacuum insulation, which means your drinks will be piping hot, or remain cold for longer. It maintains ice twice as long as plastic tumblers, and it works pretty well for hot drinks.

The insulation keeps all your beverages as cold as possible. It also keeps your hot beverages hot for hours.

No Sweat Design

The tumbler’s no-sweat design provides a secure grip without any condensation. It keeps your fingers dry, so you don’t need a coaster.

The durable coat of color does not peel, crack, or fade through prolonged field use, and it also provides extra grip to the exterior of the rambler.

#4. Thermos Stainless King 16oz Travel Mug With Handle

The Thermos King travel mug is among the best thermoses out there on the market. This coffee mug will keep your cold drinks cold for up to nine hours, and your hot drinks hot for around five hours.

Vacuum Insulation Technology

This 16oz thermos features a double-wall lining for maximum temperature retention, cold or hot. This unbreakable stainless steel coffee mug is cool to the touch with warm or hot beverages, and sweat-proof with the cold ones.

It also fits most car holders, which make it a perfect option for travel. Thermos vacuum insulation usually creates an airless area between two walls, which eliminates temperature change and the convection process. Your drink will remain steamy hot or icy cold, regardless of the forecast.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel makes a great tumbler. Function-wise, it is the best material for a suitable coffee thermos. It’s smooth, clean, aesthetically pleasing, won’t stain, and doesn’t trap weird tastes.

Stainless steel is also pretty easy to clean, and you should use some dish soap and warm water.

Leak-Proof Lid

While it’s pretty easy to spill coffee out of a regular coffee mug, the Thermos Stainless King has a 100% leak-proof sealing lid.

Not only does this mug retain cold and heat, but it also reduces any spillage. You can hold this tumbler upside down or shake it around, and it will not leak at all.

#5. Mighty Mug Go, Teal

The Mighty Mug Go is the first coffee mug that will not tip over if you unintentionally bump into it. It is the smartest beverage mug you can ever own. Built to prevent any spillages, it is also ideal for sailing through rough seas, travelling, and caravanning.

Smartgrip Technology

Smartgrip is a current, patented technology which prevents Mighty Mug Go from falling over when you knock it down, unintentionally. If you place it on a smooth, flat, and solid surface, the suction-style base will instantly grip, which prevents you from accidentally knocking over your favorite drink.

The Smartgrip base will only release its grip when you lift it straight upwards, while holding it beyond the wavy line.

Vacuum Sealed Insulation

Suitable for both hot and cold drinks, the Mighty Mug has a double-wall, copper-lined, and vacuum-sealed insulation, which keeps your beverages cold or hot for longer.

The fancy lid clicks wide open, and then shuts to prevent any leaks when you are carrying your coffee mug around.

BPA-Free Plastic

Mighty Mug is made with BPA-free plastic that’s treated with eco-friendly additives, which reduces the period in which it takes to decompose.

It is dishwasher safe, and pretty easy to disassemble for cleaning. However, it’s not suitable for use in a freezer or microwave.

All You Need to Know About Air Roasted Coffee

All You Need to Know About Air Roasted Coffee

Have you been yearning for air-roasted coffee and are curious about the processing methods? Hundreds of thousands of people across the globe drink coffee for the simple reason that it is quite delicious!

Today, we’re going to explain what air-roasted coffee is. [PS If you’re looking for a delicious coffee, check out our Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Guide – All You Need To Know!

So, what is air roasted coffee?

The term “air-roasted coffee” simply refers to the process by which coffee bean varieties have been prepared. As its name suggests, an even current of hot air is used to roast the beans.

Sometimes referred to as fluid bed roasting, air roasting techniques have the beans remain “fluid” inside the roaster as they are continuously rotated by hot air currents introduced beneath the coffee.

The even supply of hot air and constant movement of the beans allows for accurate roasting of the coffee. This modern technique, invented in the 1970s, is the excellent work of a famous coffee industry consultant and engineer Michael Sivetz.

Benefits of air roasting vs traditional roasting methods

Across the globe, only one percent of all the coffee beans harvested are air roasted. The rest are roasted using the traditional method, often known as drum roasting. In this section, we shall look at some of the benefits of air roasting vs conventional roasting methods. It includes the following:

Air roasted coffee boasts of unique and unmatched flavor

A drum roaster takes 20 or more minutes to bake a bunch of green coffee beans completely.

