Caffe Nero – Boston

Caffe Nero

Chances are if you live in Boston you have probably already stumbled upon a Caffe Nero location. It is, after all a large chain, with over hundreds of locations worldwide!

What sets them apart is the proud knowledge and honesty each Barista has for coffee and their personal approach to hospitality and customer service. Transparency is also a key contributor in their success.

They are open and honest about where they source their beans, their food and all other products. Feel free to also read one of our most read best brazilian coffee guides.

A large chain with a small town feel

Caffe Nero is run with all the efficiency and panache of a well-established chain (which it is), all the while maintaining the comforting, cozy feel of a small-time independent coffee house. This subtle balance is the key to their success, and you’ll find hundreds of positive reviews online praising both the quality coffee and the friendly service.

An inviting working environment

Caffe Nero specializes in comfortable seating well equipped with WIFI that is as strong as the coffee. The space has vaulted ceilings which allows the mind to have more room for creativity or a great place to meet a friend or colleague for a meeting.

The thing that is nice about a chain is you always know what to expect and rarely are disappointed. Something you can always expect is to be inspired by the bustle of the city, the smell of the fresh coffee, and the thoughtful conversations and staff.

Coffee the European way

Originally founded 20 years ago in the UK by Gerry Ford, he set off to create a local coffee shop that mimicked the traditional Italian style cafes across Europe. He never expected his shops to be such a success and to this day has a hard time believing how far his family owned and operated establishment has come.

Quality you can taste

The two key elements behind Cafe Nerro are: Quality and consistency. To accomplish this, they now rely exclusively on their own Roastery, and have produced an exclusive, award winning coffee blend all of their own.

Ethically sourced with a sustainable vision

If it weren’t for the farmers, there would be no coffee beans. Therefore they take very good care of their farmers and the sourcing of ingredients. Caffe Nero is closely affiliated with the Rainforest Alliance, who is working hard to ensure fair and responsible trading.

They will do whatever it takes to give you the best possible coffee experience, without compromising their rigorous ethical standards.

A bold and fruitful way to pick up your day

The classico blend has been a favorite on the menu for over twenty years, and remains a popular, reliable option to get your morning started. Its flavor is both rich and bold, and provides a perfect pick-me-up. But it’s not just about the dark blends, they serve refreshing teas, juices and smoothies.

They accomodate all dietary needs

Their food menu is aimed at a broad customer base, so whether you are gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free, vegetarian or vegan, they’ve got you covered. From filling breakfast sandwiches to fresh fruit, salads, and soups there is something to suit all appetites.

Mouth watering sweet treats

If you are looking to treat yourself, try one of their many rich, home-baked desserts. The names alone are enough to make you start salivating. The apple coffee cake, the limoncello mascarpone cake, or for the chocolate lover the flourless chocolate cake.

What is there left to say about Caffe Nero? Thanks to their dedication to quality, conscious coffee, and their varied menu of Italian-style savory food and sweets, Caffe Nero just continues to grow.

Don’t be surprised if you find other branches popping up throughout the New England region in the near future. For now you will easily be able to find one of the many branches near the main Landmarks in Central Boston.


10 Summer Street, Boston MA,

1 Center Plaza Suite 101, Boston, MA

560 Washington St, Boston, MA