Bard Coffee – Portland, Maine

Bard Coffee

Bard Coffee was founded in 2009, with its sole location being centered in the Old Port district of Portland, Maine. Bard is all about coffee and its subtle, flavorful details. They specialize in single-origin coffees, and source them directly from farmers throughout Central America. You can check out our list of fun coffee games to play alone or with company.

They Care For Their Farmers

In dealing directly with the farmers, Bard Coffee can help benefit both the quality of the beans they source, and the ways of life for the farmers. They note that a sense of security and comfort can be difficult to come by and maintain in the economies that the farmers are settled, and by creating long-term relationships with them, the farmers can redirect their focus from stressful survival to the art and quality of their products. 

Check Out the Farmers Bio on Their Website

Bard has fostered such steady and personal relationships with its bean suppliers, that it even features lengthy biographies of certain farmers on their websites.

Reading these, you can know exactly where and who your coffee is coming from when you make an order at Bard. At the same level, you can also know about the roasting process and the assured quality of each cup.

Bard Coffee uses a Loring Smart Roaster as their sole roasting method, which lists multiple environmentally friendly benefits. It locks the gasses and fumes inside, not releasing them into the environment, and through the heat created, roasts the beans.

They Are Energy Conscious When It Comes to Roasting

Therefore, not only is the air kept clean, but Bard also reduces its energy consumption by not having to use two different devices to achieve the same results.

The device is an expensive investment, not just financially, but skillfully. The process requires precision, but fortunately, Bard Coffee’s head roaster, Bill Guddeck, is a licensed Q-grade roaster, which is an accredited designation of professional expertise by the Coffee Quality Institute. 

You Can Buy Their Coffee Online

The coffee they roast, such as the fruity High Tide, or the chocolatey Cameroon Oku and more, are sold online through their website at fifteen and seventeen dollars per bag, and also make up the menu at the cafe.

The menu is not particularly extensive, listing modest selections including espressos, macchiatos, cortados, cappuccinos, lattes, americanos, Vietnamese, chai, loose-leaf teas, and iced versions of all of these.

Providing Artisanal Quality Drinks and Locally Sourced Pastries

However, the flavorful, personally procured and provided drinks are of high, artisanal quality. Along with the pastries provided by Holy Donuts, and the selection of food items such as veggie and bagel sandwiches, customers can settle in and satiate themselves in a warm and welcoming environment. 

The interior of Bard Coffee is equipped with warm, medium-toned wood floors, and walls and counters of mostly off-white colors. The tables match the floors and are paired with orange metal chairs that add a pop of color.

Welcoming Atmosphere with Friendly Baristas

Trained to be knowledgeable in the art of coffee-brewing, the baristas provide expert customer service and a full-fledged coffee experience and have been doing so for ten years now.

From the personally planted fields of Central America, to the expertly handled, environmentally friendly roaster, and finally, to the artfully brewed cups of customers, Bard Coffee is an enticing choice.


185 Middle St, Portland, Maine, 04101