On an air roaster, a similar batch is roasted in less than eight minutes. It is worth noting that if green coffee beans are subjected to roasting temperatures for an extended time,  they ultimately lose their sweet aroma and flavors.

Traditional roasting traps and burns bean chaff

Traditional coffee roasting using a drum roaster burns much of the chaff from coffee beans. As the chaff is burnt, smoke is spread throughout the roast, causing an unpleasant burnt flavor.

It is easy to control or duplicate with air roasting

Everything is under control when air-roasting coffee beans. Gone are situations where you need to rely on color changes to stop roasting. Here, you know the exact air temperature for optimal and precise roasting.

Since the degree of roast is already known, it is quite easy to duplicate the next batch of roasting accurately.

Top three brands of air roasted coffee

Now that you know what is meant by the term air-roasted coffee, let us shift gears a little and look at some of the leading brands under this category. Notably, coffee enthusiasts applaud the following brands:

  • Ethiopian Kochere Gedeo Air-roasted Coffee
  • Air Roasted Whole Bean Teasia Coffee, Sulawesi Toraja
  • Mountain Boys Organic Fair Trade Coffee

Let’s look at each one in detail,

Ethiopian Kochere Gedeo Air-roasted Coffee

This is the world’s leading air roasted coffee brands. Airis Coffee Roasters roast it and the coffee beans are harvested from the Gedeo Zone – a region known for growing the best coffee in the globe.

The brand’s whole beans are blended with cherry flavors and blueberry hints, so users enjoy fruity aromas. The brightest, cleanest, and flavorful coffee is ideal for people seeking for medium acidity air-roasted coffee.

Air Roasted Whole Bean Teasia Coffee, Sulawesi Toraja

Teasia Toraja coffee is yet another popular air roasted coffee brand. Its whole beans are sourced from the island of Sulawesi – a high altitude region in Indonesia. It is baked to medium dark colors with undertones brooding fruit and cinnamon and dark chocolate flavors.

The beans are roasted in small batches, so it optimally develops the unique flavors and characteristics. They are then vacuum sealed within twenty-four hours to ensure maximum quality and freshness is preserved.

Mountain Boys Organic Fair Trade Coffee

If you are looking for a slightly acidic, earthy, and upper-crust air roasted coffee, then the third brand on our list may your preferred choice.

The brand is Fair Trade and Organic Certified. It is a blend of three coffee varieties from three continents. The product is medium roasted with a fruity aroma.

Kauai Coffee Guide – Best Brands, Beans, & Pricing

Kauai Coffee Guide – Best Brands, Beans, & Pricing

For more than a century, coffee has become an integral companion of many people’s morning routine. This can be attributed to its powerful, stimulating effect and tantalizing aroma.

Besides being an ideal morning routine for many people, coffee comes with a myriad of health benefits to the human body, especially the skin. If you want to be revitalized and have smooth skin the natural way, coffee comes in handy.

That being said, the market today is thronged with different coffee products. This makes it harder and harder to distinguish between quality and low grade coffee.

Grown in the natural habitats of Hawaii, Kauai coffee is one coffee brand that you can rely on to meet all your morning and healthy needs.

Top 5 Kauai Coffee Brands

History Of the Kauai Coffee Company

Considered the largest and most efficient coffee plantation in Hawaii, the Kauai Coffee Company has a rich history behind its success. Originally, the company was a sugar company known as McBryde, back in the 1800’s.

In 1987, the sugar fields were converted to a coffee plantation/estate. It then began to represent the largest and most diversified agricultural project in Hawaii for the past 50 years.

Today, the coffee plantation sits on 3,100 acres of land, and is considered to be the biggest coffee plantation, not only in the state of Hawaii, but in America as well.

In 1992, the plantation experienced a massive setback to the crop with Hurricane Iniki, which swept away over 8.5 million dollars worth of the crop and properties.

This was a severe setback that nearly tarnished the future of the Kauai Coffee company. However, they came back stronger than ever; in 1996, Kauai Coffee Company’s harvests massively exceeded other companies in the region, combined.

