Cherry Bean – Denver

Cherry Bean

Cherry Bean Specialty Coffee is a family owned cafe that is deeply committed to providing a quality, global experience of delicious coffee while upholding the characteristics of their local community and the diversity of coffee’s culture as a whole.

This corner coffee shop in Denver holds a real passion for those who have created the concept of specialty coffee; thus, they strive to emulate this passion in every cup.

Open seven days a week, this cafe is a great option for those looking for well crafted, delicious products that support a global cause.

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A Family Run Shop Serving Classics, Drips, Pour Overs and Traditional Favorites

On the drink menu of Cherry Bean, there is no shortage of options that would suit any preference you may have! With familiar classics like brewed drip coffee, pour overs, and hot teas, traditionalists will have their favorite fallback options.

Cherry Bean also serves a wide variety of espresso drinks (including lattes, mochas, macchiatos, cappuccinos, and cortados) while also boasting plenty of house speciality drinks.

Choose from horchata, salted caramel, or lavender lattes if you’re wanting to try something adventurous!

There Are Healthy Alternatives Offered Too!

There are also offerings like Turmeric, Matcha, or Rooibos Matcha lattes as well. Freshly squeezed juices and lemonades, milkshakes, frappes, hot chocolate, protein shakes, and smoothies are also favorites on the menu.

You are certain to find a tasty drink that you will enjoy at Cherry Bean, and there are milk alternatives available for dairy-free beverages to be a possibility.

Offering Locally Sourced Goodies For Breakfast and Lunch

As far as food items at Cherry Bean, the cafe states that it is in support of local, healthy, and fresh items. That being the case, they have a varying selection of locally made goodies for you to enjoy. These can include breakfast options, like empanadas, burritos, and other sweet or savory pastries that make a morning bright!

For lunch or a heartier snack, choose from selections typically including salads, paninis, and croissants. There are also usually some sweeter treats, such as cakes, cookies, muffins, or sweet pastries that mix well with a cup of their brewed coffee.

They Offer Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten Free Options

Whatever your selection is, you can count on it being fresh and delicious! You can find options that are vegetarian and vegan; gluten free options may be possible depending on your level of sensitivity to gluten.

It’s Welcoming, Comfortable and There’s Free WiFi

The interior of Cherry Bean is a warm, welcoming, and open space that is created to feel homey with the rich colors and soft, mellow lighting. There are small and large tables with chairs, bar top seating, and large windows to allow plenty of natural light to filter in.

Outdoor seating is also an option for those visiting the cafe and enjoying their fare. Free WiFi is available for customers, and the building is wheelchair accessible.

Cherry Bean is a great place to come with friends to catch up, or it is also great for bringing your term paper to work on while sipping a fresh Americano.

With ample seating, friendly service, and great products, Cherry Bean is a wonderful coffee shop to visit and try, regardless of whether you’re a Denver local or a tourist there for a few days.


You can visit Cherry Bean Specialty Coffee at 4059 Tejon Street Denver, CO 80211.