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Florestal Coffee Candy To Pair With Your Coffee?

Florestal Coffee Candy To Pair With Your Coffee?

Florestal is an online company that specializes in different types of candy and chocolates. The company site is detailed in the form of a blog, which provides information about their products in a friendly manner. The company lends out important information, and there is the ability to contact customer service for more information. With their navigation links, they invite you to take a look at all of their candy.

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What Makes Florestral Coffee Candy Special?

Today, we will be talking about Florestal’s authentic Brazilian coffee-flavored hard candies. It is one of the top rated coffee-flavored candies on the market, rated between 4.5 out of 5.0 stars from various reviews. Their Brazilian coffee candy is a best-selling product.

Florestal coffee candy is gluten free and made with real coffee. This makes it the perfect, tasty snack for almost all coffee lovers. It is a hard candy treat, and its ingredients include sugar, Brazilian coffee, corn syrup, butter, cocoa butter, salt, caramel color, soy lecithin, and additional coffee flavoring. If you have allergies to any of these components, you should avoid this product.

If you want to know just how much coffee these little morsels contain, the company claims that six to seven pieces equals one cup of coffee. One candy contains 20-25 mg of caffeine alone.

These are the nutrition facts for four pieces of the coffee candy: 57 calories, 9 grams of sugar, 1 gram of fat, 4 mg of cholesterol, and 13 grams of carbs.

Buy A Pack Today!

If you enjoy a good cup of coffee and also have a sweet tooth, or you’re just looking for a burst of caffeine on the go, Florestal coffee candy is a great treat. It has a light taste of coffee without making you jittery, if you eat just a couple, especially for those of you who are sensitive to caffeine.

It is a great purchase for either a gift, or for personal use. As Florestal states on their website, you can enjoy your coffee break everywhere! Just pop a candy in, and everything you do will be more enjoyable!

Feature Highlight Coffee – Lettieri & Co.

Feature Highlight Coffee – Lettieri & Co.

Coffee is an everyday necessity for many people around the world when they wake up. Sometimes, when we don’t have time to brew our coffee at home, due to timing, we decide to pick up a cup from somewhere else.

During the morning rush that you go through today, have you ever really considered how companies make your coffee, or what work they have put into the coffee for quality? Here’s one of those companies.

History Of Lettieri & Co.

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In 1973, Francesco Lettieri opened his first small shop called “Mr. Submarine” in San Francisco. His start was making sandwiches for customers, which then gained popularity, due to the quality put into his food.

After opening an expansion of shops, Lettieri sold the chain and officially opened up Lettieri & Co. in 1988. Presently, the company offers a lot more than just sandwiches.

Lettieri also offers groceries such as baked goods, pasta, pasta sauces, fish, condiments, frozen desserts and pizzas. They distribute bulk foods for their retail customers, and they also have brands of wines and spirits.

This company imports and distributes these items for retailer food services, and exceptional quality is guaranteed because they create everything they sell from their own line of house brands. Lettieri & Co. believes in providing education about their products for their customers as well. They want their customers to have knowledge of what a retailer is selling.

Lettieri & Co. is made with 100% Arabica Brazilian coffee beans, so while it is an ‘Italian’ branded coffee, the sourcing of beans is from Brazil.  Does that make it a coffee brand from Brazil!? You decide!

What About Kimbo Espresso by Lettieri & Co?

Kimbo Espresso, founded and sold by Lettieri & Co., is an Italian coffee that can be brewed in all coffee makers at home. When bought in bulk, it can be brewed by coffee retailers for their customers.

Other than being purchased in bulk, Kimbo coffee can be purchased in a tin that is 100% organic. With as much product as this company offers for sale, you’d be able to, for example, pair a cup of their espresso with their Borggreve Butter Stabchen cookies!


Quality coffee is more than just a hot, caffeinated beverage, or a brand name. The best coffee can be found and purchased from companies such as Lettieri & Co., who put time and effort into their line of coffee.

Any company who is knowledgeable about the products they distribute, as a result of traveling to destinations that these products originate from, is proof that they are dedicated to their customers.

Quality of coffee isn’t just physical, and that’s why Lettieri & Co.’s Kimbo coffee is highly recommended. You can also buy treats from them for the perfect pairing!

Discovering Lavazza Coffee – Affordability and Taste Blended Well?

Discovering Lavazza Coffee – Affordability and Taste Blended Well?

Coffee is more than just a beverage, it’s a way of life for many. It’s also a conversation topic that breaks barriers and unites those who enjoy it.

Lavazza has been making memories since 1895, and as one of the finest coffee companies, has been making each cup more flavorful than the last.  Lavazzo is a delicious Brazilian brand of coffee that any coffee lover should enjoy.

How Lavazza Came To Be

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Lavazza coffee was born when Luigi Lavazza opened his first shop in 1895. Located in via San Tommaso, Turin, he took his innovation and curiosity to new levels. After discovering the different origins and flavors of the coffee plant, he began to craft the blends and styles that his customers would come to love.

Lavazza Blends And Ideas

Lavazza coffee would grow into the coffee that we all know and love, after a trip to Brazil helped Luigi Lavazza discover the flavorful powers behind blending different coffees from different regions. With this idea and practice in hand, he began to carefully craft new blends, meeting all of the flavor components that one would expect in a great cup of coffee.

Growth And Expansion of Lavazza Coffee Brand

Over the years, Lavazza would expand from a small shop into a huge operation. New styles and blends would be created while employing women and others who needed it most in the early days of the mid-twentieth century.

The brand would create new packaging, allowing larger packages to be sold, while still staying fresh. When they first vacuum sealed their coffee tin in 1950, the brand would be one of the first to offer such fresh coffee at prices that families could afford.

This practice continues into the present with the air sealed Lavazza packaging and tins. Lavazza grew several branches over the years, and would even branch into drinkware and other interesting ventures, all while growing and creating the finest coffee.


Lavazza has continued to grow and please customers all over the world. Offering a variety of different flavors and styles, there’s a Lavazza coffee product for anyone who loves a good cup of coffee in the morning.

The company has made many advances in the way we enjoy their coffee. From a small shop in 1895, to the sophisticated, delicious offerings we know today, Lavazza has over 100 years of pleasing people who love coffee. They love the coffee they produce, and they know that you will love it too.