CFS Coffee – Orlando

CFS Coffee

CFS Coffee is a coffee shop and cafe with two locations across Florida. Their first commercial location opened in 2016 in Winter Park, Florida, and two years afterward, they expanded to the downtown Orlando, Florida with the opening of a second shop. Best Brazilian coffee list can be found here.

They Will Be Expanding to 4 Shops

CFS has had some measure of success in recent years, and by 2020 will have yet another two locations. These will be in Lake Nona, and the Regency shopping complex, Kirkman Shoppes, in Orlando.  Each location currently open to the public features the same aesthetic and products.

CFS Has Roots in Columbia

CFS Coffee has origins in Columbia, and due to their strong belief in its quality, they exclusively serve one hundred percent premium Columbian coffee. Every aspect and nuance of the coffee is carefully tailored not just by CFS, but by the farmers they work with and source from.

CFS prides itself on the creation of beneficial opportunities for its partners, and treats the product appropriately within its hands. Seeing coffee for the fine delicacy that it is, is central to CFS’ craft.

Their Coffee Provides Healthy Benefits

The central flavors of their coffee are dark chocolate, caramel, and wild red berries, and they are quick to note the various benefits these ingredients present, such as the mental and eyesight benefits of the dark chocolate, and the brightness added by the berries. 

The Decor is Columbian Inspired

The Colombian nature of the coffee and the store itself is reflected within the cafe’s walls. The decor is made up of Colombian-inspired artwork, be it of maps, pictures of coffee, or the bags that the coffee comes in, placed thoughtfully throughout the store. The wooden floors and walls are almost as brown as the coffee itself, which comes in many forms of hot, iced, and frappe styles.

They Serve Standard Coffees and Espressos

There are standards such as mochas, lattes, cortados, and even matcha, but the nuances are most notable in black and espresso forms. Things veer into unique territory with fresh fruit juices, and particularly with the food. 

There are items such as avocado toasts, granola bowls, and empanadas, but also health-centered sandwiches, all served on ciabatta bread and loaded with vegetables, and either ham, chicken, beef, or tuna.

Don’t Forget To Try a Pandebono!

The most popular items are small and light, known as pandebonos. A mix of cheese and bread, they are as fluffy as the cream atop coffee. Everything at CFS Coffee is of Colombian quality, and despite being located in the United States, CFS looks to offer the best Colombian coffee experience possible.


430 W New England Ave, Ste A, Winter Park, or 54 W Church St, Ste 150 S, Orlando, Florida