Cherrywood Coffeehouse – Austin

Cherrywood Coffeehouse

Cherrywood Coffeehouse was founded at the beginning of 2009, in Austin, Texas. While it has coffeehouse in the name, it is so much more than a simple cafe. Owned and operated by Ryan and Jennifer Marks, Cherrywood Coffeehouse is a bustling community hub of a restaurant.

Both cutting their teeth with prior restaurant and coffee experience, the pair established their first business, known as Garden District Coffeehouse, in 2005.

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This was largely the same style of business as Cherrywood is today, but it was when the lease for Cherrywood’s then future, now current home opened up that they took further steps in their business ventures. 

There’s A Lot More Than Just Coffee

Boasting a bigger kitchen and better amenities, Cherrywood Coffeehouse is primarily just an upgrade on their prior restaurant. Taking points from their past, Cherrywood serves a heavy helping of food, beer, and of course coffee. Cherrywood has such a broad food menu that there isn’t much ground left uncovered.

On an average day, their food menu includes these categories: breakfast tacos, breakfast anytime, salad, appetizers, burgers, taco plates, seafood po’ boys, sandwiches, smoothies, and sides.

On the weekends, they offer a brunch menu that is more focused to that style. None of these categories list just a couple items; they are all fully fleshed-out.

Cherrywood’s dedication to their restaurant offerings is apparent not just in their large amount of foods, but also in the recognition they receive, such as the awards they have won for their hamburgers. However, their reputation extends to their coffee as well.

Serving Organic and Sustainable Coffee

Sourcing organic roasts from sustainability-centered Ruta Maya Coffee, Cherrywood Coffeehouse provides brewed coffee, caffe au laits, mocha au laits, espresso, lattes, iced coffee, cortaditos, cuban con leches, chai, juiced, and a tall list of twenty syrup flavors to add.

Their beverages logically extend to a beer menu featuring local breweries and standard beer go-tos.  As a full-fledged restaurant, it makes sense that Cherrywood is regularly open until midnight, but being a restaurant is not the only reason.

Cherrywood Coffeehouse acts as a community hangout spot, welcoming customers with a warm Texas vibe. Coming with communal considerations, Cherrywood is equipped with an outdoor patio where everyone can gather, even including pet dogs.

The Patio is Where All the Action Happens

This patio is where a wide array of events takes place. Every Sunday, there are free children’s concerts. Every Monday through Friday, there are free yoga classes. And true to coffee shop core values, there are regular concerts and open-mic events. 

All of this is friendly and fun in nature, and as such, so is the interior of the store. Warm, wooden colors permeate many of the components, from the tables and counters, to the frames and bindings of windows and menus.

Cherrywood Coffeehouse is 10 Years Old!

Finally, there are fun, not-too-fancy signs labeling areas such as where to pick up drink orders, or simply telling people to have an awesome day.  All of these core components that form Cherrywood Coffeehouse are representative of its owners, and typically, the welcoming customer service is delivered by Jennifer Marks herself.

This year marks a decade of dolling out their drinks and dishes. Visit the award winning, multi-faceted restaurant, Cherrywood Coffeehouse for yourself in Austin, Texas.


1400 E 38th 1/2 St, Austin, TX 78722