Blend Coffee – Portland

Blend Coffee

With so many coffee shops in Portland, each of them must try and establish their unique character. Some of them choose to go for the glitzy corporate look, and others go for a more quirky ambiance. Blend Coffee aims at being a place where people can come to study or work. Btw, Do you know if coffee is toxic to pets?

A Nice Cafe To Sit All Day and Complete Some Work

The seating is arranged with plenty of power outlets. They also offer print on demand using “Print with Me.” It is a bright place to work or visit. Statistics show that people tend to spend between 15 minutes to one hour on the premises, The premises are group-friendly, has lots of electrical outlets. It seats around 40 people indoors.

Serving Coava and Stumptown Coffee

They are serving locally sourced coffee. Their menu is full of wonderful creations. Some of the local favorites are listed below.

Honey Badger – this is specialist coffee featuring artisan honey made locally from bee local. It has a rich espresso with steamed milk and a touch of cinnamon. It’s a local favorite!

Harvest Moon – a delightful creamy medley of espresso dragonfly chai and smooth milk with just a small hint of sweetness.

Inspired by Horchata – a cold press coffee (house-made) with creamy milk and a dash of hazelnut and cinnamon. Served iced.

Espresso Fizz – an unusual mix of espresso coffee Q tonic, scrappy’s orange bitters all garnished with orange peel.

They Have Other Drinks On the Menu

They also serve alcohol and SerindipiTea Loose Leaf, Chai. Blend Coffee provides food and pastries supplied by Pearl Bakery, Bagels from Henry Higgins, and pies and cakes from Petunias.

This Cafe Has Been Owned By Several Different People But Has Remained Successful

Blend Coffee has been in business under the current management for three-years. The current Asian American owners are the third owners of the company. When it was initially opened, it was a second coffee shop the guy had owned. He later closed the original business and concentrated on Blend Coffee. LLeter, a new owner, took over who refurbished the premises and did a rebranding. Now Matt Legasse and Phillip Yien, own the premises and are gradually adding their stamp on the business as well.

It’s a Great Environment With Friendly Staff

People who have visited the cafe over a few years say that the change in ownership has only improved the business. It still has excellent wifi, the kid’s corner, and comfortable seating.

Another great feature of the company is that the staff are very clued up on the menu and can answer any questions you ask.

Big Supporters of Embrace Oregon

The company supports Embrace Oregon, which is a local organization that attempts to connect more caring members of the community with children and families who are vulnerable.

This is done in conjunction with the Department of Human Services. Helping every child flourish is their goal. They also host local non-profit organizations without charging a rental fee.

I think if I were closer to Portland, I believe that Blend Coffee would be one of my favorite places to work. The workspace looks comfortable, and it has been designed so that there are enough electrical outlets.

There is a varied selection of food, and the Honey Badger specialty coffee is so highly recommended. It’s a place with a genuine personality and is locally grounded.


2710 N Killingsworth Street, Portland, OR, 97217