40 Lbs Coffee Bar – Portland OR

40 LB Coffee Bar

40 LBS Coffee Bar is a coffee shop and cafe located in Portland, Oregon. Situated in the 2&Taylor complex, the cafe inhabits a twelve hundred square foot space where it does everything to the best capacity it can.

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From Software Engineer to Coffee Shop Owner

Founded in 2016, owner and founder Tuyen Phan set out to fill the void of what he felt was missing in the local business area, where he had formerly worked as a software engineer.

When he began to pursue this endeavor, he started working for coffee shops around Portland and learned everything he could. As a result, 40 LBS Coffee Bar is in essence as purveyor of what Phan deems the best of the best.

Serving Locally Sourced Beans

The coffee is provided by Stumptown Coffee Roasters, the most widely renown coffee shop from Portland. The roasts aren’t fashioned into anything particularly exotic, but the methods and standards are quality.

The Menu is Traditional

Espressos, macchiatos, lattes, mochas, cappuccinos, cortados, and americanos make up the traditional beverages, and black coffee can be purchased in either drip or pour over styles.

Syrups are provided by Holy Kakow, with options like pumpkin spice, chocolate, merry mint, lavender, cardamom, and more, that can elevate the flavors of any beverage.

Also Offering Cold Brew & Kombucha

Chai, hot cocoa, matcha, london fogs, and tea from Steven Smith are also on-hand, but the standout beverages come from the tap. Cold brew of normal and nitro sorts, as well as Brew Dr. kombucha and chai nitro tea are available from tap, served either to go, or in goblets that display the thick, creamy textures.

The Food and Desserts are High Quality

Just like their beverages, 40 LBS sources their food from respected local businesses. There are bagels from Spielman Bagels, and desserts such as cakes, cookies, bars, and more from Roman Candle. Everything served at 40 LBS is of high quality and served within an environment that strives to be the same.

The Decor is Unique and Inviting

The gigantic space is made up of tan-gray stucco walls that have art painted directly onto them. One wall features a large bridge, and in a corner, there is a humongous, multiple wall-spanning, red and white complex, which stands out with color amongst the otherwise gray interior.

There are small, round glass tables and metal chairs throughout, but above the longer wooden table is a coffee molecule shaped light fixture.  Whatever a person desires out of a cafe, 40 LBS Coffee Bar desires to offer it, and in the best form that they can find.


824 SW 2nd Ave, Portland, Oregon, 97204.