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What Is CoffeeCon?

What Is CoffeeCon?

CoffeeCon is the ultimate coffee experience for coffee enthusiasts. This event is held annually in different locations. The purpose of CoffeeCon is for coffee lovers to gain valuable knowledge and experience about the art of drinking coffee.

There are booths for sampling coffee, classes where people can learn about the different aspects of coffee, and lots of networking and socialization. CoffeeCon is also attended by the coffee industry’s companies and personnel. Today on Jiale Coffee, we will be digging further into… CoffeeCon!

How CoffeeCon Was Created

CoffeeCon was started in 2012 by Kevin Sinnott. He came up with the idea after deciding to introduce his new book (about coffee) at a live event.

He figured this would be a great way to get publicity, and for people to enjoy their coffee. Sinnott’s actions proved to be right. The first CoffeeCon was a big hit, and it then became an annual event.

CoffeeCon started off in Warrenville, Illinois and eventually made it to bigger cities and settings. Chicago, Los Angeles and New York City were among the biggest venues for this event.

CoffeeCon is such a big hit, because there are thousands of coffee drinkers who cannot get enough of this time-honored beverage.

What Happens During CoffeeCon?

One of the best things that people like about CoffeeCon are the free classes and free coffee provided. There are a wide variety of classes that show coffee lovers the proper grinding methods, and how they can make the best cup of Joe using various brewing styles.

They also explain the different varieties of coffee, and have roasting demos. Some classes will even teach attendees how to select the best type of coffee beans to get the best flavored beverage. There is a lot to learn and discover at this event.

Commercial coffee companies and cafés have been known to participate in these events. They will bring their products for people to sample, and even purchase.

Some coffee companies and restaurants will even hire people on the spot to work at their establishments.

Another big draw to CoffeeCon is the networking that takes place at this event. People who sell coffee from different businesses can get together to check out the competition, or to collaborate on a particular type of coffee drink or brewing method.

Coffee enthusiasts can find coffee lovers like themselves, and form clubs or associations. Some people go to make friends to hang out with, just to drink coffee. Other people attend to discover the best places to get coffee beans or drinks.

The Future Of CoffeeCon

CoffeeCon has grown in size and popularity, and some international companies even fly in for the event. Sponsors always try and help to make the event larger.

Still, the goal of CoffeeCon is not for the coffee companies, restaurants, or shops; it’s for the average person who likes coffee. While event sponsors are necessary and appreciated, they cannot take over CoffeeCon.

The average coffee lover just wants to ensure that the event is all about them, and their simple love for this great drink.

CoffeeCon is expected to grow in size in the future, since more people are finding out that there is an annual gathering for coffee consumers.

3 Tips For Choosing The Best Coffee Scale

3 Tips For Choosing The Best Coffee Scale

As far back as some people may remember, the smell of coffee brewing in the morning usually meant that it was time to wake up. Some of the family prepared for school, while others were getting ready for a hard day at work. For an interesting read, check out our best Turkish sand coffee makers recommendation here.

In either case, a good cup of coffee was considered to be a great start to a productive day. However, before the family member that made the coffee could get it just right, they had to do their morning ritual.

In fact, one of the most important parts of mixing the perfect brew was to measure the coffee beans on a coffee scale. By using the proper measurements to weigh the coffee beans and water, the cup that was made could be the same every time.

Having said this, here are 3 things that you need to know about the coffee scale, and how it relates to making your next investment.

1. Choosing The Right Coffee Scale

Choosing the right coffee scale does not have to be difficult, if you know exactly what you should be looking for. For instance, many of the top choices on the market today are those that are designed with some of the latest digital features.

Also, for those of you who want the best, you should be shopping for coffee scales that are easy to use, have an auto power off function, a timer to give the user complete control, is lightweight, and precise in its measurements.

2. What Are Coffee Scales Used For?

Coffee scales are used for a number of different reasons. These scales are usually used by people who are serious about their brews.

