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Blue State Coffee

At Blue State Coffee it is all about coffee, good food, family and community. From the coffee beans sourced from family farms south of the border to locally grown produce in the deli and a commitment to share two percent of sales with local charities, this family owned business has its priorities set right.

The dream sprouted in 2004 and blossomed three years later with the opening of the first coffee shop in Providence, Rhode Island. Today, Blue State Coffee is a thriving business with nine cafes. There are two in Providence, four in New Haven, Connecticut, one in Hartford, Connecticut and two in Boston, Massachusetts.

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A Coffee Shop With A Mission To Improve Their Communities

Under the leadership of CEO Carolyn Greenspan, Blue State Coffee is moving to fulfill its simple yet profound mission “to create vibrant cafes that reflect, improve and inspire our communities.”

Some of Their Coffee Selections Change Seasonally

Signature coffees include True Blue, Liberty, Decaf and Espresso #9. True Blue is an organic coffee blend of medium and dark roast beans that is strong and sweet. Liberty is a coffee that tastes great iced. Decaf is smooth and rich. The coffee beans used in Espresso #9 change seasonally; but, that does not change its smooth, tangy and chocolatey taste.

These coffees are consistently available at all stores. In addition, Blue State Coffee offers single origin coffees. These coffee beans are grown in only certain regions where the atmosphere, soil and farming practices cause them to have a distinct flavor.

Their Coffee is Ethically Sourced From Farms in Central and South America

One such coffee is a Guatemalan coffee that is harvested on a co-op of nine families and 28 farms. It has a sweet, fruit flavored taste. Another is a Colombian coffee that is grown at a high altitude-over a mile above sea level. It is grown in the shade. It has a unique taste.

Business representatives from Blue State Coffee travel to farms where coffee beans are grown. There, they meet with farmers and choose the most ethically sourced and high-quality beans. As much as possible the beans are then transported in an environmentally friendly way.

They Have a Strong Online Presence and Great Customer Reviews

The business website states that its involvement in the process is “from seed to cup.” And, the effort is noticed. The quality of a cup of Blue State coffee is praised in online reviews.

They Offer Food That is Locally Grown and Sourced

In addition to coffee, meats on the menu are hormone and antibiotic free. Eggs come from local free-range chickens that are vegetarian fed. All-natural ingredients are in the scratch-made baked goods. Blue State Coffee serves locally grown produce and locally sourced cheese.

Their Cafes Are Popular With College Students

The cafes, mostly located in college towns, can at times bustle with activity and, at other times, offer a quiet nook for relaxation. This makes the coffee/deli a favorite of students and permanent residents alike. An added bonus is that all locations offer free WiFi.

In short, Blue State Coffee is serious about offering the best and most ethically sourced coffee in the best atmosphere possible with its uniquely positioned cafes. It is determined to donate to local non-profits as evidenced by having given $1,000,000 during the past 12 years.

For those with kindred hearts for this family’s business philosophy and who are not located near a coffee shop or cannot get to one, coffee can be ordered online by going to the Blue State Coffee

Blue State Coffee locations:

155 Seaport Boulevard, Boston, MA & 957 Commonwealth Avenue Boston, MA