Additional List of Brazilian Coffee Companies You Will LOVE!

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Just imagine, waking up in the morning and serving yourself up a nice hot cup of coffee. For those sleepy and slow starting folks, there’s usually nothing else better than starting your day off with a wonderfully brewed mug of sweet Brazilian coffee. Yes, we discussed the best brazilian coffee brands in an earlier article… but we are here to discuss a handful of MORE delicious Brazilian coffee brands that you should try today.

In Case You Didn’t Know…

Plenty of people probably cringe in disgust at the thought of drinking a cup of Brazilian coffee. Yes, unfortunate as it might be, it is true that Brazilian coffee receives a bit of a bad reputation among coffee lovers of the world.

Brazil produces the largest amount of coffee worldwide, yet isn’t really regarded as having a taste that wows the palate. As a whole, it is usually regarded as a vast amount of dime-a-dozen brands that don’t offer much in the way of flavor.

Despite all of this, the assumption that all Brazilian coffee is generic, cookie-cutter coffee is very wrong. As previously mentioned, it has a tendency to be sweeter than other types. The elevation at which the beans grow range from around 2,000 to 4,000 feet, about 1,000 feet lower than the usual altitude for coffee plant growing.

This lowered height for growth gives the coffee beans their characteristic sweet, chocolately, nutty taste. And while most Brazilian coffee is made for quick, commercial, and on-the-go purposes, there are higher quality beans with a soft, slightly acidic taste to accompany the nutty, chocolate flavor.

Brazil has a long-standing tradition of over 150 years of growing the majority of the world’s coffee. To be more specific, over 40 percent of all coffee on earth is, in fact, Brazilian. Along with Ethiopia, Brazil is one of one of the leading consumers of the beverage.

The country produces both Arabica (which can go anywhere from sweet-soft to sharp-tangy) and Robusta (which has a more course, oatmeal taste). The beans are mostly grown in the southeastern states of Minas Gerais, Sao Paulo, and Parana.

Because coffee is a major agricultural crop, and thus a large source of the country’s revenue, the beans tend to be mechanically picked in vast quantities, meaning the cherries may be unripened. This leads to Brazilian coffee’s reputation for being somewhat lacking in comparison to other types.

4 Additional Brazilian Coffees To Try…

However, some of the best coffee brands, enjoyed by coffee connoisseurs and casuals alike, are indeed Brazilian. They exist as proof that the beans grown in this country can, and do indeed produce well-rounded, flavorful coffees. Here are some of the best.


Founded in 1933 by Francesco Illy in Trieste, Italy, this coffee is a blend of nine different high-order types of Arabica beans from across six different countries; Brazil, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Colombia, Costa Rica, and India.

Their specialty is espresso, and their particular blend is offered in three different variations; normal, dark roast, and decaffeinated.

The Illy brand of coffee is known for its distinctive, well-balanced flavors of caramel and chocolate, with hints of floral fruitiness. The coffee is incredibly well blended, and kept fresh by pressurized packaging.

Tres Pontas

This brand of coffee has been grown near its namesake town of Tres Pontas, by the Reis family, for over 100 years. The Reis family farm is actually located in southern Minas Gerais, and is a region renowned for producing the best Brazilian coffee.

The Tres Pontas brand is made using nothing but 100% Brazilian Arabica beans, and is also single sourced from the Garcia Reis Farm to keep costs for consumers low.

Unlike certain other beans that come from Brazil, this brand is hand harvested and pulped, meaning that the fruit is kept on the seed during the drying process.

Culinary Coffee Roasters Brazil Cerrado

This blend of coffee is from a southern Florida company called Culinary Coffee Roasters, and is made of 100% Arabica beans, grown in the Cerrado Hills area, which are then shipped to the Sunshine State for roasting.

The coffee is slow roasted and strong, with a nutty, fruity taste. This blend can be sent almost anywhere in a manner of days when ordered online, and is guaranteed to stay fresher for longer, due to the company’s management of their product.

Brazil Minas Naturais

The Brazil Minas Naturais brand began in 1966 when Alfred Peet opened his first shop in Berkley, California on Vine and Walnut Street. The beans themselves are from the Minas Gerais region, and are 100% Arabica.

These coffee beans are dried by the sun, with the fruit still attached. This coffee is hand roasted and possesses a smooth, sun-dried flavor, with a hint of hazelnut.


Brazilian coffees have come far in recent years. There was once a time where practically every bean in Brazil may have been mass produced and shoved into a tin can, but there is now plenty of quality products to choose from.

There is no such a thing as Brazilian coffee being only one-note and a bit bland anymore. Just as you might explore a previously unknown trail, it’s time to get to know the classier, gourmet brands of Brazilian coffee.