Therefore, when people are buying a coffee scale, they are usually looking to measure the mixtures with a certain amount of accuracy.

Accuracy will give the user the capability of finding the right ratio between the water that they pour, and the ground coffee beans. They will have a system that helps to make the perfect flavor.

These scales are mainly used for consistency. Simply put, the scales that people use to measure their coffee beans will help them to repeat the same flavor and consistency.

It is also important to note that these scales are designed to reduce waste. Coffee is expensive when you are buying it from the store on a regular basis. Some of these brews are also more expensive than others too.

Therefore, consumers do not want to waste what they have spent their hard earned money on. It is also important to note that these consumers like to buy these scales for experimentation.

For instance, some people like to use their coffee scales for other reasons too. One of the most beneficial is being able to experiment.

This type of experimentation gives them the freedom to be creative, while they can also duplicate the same flavors.

3. How To Pick The Best Scale

When you are picking a coffee scale, you need to be able to choose one from the other. To pick the best ones, you should be looking for those that consumers are reviewing that will provide you with the best options.

For instance, when you find the best ones, you will find that they are much easier to clean, have an easy to read LED display, are inexpensive, compact in size, durable, and are precise for measuring.

They should also come with a good warranty, a large coffee bean weighing container, and have a prolonged battery life.

5 Best Thermoses for Coffee Buying Guide – Keep Your Coffee Piping HOT!

5 Best Thermoses for Coffee Buying Guide – Keep Your Coffee Piping HOT!

Coffee thermoses are incredibly essential for people who enjoy outdoor activities like camping and hiking, or for those who enjoy good coffee as they travel. With that in mind, investing in a suitable thermos can make your life easier.

Regardless of the qualities that you are looking for in a coffee thermos (small coffee thermos?  large coffee thermos?), here are some of the best coffee thermoses you will find on the market.

5 Best Coffee Thermoses for Keeping Coffee Sizzling HOOOTTT:

#1. Contigo Stainless Steel Travel Mug

If you are looking for a leak-proof, and small travel mug that can keep your beverages hot for many hours, then the Contigo stainless steel mug is a great option.

Vacuum Insulation

In addition to hot beverages like tea or coffee, this vacuum-insulated coffee mug will keep your drink cold for a maximum of 18 hours, contingent on whether you purchase the 20 or 12 ounce version. The coffee mug also fits in many traditional cup holders.

Elegant Lid Technology

Unlike other travel coffee mugs that have sliding lids that are prone to leaks from time to time, the Contigo thermos lid comes with a push-button that easily opens the vacuum seal whenever you want to drink, and then closes once you release the push button.


The Contigo coffee thermos can keep your beverages hot for approximately seven hours, and cold drinks at low temperature for around 18 hours. Again, with the elegant lid technology, it’s pretty easy to clean. The fancy lid can go on the top rack in your dishwasher, while the thermos itself must be cleaned by hand.

You can also select between seven unique colors, so everybody in your family can keep their coffee mug straight.

#2. Zojirushi SM-KHE48AG Stainless Steel Mug, 16oz (Smoky Blue)

While many coffee mugs work pretty well for cold or hot beverages, they are usually better at one or the other in various aspects. That’s not the case with this coffee thermos from Zojirushi.

This stainless steel mug will keep your drinks cold or hot for six hours, which gives you plenty of time to finish your morning coffee, whether it’s iced or hot.

Compact Design

The Zojirushi mug has a compact design that takes up a small area, while maximizing capacity. The mouth of this mug is pretty wide, meaning that it can accommodate full-sized ice cubes if you love using travel mugs to keep your beverages cold.

The compact footprint of the mug is ideal for people with limited luggage or backpack space.

Flip-Top Cap

The Zojirushi coffee mug outsmarts other similar products, due to its overall design and easy drinking. The flip-top cap not only keeps your mug from leaking, but it also keeps the drinking nozzle clean and protected. The cap also comes with a lock to prevent it from spilling in your bag.

