Dark Horse Roasters – Normal Heights

Dark Horse Roasters - Normal Heights

Dark Horse Coffee Roasters is a multifaceted coffee shop and cafe. Founded and owned by brothers Bryan, Daniel, and Randy Charlson in 2013, Dark Horse is a fairly fresh face on the scene. It has four locations throughout the San Diego area and is gradually expanding further.

There is a reason that Dark Horse has “Roasters” in its name, rather than “shop” or “cafe,” and that is because they do so much more than serve coffee.  A single visit to their website will show you that the Dark Horse business expands into broad territory.

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Dark Horse Coffee Subscription

Naturally, they sell their coffee blends online, but they also offer a coffee subscription service that is similar to Amazon. You can ensure that you’ll never run out of coffee at home, and rarely have to think about it. If you don’t have the ability to create quality brews at home, Dark Horse has your back in that area as well.

Their sales also include French presses, coffee drippers, filters, cups and mugs, and a unique form of creating beverages if none of these latter methods are for you. 

Steeped Coffee Bags to Record Label

Dark Horse Coffee Roasters offer two of their blends, Fruit Party and Odd Harmonics, in the form of Steeped Coffee Packs. Just heat yourself a cup of water and steep the bags in the same way you would tea. Of course, Dark Horse is steeped into even further business than this.

At this time, they have their own record label, Dark Horse Coffee Records, currently touting the debut album of the band “The Petty Saints.”  While it seems, Dark Horse has their hands in every coffee related thing in the world, they actually get their coffee beans from all over the world.

Using Beans from All Over the World

Their single origin coffee roasts feature honest names, branded with the origin of their growth, such as Ethiopia, Guatemala, Brazil, and more. Once Dark Horse has the beans, they locally roast them with their 35 Kilo Loring roaster and craft their products. 

Recently labeled by “Best Things California” as one of the top ten “best spots for iced coffee in California,” you can walk into one of their stores, such as the original location in Normal Heights, and try a variety of products.

Dark Horse Offers Food & Drink

Their beverage menu features drinks such as tea, cortados, cappuccinos, mochas, and of course cold brew and iced coffee. Dark Horse also mixes things up a bit by putting occasional drinks beyond coffee on nitro, such as matcha tea.

If you’re in the mood for something to eat, they also serve pastries, donuts, ice cream, fruit cups and granola bowls, oatmeal, quiche, and various sandwiches. 

Dark Horse Roasters has a Strong Branding Presence

Whether you are a business partnered with Dark Horse to receive or sell their coffee, subscribed to receiving it at your home, or swinging by one of their cafe locations, it is visually noticeable that you are receiving a product of their due to their original company branding and logo that is their horse headed man in a suit.

Illustrations of the Dark Horse mascot are brandished on all of their drink wear and even the clothing that they sell. It is easy to tell when you are in the presence of Dark Horse Coffee Roasters’ products.


3260 Adams Ave San Diego, CA