Capital One Cafe – Denver

Capital One Cafe

Capital One Cafe is a great concept, it allows you to sit down and relax with a nice cup of coffee whilst also offering other services. Some services on offer include planning your finances and banking.

If you are a Capital One card holder, you will be entitled to 50% off of your coffee. The coffee shop features what are referred to as “Ambassadors” to assist you with any questions you may have, in a more relaxed and informal setting of a coffee shop.

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Serving Peets Coffee In A Relaxed Environment

Peet’s Coffee is the brand of choice that is available here, and locally produced snacks are also on offer. Peet’s coffee was founded by Alfred Peet in 1966, who had a commitment to quality and attention to detail. Overall, it seems that Peet’s Coffee is a good brand with good values behind it and a socially responsible company.

A Huge Corporation That Cares For the Community

Capital One Cafe also hosts a wide range of events for customers and the local community, it’s great to see a big company that wants to get more involved at a community level. A free meeting room is on offer for certain groups of people such as non-profit organizations and local students.

Open To the Public, Offers Free WiFi and Financial Guidance, If Needed

The great news is, you also are not required to be a customer of Capital One and anyone is welcome to come and visit the cafe. With power outlets and WiFi provided, it seems a great setting to also be productive and get some work done or run through your finances with an Ambassador.

Essentially this coffee shop is a bank, but with a difference – it’s a new and unique concept which is not seen in other parts of the world and will make customers feel more relaxed without the daunting and formal appearance of a traditional bank.

There Are 34 Cafes Open In the USA

We can see that Capital One’s vision here was to combine a Peet’s Coffee with a bank branch and offer coaches to help people with their online services and needs such as banking.

At current, there are a total of 34 Capital One Cafes in the United States all offering the similar services to a regular bank – maybe this is Capital One’s answer to getting more millennials on board with them?

These Cafes Used To Owned and Operated By ING Direct

It certainly shows that all industries are going through changes as technology advances and traditional banks are slowly closing their branches. The Cafes are not however a new concept, as ING Direct used to have Orange Cafes.

Capital One took over ING Direct and did not convert the Cafes into branches, but rather re-branded them and added a lot of new services, features and technologies to give them a new look and feel.

Our final thoughts would be that the Cafe is a great idea if you are an existing customer, however it may be daunting and a turn off for people who are not customers as they may be worried or feel that they are going to get a sales pitch when in fact they would just like a coffee and some time to relax alone.


1550 Wewatta St, Denver, CO 80202, United States