Blue Sparrow Coffee – Denver CO

Blue Sparrow Coffee

It’s not difficult to see why the locals love to gather at Blue Sparrow Coffee in Denver. It’s small but mighty, just like the bird. Their menu features coffee, food, canned drinks, cocktails, and wine. The focus is on creating a quality experience and Blue Sparrow Coffee doesn’t disappoint.

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Founded By An Ex Banker With A Vision

It was founded in 2017 by a former investment banker, Jeffrey Knott. He hated banking, so he grew a beard and moved to Colorado. After helping open another coffee house, he realized he too wanted his own corner cafe. Since he knew what he loved and what he hated. He was able to create the perfect environment for his customers.

It Is Inviting, Small and Beautiful

The name Blue Sparrow Coffee refers to the beautiful blue bar and seating area. The tiny 470 square foot space is small like a sparrow. It’s bright and modern with white walls and exposed brick.

They maximized the seating with a long banquette and stool seating against the window. The simple tile flooring brings everything together. It’s a warm and inviting space with clean lines and just the right amount of warm wood tones.

Try Their CBD-Infused Coffee

The menu looks like a simple paper bag that hangs from behind the register. The most interesting thing on the menu is a CBD-infused coffee from Strava Craft Coffee. It’s a relaxing blend that is just one of many they offer from Strava.

Serving Kombucha, Canned Beer, Ale & Wine

Also, on the menu are a mocha espresso, fresh kombucha, and even a delightful golden latte. For food, you can enjoy a fresh pastry from La Fillette or a more filling ham and cheese croissant. They also serve canned beer, ale, and wine and plan to expand to include a curated selection of cocktails.

They Have Blueberry Soda on Tap

Want something a little more unique? A fan favorite is the blueberry soda which they always have on tap. It’s another nod to their love of all things blue. Customers love to have a place to sit and work while they drink their favorite beverage. There is so much more than coffee to love about this place.

A Shop That Thinks Globally and Locally

Remote workers and students love to linger and use the WiFi while they sip on their drinks. Buy a bag of coffee to make at home for the days you can’t stop by for a drink.

It’s a neighborhood coffee shop with options from places all over the world. They like to think locally and globally and they’re passionate about sustainability and the community.

A Second Location Coming Soon!

The main location is on Blake Street, but coming soon, Blue Sparrow Coffee will have a second location in the Commons Park Area north of the Denver Aquarium.

Blue Sparrow Coffee is serious about creating a quality experience, but they have a sense of humor too. They serve up great customer service with a side of fantastic coffee.

The local roaster they get their main blends from has a special blend with a CBD infusion. If you haven’t tried it, why not? It’s a fan favorite along with their blueberry soda. Despite its small size, it’s the place to be. And you’d never know the owner used to be an investment banker.


3070 Blake St Unit 180 Denver, CO 80205