Bird Rock Coffee Roasters – La Jolla

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters is a coffee roasting company that is consistently expanding, currently sporting coffee bars and bakeries in six locations throughout coastal California. The first thing that should be known about Bird Rock Coffee is that their coffee means business.

This is to say, it is not just financially beneficial for them, but for the entire ecosystem of their roasting program. Bird Rock Coffee Roasters involve themselves more heavily in the entire process than a typical coffee shop. Where usually coffee is sourced through a Fair Trade contract, Bird Rock forgoes that step to the benefit of everyone involved. 

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Bird Rock Works Directly With the Farmers to Ensure Better Beans

Bird Rock works directly with the farmers that grow the coffee beans and evaluate the harvest quality themselves. In bypassing Fair Trade, they are able to pay farmers a higher wage, and aid in the farming process.

This both strengthens the bond between parties and provides mutual benefits. Farmers get a reliable buyer, with higher wages resulting from the quality of their harvest. Bird Rock gets more accessibility to the beans they acquire, and thus are able to supply more unique blends than they otherwise would. 

Extremely Creative in their Packaging and Marketing

Coming in bird-egg blue packages, some of these blends include Monkey Bite Espresso, Little Italy Blend, Cafe Del Sol, and the Bird Rock Blend, which features flavors of fudge, black pepper, and red apple.

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters don’t just heavily involve themselves with their farmers, but also with their community. Bird Rock pridefully hosts events such as open mic nights twice a month, and even display the pieces of local artists’ work on their walls.

Involved in Community Outreach Programs

Furthermore, they engage in community clean up events, like the upcoming cleanup at Windansea Beach. To assist customers in engaging with each other, Bird Rock fashions their stores with suitability to sit and chat, whether inside or out next to a fire pit.  

However, Bird Rock wouldn’t be a coffee business without also selling their products to the community they are so invested in.

Offering Delicious Food & Beverages

Firstly, there is their beverage menu, which lists assortments of coffee and tea such as espresso-based cappuccinos and macchiatos, signature salted caramel lattes and mochas, cold brew, and artisanal chai.

If you are looking for more to fill your stomach, food and baked items are made at their location in Carlsbad, California, and dispersed amongst their other locations. Bird Rock’s food offerings include scones, cakes, fruit bowls, salads, sandwiches and more. 

Want to Learn about Latte’s? Take a Workshop!

If you are interested in learning more about their coffee crafting processes, the Carlsbad location is home to both their bean roasting efforts, as well as the workshops they teach about topics from latte art to water cupping.

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters were founded in 2002 and have received multiple awards since. Some awards include a 2017 Good Food Award, and the 2012 Roaster of the Year award in Roast Magazine.

Have your own experience and try out the products of their craft for yourself by visiting any of their locations that can be found in La Jolla, Carlsbad, Little Italy, Torrey Pines, Morena Boulevard, and Pacific Beach, California.


5627 La Jolla Blvd, La Jolla, CA 92037