What Is Turkish Sand Coffee?!

What Is Turkish Sand Coffee?!

Turkish coffee was first discovered, or rather noticed, during the Ottoman Empire, between the 13th and 14th centuries. It, however, did not hold the same popularity that it has today.

Back then, original Turkish coffee was regarded as a drug, which under the law of both the Sultan and Quran, was prohibited. It was only later on, after people could not have enough of the coffee, that the Sultan made it legal.

Any coffee bean and variety of coffee can make Turkish coffee. The only difference is the technique of brewing. Unlike with other coffee cups, Turkish coffee includes the ground beans, which most strain out.

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The powdered beans are added to boiling water, and milk if needed. They are then left to settle at the bottom of the cup. This is what makes Turkish coffee both thicker and stronger than most coffees.

What Is Turkish Sand Coffee And How Does It Work?

Turkish sand coffee is Turkish coffee made in a special way, which as you guessed, involves sand. Turkish coffee is traditionally made using a special pot called a ‘cezve’ or ‘ibrik.’

In normal Turkish coffee brewing, the cezve is directly placed over an open fire and brought to a boil. In the Turkish sand coffee, sand is placed in a cooking pan and heated. The sand acts as a heat regulator.

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When the cezve sits in the sand, they are regularly heated. The deeper the cezve goes into the sand, the hotter it gets. Turkish sand coffee is baked, rather than boiled.

Is Turkish Sand Coffee Better Than Traditional Turkish Coffee?

Regarding aroma and freshness, Turkish sand coffee is better than the original brew. Given the fact that the ground coffee beans are left to sit in the coffee cup, the aroma is automatically stronger.

The freshness factor comes in when you grind your beans instead of buying already packaged coffee powder. It is assumed that commercial and bulk coffee bean packaging does not pay enough attention to the quality of the coffee beans.

However, when you grind the coffee by yourself, you can sort through the beans, only picking the ones that are in good condition.

For people who do not like the strong, and sometimes bitter taste of coffee, the Turkish sand coffee might be too bitter. Most Turkish sand coffee brewers prefer to add spices, such as cardamom, and maybe even sweeten and cream each cup.

Are There Machines Available For Making Turkish Sand Coffee?

When you do not have sand and a pan in your house, but you still want to make Turkish sand coffee, you can invest in one of a few machines.

Although there are not many machines that can perform the art of sand coffee making, there are at least a few available options.

One common one is the Copper Sand Brewer Machine. Since this technique is mostly traditional, it majorly occurs in areas where sand is readily available, and easy to find.


Turkish sand coffee is a special coffee brewing method that brings out a rich, thick, and deeper taste to the original Turkish coffee.

Turkish Sand coffee brewing gives the coffee a longer time in the heat, therefore allowing for better preparation. This coffee is better for some people, compared to mainstream brewed coffee.

Others find the taste a little too bitter. However, it remains as a technique that everyone should try at least once in their lives.

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