Cafe Ole – Denver

Cafe Ole

Warm, welcoming, and fun, that is what you can expect when stepping into the strip-mall coffee shop that is Café Ole. Café Ole puts a twist on the traditional coffee shop by being an organic South American Coffee Shop designed around South American culture in Lakewood, Colorado.

Founders, Francisco Hernandez Santos, and Joseph Moscola had the vision to create a company that is progressive, reputable, and successful through their genuine hospitality and hardworking service.

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An Organic South American Coffee Shop that Support Local Artist

Do not let the comfy and homey atmosphere fool you, a unique thing about Café Ole is that it is filled with occasional events that highlight and share the talents of local artists. They had a dream to create loving and memorable relationships with their customers and community by always being authentic and inclusive with their conversations, service, and event.

It’s a Great Spot to Get Some Work Done With Their Free WiFi

But Café Ole thinks about all situations and reasons why people would stop in whether it is to enjoy a cup of coffee or just the atmosphere, by providing free WIFI and a variety of outlets so you can stay as productive as possible but also enjoy the unique experience that is Ole Coffee.

They Offer Delicious Homemade Food

Another unique thing about Café Ole is that all of their food is homemade and made with love, never frozen or store-bought. They want you to truly experience something unlike any other in the Colorado area when it comes to flavorful food and drinks.

Serving Authentic South American Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

You will be able to taste all the flavors with the authentic and traditional South American style foods for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They serve a variety of savory breakfast options like breakfast burritos or healthy smoothie options like a sunrise smoothie, power green smoothie, or strawberry banana smoothie.

Their Coffee Selections are South American Inspired

But, if you are coming for the caffeine, they also have a variety of fun, unique, and South American inspired drinks (cold or hot) like the Spanish mocha, dulce de leche latte, and a customer favorite mocha monkey frappe.

Try Their Unique Pastries With A Spicy and Savory Twist

And, this coffee shop puts a spicy and savory twist on the usual and expected pastries and food options by giving them their South American touch. Serving options like empanadas, salsas, and chorizos, but if you also have a sweet tooth, they also serve desserts!

What Makes Them Unique

Just some perks of why you should choose Café Ole is your one-stop destination for all things tasty is because they have vegan and vegetarian options by offering soy and almond milks, they have a private parking lot and bike parking, provide outdoor seating, have gender-neutral bathrooms, allows Google and Apple Pay, and they are wheelchair accessible.

And, they love to hear from their customers about how the experience was for them, not only learn how to improve their business but because they genuinely want to get to know their customers better.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to change it up from the traditional and expected coffee house, you should get on your way to Café Ole.


Fine Café Ole at 3225 S Wadsworth Blvd Unit L, Lakewood, CO 80227