18/8 Stainless Steel

Just like other top coffee mugs, the Zojirushi SM-KHE48AG mug is made of kitchen-grade 18/8 stainless steel to ensure maximum hygiene, but the rest of the components are normally made of BPA-free plastic.

#3. YETI Rambler 20oz Stainless Steel

This YETI tumbler is a favorite among many customers, and most users love it because of what it can do. It can carry almost anything, from water to coffee to iced tea.

It has a wide design that allows you to carry thick shakes and smoothies. Therefore, if you are looking for a flexible travel coffee thermos, this one will easily do the trick.

18/8 Stainless Steel

The stainless steel that makes this mug is kitchen-grade, rust-proof, and durable. It’s BPA-free, functional, convenient, and it tightly locks your cold or hot beverages, ensuring that there aren’t any accidental spills. It’s also shatter-resistant and dishwasher-safe.

Double-Wall Vacuum Insulation

The Yeti tumbler comes with double-wall vacuum insulation, which means your drinks will be piping hot, or remain cold for longer. It maintains ice twice as long as plastic tumblers, and it works pretty well for hot drinks.

The insulation keeps all your beverages as cold as possible. It also keeps your hot beverages hot for hours.

No Sweat Design

The tumbler’s no-sweat design provides a secure grip without any condensation. It keeps your fingers dry, so you don’t need a coaster.

The durable coat of color does not peel, crack, or fade through prolonged field use, and it also provides extra grip to the exterior of the rambler.

#4. Thermos Stainless King 16oz Travel Mug With Handle

The Thermos King travel mug is among the best thermoses out there on the market. This coffee mug will keep your cold drinks cold for up to nine hours, and your hot drinks hot for around five hours.

Vacuum Insulation Technology

This 16oz thermos features a double-wall lining for maximum temperature retention, cold or hot. This unbreakable stainless steel coffee mug is cool to the touch with warm or hot beverages, and sweat-proof with the cold ones.

It also fits most car holders, which make it a perfect option for travel. Thermos vacuum insulation usually creates an airless area between two walls, which eliminates temperature change and the convection process. Your drink will remain steamy hot or icy cold, regardless of the forecast.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel makes a great tumbler. Function-wise, it is the best material for a suitable coffee thermos. It’s smooth, clean, aesthetically pleasing, won’t stain, and doesn’t trap weird tastes.

Stainless steel is also pretty easy to clean, and you should use some dish soap and warm water.

Leak-Proof Lid

While it’s pretty easy to spill coffee out of a regular coffee mug, the Thermos Stainless King has a 100% leak-proof sealing lid.

Not only does this mug retain cold and heat, but it also reduces any spillage. You can hold this tumbler upside down or shake it around, and it will not leak at all.

#5. Mighty Mug Go, Teal

The Mighty Mug Go is the first coffee mug that will not tip over if you unintentionally bump into it. It is the smartest beverage mug you can ever own. Built to prevent any spillages, it is also ideal for sailing through rough seas, travelling, and caravanning.

Smartgrip Technology

Smartgrip is a current, patented technology which prevents Mighty Mug Go from falling over when you knock it down, unintentionally. If you place it on a smooth, flat, and solid surface, the suction-style base will instantly grip, which prevents you from accidentally knocking over your favorite drink.

The Smartgrip base will only release its grip when you lift it straight upwards, while holding it beyond the wavy line.

Vacuum Sealed Insulation

Suitable for both hot and cold drinks, the Mighty Mug has a double-wall, copper-lined, and vacuum-sealed insulation, which keeps your beverages cold or hot for longer.

The fancy lid clicks wide open, and then shuts to prevent any leaks when you are carrying your coffee mug around.

BPA-Free Plastic

Mighty Mug is made with BPA-free plastic that’s treated with eco-friendly additives, which reduces the period in which it takes to decompose.

It is dishwasher safe, and pretty easy to disassemble for cleaning. However, it’s not suitable for use in a freezer or microwave.