Cheers Coffee Shop – Denver

Cheers Coffee Shop

Get ready to cheers with an exceptional cup of coffee at Cheers Coffee Shop in Denver, Colorado. Cheers all started with a vision of building a business built on growing a tight-knit and genuine family with their community where “everyone knows your name.”

The employees at Cheers are more interested than just your coffee order and getting another sale, they are interested in knowing who you are as a person. To them, you are not just another name. If you enjoy lattes from home, you’ll want to pick up one of these frothers we recently reviewed.

It’s Not Just Your Average Coffee Shop

The thing that makes Cheers Coffee Shop unique and stands alone from its competitors is that they strive to make sure inclusivity and generosity are transparent with every conversation and customer so that people feel like they are apart of a community.

It’s A Hidden Gem Tucked Away In A Strip Mall

Do not be fooled by the strip-mall, Cheers Coffee Shop is hidden between other shops like a hidden gem. That is their only location, so be sure not to miss it.

And Cheers Coffee Shop’s atmosphere will make you feel like you are at home. The setup and composition of the interior will remind you of a mom and pop coffee shop where you will be able to get yourself quite comfortable.

A Great Shop To Get Some Work Done or Read A Book

Whether you need to get some work done or just relax, they have various outlets at your disposal so you can be as productive as possible in this low-key environment. So, make sure to have your laptop, a good book, or just someone to keep you company and make yourself at home in one of their comfy seating options as you enjoy your treats, the atmosphere, and friendly hospitality. And, of course, they offer free WIFI!

Try A Classic Coffee or One of Their Special Frappes

Whether you are in the mood for coffee, frappes, tea, cold brew, lattes, or lemonade, they have an option for you. Something special about Cheers is the innovative and unique concepts they make for their frappes.

So, if you want something extra sweet and unique, you can order the almond joy frappe or the creme brûlée frappe.

Their “Go Camping” Frappe Is A Town Favorite

But know they are always thinking about the next tasty combination to make you come back for more. Just ask customers about the “go camping” frappe, it was filled with yummy graham crackers and hot fudge that was sure to bring back some childhood memories.

And, you can even request a variety of their drinks hot or cold and to-go if you are not planning on staying a while.

They Offer Sweet & Savory Choices For Food

But if you are also in the mood for food, they have you covered. Whether you want something savory or sweet, Cheers knows you will find the perfect match for your beverage.

If you are feeling like having something more savory, you can try a breakfast burrito with green chili, a cheddar quiche, or a ham and cheese croissant. But if you are feeling something on the sweeter side, they have a variety of pastries with numerous flavors like raspberry.


So, if you want to enjoy a beverage made with love in a welcoming and friendly environment, make sure to check out Cheers Coffee Shop at 2418 S Colorado Blvd Denver, CO 80222.