Bipartisan Cafe – Portland OR

Bipartisan Coffee

Bipartisan Cafe is a rustic cafe with a unique vibe. As their name suggests, they have a love of all things American and was created with the community in mind. They wanted people to have a place to come whether they agreed with each other or not. By the way, if you love cafes, check out St Marks Coffee House in Denver if you’re in that city!

A Coffee Shop With the Community Always On Its Mind

While they serve coffee, tea, and food, at its core it’s a place where the neighborhood can gather, share ideas, and connect with the community. They believe in connecting with local schools, associations, small businesses, and more to foster the right atmosphere.

Founded in 2004 By 2 People With A Dream But No Coffee Experience

The cafe was founded in 2004 by owners Pete and Hobie. They had a dream and with the money from stock options, rented a space and Bipartisan Cafe was born. While neither of them had owned their own business before, they were both familiar with the restaurant industry.

Hobie grew up working alongside her parents in their many restaurants and Pete spent time moving up the ranks in many different restaurants and bars.

They Host Many Events That Are Always Open To the Public. No Private Events Allowed!

Because of their focus on community, Bipartisan cafe hosts many events to draw people together.

They allow musicians, authors, and even politicians to host events. It’s what makes them a truly unique coffee house in Portland. Private events are not allowed, but if the community is invited, your event is welcomed.

Decorated in Political Art That Represents All Political Parties

The art that decorates the walls are political in nature. Posters of former presidents, politicians, memorabilia, and more hang side by side. The decor represents all political parties.

They also have every president represented in some way, as well as every American flag. What’s cool about the way the art is situated is that it is chronological from one end to the other.

Every Drink Is Made Fresh To Order

They serve coffee from local roasters. It can be made into cold brews, mochas, lattes, and more. They also offer chai, hot chocolate, and tea if you prefer a non-coffee beverage. The drinks are made fresh to order and can be easily modified to meet your needs.

Don’t Forget To Try Their Pies!

As they are a cafe, their food is known throughout the community, especially their pies. People love to order pies from Bipartisan cafe.

With options that are also vegan and gluten-free, it’s easy to see why. The coconut cream pie has created raving fans locally and from out-of-town visitors.

They Offer Gluten Free and Vegan Options Too

Their ciabatta sandwiches are also delightful. You can get a toasted open-face sandwich with cheese, a PLT, or veggie or vegan sandwich instead.

For breakfast, grab a bagel or breakfast sandwich with egg. There is something for everyone on the menu. They even offer a decent selection of vegan and gluten-free meals.

The Owners Encourage Healthy Debates

Pete and Hobie have created a truly special cafe. Everyone is welcome to share their ideas in a respectful manner. You are also encouraged to have conversations where you may disagree, but you do it in a way that you can stay friends when you leave.

Good discourse and dialogue are the foundations of America and embody what they are trying to do with their neighborhood cafe. The place can get busy over mealtimes, so make sure you get there early especially if you’re meeting up with friends.


7901 SE Stark St – Portland, OR 97215