2 Yummy Options For Decaffeinated Coffee Brands

Coffee is undeniably one of the oldest drinks in humankind’s history. Hundreds of thousands of people globally enjoy this drink because of its satisfying and bold taste. However, in an equal measure, some people have trouble drinking it because of the caffeine content in the beans.

Over the years, thanks to science and technology, everyone can now happily enjoy a cup of coffee with no worries about the caffeine content. It is what is popularly known as decaf coffee. Depending on the technique used to extract the caffeine from the beans, decaffeinated coffee can have anywhere from .1% to 3% caffeine levels. It, therefore, implies that no decaf coffee is 100% free of caffeine. Let’s now talk about preferred brands!

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If your concern is to get a decaf coffee with superior taste and lower levels of caffeine, then this article is vital for you. It unveils a list of top two and best-decaffeinated coffee brands for your consideration. It includes the following:

  • No Fun Jo Decaf
  • Kicking Horse Coffee Decaf

Let us now discuss each brand in detail:

#1. No Fun Jo

Coffee enthusiasts looking for a brand that has 100% Arabica coffee beans boasting of smooth  and bold taste should settle for nothing less than No Fun Jo. This brand is also 100% organic with no traces of GMOs. The blend is all-natural and has no flavors, and so its taste is excellent.

The chemical-free product has notes of milk and blueberry chocolate. No Fun Jo is Organic USDA Proficient, Fair Trade Licensed, Kosher Certified Coffee, and Swiss Water Process Proficient. This decaf coffee is a wonderful option for anyone seeking to enjoy the taste of a drink that is low in acidity.

#2. Kicking Horse Coffee

If you are the lot that loves dark-roasted coffee beans, then you understand how rare it is to find a decaffeinated variety that has a deep and rich flavor.

Our third brand not only meets the specs here mentioned, but it is also manufactured with the popular Swiss Water Process. Kicking Horse Coffee’s beans are sourced from Central and South America, and it is certified by all the international relevant bodies – kosher, organic, and fair trade –just to name a few.

The best decaf coffee in the market boasts of a delightful aroma of nuttiness and chocolate. The bold coffee is ideal for users who love the taste and feel of dark roast varieties.

A preview on the general benefits of decaf coffee

Now you know some of the best decaf brands on the market for your consideration. Before ending this article, it is important that our readers know one or two benefits of drinking decaffeinated coffee.

Unlike the typical coffee, decaf ones have plenty of benefits, which include:

  • It still contains reasonable amounts of antioxidants – hydrocinnamic and polyphenols acids, which play a vital role in the body.
  • Decaf coffee has lots of additional nutrients like vitamin B3, magnesium, and potassium –which is notably absent in the caffeinated coffee.
  • Some studies have shown that decaf coffee can help prevent the development of diseases like type II diabetes, cancers, and heart diseases among others