Other Hawaiian Coffees vs Kauai Coffee

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The Kauai coffee brand is among the biggest and best known coffee brands in the state of Hawaii. This particular blend is grown exclusively on a coffee farm in Kauai.

Keep in mind that Hawaiian coffee culture has been around for hundreds of years. It is the only place in the United States that grows its own version of coffee. All other states import this product, or buy it wholesale from suppliers.

When it comes to comparing the taste of Kauai coffee to other Hawaiian brands, this coffee flavor has some major competition.

Let’s explore the taste of Kauai coffee, and see how it does when compared to other Hawaiian styled coffee flavors.

Taste Profile of the Kauai Coffee

Kauai coffee is a basic, low acid coffee blend, producing a smoother flavor. Once a person takes a sip of Kauai coffee, they’ll immediately know how mild the drink is.

Keep in mind that there are 5 different versions of Kauai coffee. The best of these five is the Jamaican Blue version of Kauai.

This particular blend is full of flavor, has low acidity, and is very aromatic. Many people who drink Kauai coffee know that it delivers a great tasting product that can be consumed with, or without sugar and other condiments.

Kauai Coffee Vs Kona Coffee

When it comes to coffee on the Hawaiian islands, Kona is a highly rated blend. Kona has a staunch reputation in Hawaii for being the best out of all coffee flavors that are produced in the state.

This coffee is produced in the rich volcanic soil of an active volcano. It has a bolder flavor, and very sophisticated taste. It also has more acid, and has a richer taste than Kauai.

This type of coffee is not for people with sensitive stomachs. Still, it is frequently consumed by many coffee drinkers in Hawaii. Kona’s flavor is bolder than Kauai’s, and provides more of a caffeinated punch.

Kauai would win because of its low acidic content, and its smooth flavor. Kona might provide way more flavor, but Kauai has a more sophisticated taste.

Also, the taste of Kauai is very consistent, unlike Kona. Remember that Kauai is only grown in one area, but Kona’s growth is widespread on Hawaii’s main island. This causes it to taste different at different times.

Kauai Coffee Vs Molokai Coffee

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Molokai is another major coffee brand that is grown on the Hawaiian island of Molokai. This particular coffee is not as popular as Kauai or Kona.

However, many people in Hawaii (and in the states) enjoy this coffee version. Molokai taste is fairly smooth for its darker blends, and its medium blends have a higher acidic content.

This coffee’s taste is not harsh, so it will go down smooth, but it is not as flavorful as Kauai. Still, the taste of Molokai is very satisfying.

Ultimately, Kauai would win between the two, because it provides a more distinctive flavor that is hard to deny.

Kauai Coffee vs. Oahu Coffee

Oahu coffee is produced on the Waialua Estate in Oahu. This style of coffee is full of flavor, and it is very easy on a person’s stomach. It also has a hint of chocolate and other flavorings.

Oahu coffee is sold in different varieties, and the acid content is low. This style of coffee is appreciated because of its different taste and flavor, but it doesn’t have the same basic coffee taste like Kauai.

While Oahu coffees are big on flavor and easy on the stomach, Kauai coffees are just more natural tasting. If you just want the basics, with low acidity and a smooth taste, Kauai is the winner here.

Other regions in Hawaii produce coffee as well. They include Kau, Puna, and Hamakua. All of these coffee growing regions make original coffee blends, but they still have a hard time competing with Kauai’s distinctive brand.

Kauai is highly rated, because the flavor is good, and it is a smooth coffee for drinkers to consume. Once again, Kauai is not considered Hawaii’s best, but it is highly rated among Hawaiian coffee drinkers in the state, and around the world.