6 Incredible Health Benefits Of Coffee!

Grabbing that cup of coffee in the morning offers more benefits to your health and wellness than anyone could have imagined. It has steadily been proven to limit, reduce, and eradicate more than a fair share of major disease, illness, and disorders.

Three pleasant side effects are an overall feeling of happiness, more energy, and a more alert mentality. Now THAT is a great way to start your day!

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Brain Health

Healthy systems with coffee

Science Daily reported in a 2012 study that moderate drinking of coffee not only reduced the risk factors for Parkinson’s Disease, but actually showed a reduction in motion problems with those already suffering with it.

This was the first test performed on human subjects and it showed a significantly positive result. It has been determined that coffee reduces the risk and delays onset for up to four years.

Concentration and focus are honed with mild to moderate amounts of caffeine in the system, which is also why many college students carry a cup of java faithfully during final exam weeks. By the way, if you want to learn about the anatomy of a coffee bean, we have you covered right here.

Weight Loss

Green coffee supplements

Drinking coffee can boost your metabolic rate for limited amounts of time. Eventually, your body will get used to the caffeine and the effects will wear off, but it can be a great way to kick-start a diet.

One benefit that never seems to wear thin is the slight decrease in appetite, felt after consuming a cup. Limit the amount of sugar and it can help in your weight loss journey.

Green coffee supplements have been shown to increase weight loss, despite a normal diet.

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Sports Performance

Oru kayaking

Most athletes and fitness gurus have taken notice of the increased vascular capabilities created by drinking coffee. It can allow for a more rigorous performance and workout. Moderate use tends to help improve overall endurance.

For instance, kayakers would do well with it before they head out on the water for a nice workout. They could put together their kayak much faster with all that mental clarity, energy, and alertness.

Caffeine allows for an increased level of amino acids in the blood, which helps the body break down the fats needed for energy. It provides the perfect atmosphere for optimal muscle building and performance.

Reduces Heart Disease

Coffee Heart Health

The infusion of antioxidants to the body, and the increase in vascular activity can effectively reduce your risk of heart disease. Light to moderate amounts of coffee is recommended by the National Institutes of Health to promote a healthy, even heart rhythm.

The key to the use of caffeine is to not go overboard. There is a point at which the body begins to act in an erratic manner.

Two to four cups per day is the suggested amount for the average person. The strength of the coffee is also a factor, so it’s best to realize your limits and not go over that.

Protects The Liver

Coffee good for the liver

There was a study that tested coffee drinkers that partook in at least one cup of coffee per day, and how this affected liver diseases, such as cirrhosis.

There were 125,000 participants over the age of 22. Those that were heavy drinkers were found to have a 20 percent less chance of developing cirrhosis, due to the intake of coffee.

It was also shown to reduce the incidences of non-alcohol related cirrhosis, also known as fatty liver disease.

Lessens Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes

Drinking coffee lowers diabetes risk

There is more and more proof, over time, that type 2 diabetes can be controlled and eradicated by a healthy diet. A study by the American Chemical Society showed that people ingesting four or more cups of coffee each day were more than 50 percent less likely to be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

Each added cup reduced the statistics by seven percent more.


Drinking coffee at the office

If there were ever great reasons to bring back coffee breaks to the office, this might be a few of the best yet. Now you can indulge in your caffeinated drink of choice, and know that it is actually doing your body good.

However, sugar does the opposite, so try to drink it black, or with Stevia or Monkfruit sweeteners, which are natural and not chemicals. You will only reap the rewards after that!