Keep in mind that Kauai Coffee Company seems to be the only Kauai coffee brand to sell it, hence, by default, making it the best Kauai coffee one can have!

Kauai Coffee Company’s Harvesting And Production Process

best kauai coffee

Apart from the climate and soil quality, there are many factors that determine the quality of coffee beans. A vast majority of the coffee plants grown at the Kauai Coffee plantation are of the varietal Yellow Catuai, also known as Brazilian seed.

This is a high quality coffee seed that is genetically engineered to bring the most nutrients out of the coffee plant. Other varieties on the farm include varietals Typica(Guatemalan seed), Mundo Novo( Central American seed), Blue Mountain (Jamaican seed) and Red Catuai (Brazilian seed).

With that in mind, Kauai coffee has massively invested in modern coffee production and processing for over a decade. The company has enlisted modern technology and techniques to ensure that the customer receives only the best quality coffee beans from their farms.

It’s for this reason that Kauai Coffee Company is the sole producer of more than half of the coffee consumed by customers in America.

To ensure that quality is maintained, a rigorous quality control process is undertaken from the time the crop blossoms, to when the end product is shipped to the stores. This can be said of very few coffee companies around the globe. Again, this all can be traced back to the Kauai coffee plantation.


The mountainous region of Hawaii is quite natural, with a serene climate that is perfect for coffee plant growing. Kauai coffee starts to blossom between February and March.

Just like any other fruit, coffee cherries delicately blossom with a beautiful fragrance. The coffee beans are the seeds found inside the cherry.


After blossoming, the fruits take around 5 months to ripen. Harvesting in Kauai usually takes place in the month of October. The harvesting period usually takes three to four months, and always ends in December.

Kauai coffee uses the latest and safest mechanical harvesting technology to harvest their coffee beans, which makes the load easier. This distinguishes Kauai Coffee from other coffee producing companies in the entire region.

The harvesting process on the farm is usually carried out 24 hours, around the clock, 7 days a week. The company only utilizes three shifts a week for the entire process.

This module is quite unique, which makes Kauai Coffee stand out from other coffee producing companies. Only the fields with maximum ripeness are selected for harvesting, due to the existence of numerous micro-climate conditions on the island.

Wet Processing At Kauai Coffee Company

book and coffee

The wet processing stage basically involves the separation of viable cherries from the bad ones, in three categories. At Kauai Coffee, the cherries harvested are quickly delivered to the wet processing plant, to avoid fermentation, and damage to the coffee cherries.

The cherries are then separated into three types, unlike most coffee processing companies. Other companies separate their cherries into only two types.

Kauai separates the coffee cherries depending on the level of maturity, i.e. ripe, natural, and immature. In order to determine how to categorize the coffee cherries, inherent differences in the densities of the cherries are noted.

This requires high end technology that Kauai Coffee has invested heavily on. These best of the best Kauai coffee beans are then graded into five categories at the wet processing plant.

Environmentally Friendly Practices to Grow Kauai Coffee Beans

One of the key aims of Kauai coffee is practicing sustainable farming that is environmentally friendly. Such is seen in their drip irrigation system, which is the largest drip irrigation in the world.

By utilizing drip irrigation, Kauai is committed to preserving water and minimizing soil irrigation in the same proportions. The irrigation process not only supplies the roots of the coffee plant with water, but also the much needed fertilizer.

The water used in wet processing is only used once, and is further treated before being used back on the farm for irrigation. Additionally, in a bid to mitigate soil erosion and surface runoff, Kauai Coffee Company has grown hedgerows along the edges of the farm.

These are contoured plantings and diversions that are very helpful in protecting the native plants in the surrounding forest. To top it all, the company utilizes modern cultivation techniques that reduce the use of herbicides on the farm by 75%.

By doing so, not only is the soil acidity level kept at par, but also the quality of the cherries are greatly improved.

Unlike many other plants, coffee plants are quite delicate to grow and maintain. It’s for this reason that utilizing modern techniques come in handy for maximizing productivity and quality.

With the current trend at Kauai Coffee Company, its only expected that the company will continue to spread its territories even wider in the coming years.