Barnie’s Coffee & Tea Cafe-Orlando Fl

World of Coffee

Barnie’s Coffee & Tea Cafe is infamous for offering some of the most delicious freshly brewed coffee you’re ever going to drink. Even though this cafe offers yummy dishes, the spotlight is clearly on their coffee. There is something here for everyone with a wide variety of caffeinated drinks, from flavored coffees to decaf coffees.

With a huge clean space to retreat and chill out, Barnie’s Coffee & Tea is the perfect place for friends to hang out and recharge their caffeine levels. Besides their amazing micro-roasts, this cafe has a chef-driven menu that’s innovative and mostly locally sourced. Jiale Coffee is happy to recognize this excellent location in our directory!

The Best Food & Coffee in Town

Their coffee blows other coffee shops out of the water. They mostly utilize a flavored bean, which helps to achieve a deeper taste. Their delectable flavors are never-ending!

Though this is a chain cafe operation, you will not be disappointed in any way. Their staff and product will definitely prove that your service and experience will be top notch. The environment is perfect for that first stop in the morning whether you’re there on business or pleasure.

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History & Founder

Four decades ago, Phil Jones started this company with the inspiration for making the most vividly luscious coffee globally. Americans love their coffee, and what better way to offer it to them than when it’s scrumptiously prepared using delightful flavors.

The first store was opened in 1980, and the company has continued growing since then. Taking care of their customers has been imperative, and it is the pillar of this company. Barnie’s Coffee & Tea is also built on the values of honesty, respect, and collaboration.

Phil Jones created a taste for Peruvian coffee when he was a college chaplain. After his return to Orlando, his hometown, he started this company, and two years later, Howard Schultz, Starbuck CEO, became a partner in what was then a small chain of cafes in Seattle.

Well Known Specialty Coffees

Santa’s White Christmas coffee is unique to Barnie’s Coffee & Tea. This renowned coffee was released in 1994 as a winter seasonal beverage; however, it is served throughout the year. It is a beverage made from coconut, vanilla, and caramel-flavored blend, which will win you over every time you sip on it. Two other famously ordered drinks are the Honey Lavender Latte and the Turkish Latte.

Barnie’s Coffee & Tea Co., located in Winter Park, is where you will find the perfect micro-roasts, concocted specialty beverages, and crafts that are improved every day for you. Some of their coffees can be seen listed below:

Hot, Iced, Decaf, or regular Espresso – single or double

Macchiato – single or double




Final Thoughts

For Millions of Americans, coffee is among the many good reasons to get out of bed every morning. It’s warm and tasty, and that first mug of coffee recharges your body and prepares it for the good things to come during the day. Americans consume over 400 million cups of coffee daily, but coffee is more than just an early morning beverage. But, if ingested in moderate amounts, coffee nutrition is beneficial for your body.


Location – 118 Park Ave, Winter Park FL, 32789