Coava Coffee Roasters – Portland OR

Coava Coffee Roasters

Founded in 2008 by Matt Higgins, Coava Coffee Roasters was created with a particular goal in mind: to sell coffees that were both enjoyable to the common consumer and artistically interesting to its brewers.

Funding the creation of his own coffee business through his work in motorcycle repairs, Higgin’s set out to learn as much as he could about the coffee business, and thus Coava Coffee was created with a couple central components.

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Farm Level Sourcing

First, the business works directly with farmers, otherwise known as farm level sourcing, and heavily involves itself with their trade. Coava only sources the utmost top-tier green, single-origin beans, and thus the farms that produce them undergo audits to demonstrate and ensure their capabilities.

The Coffee Comes from All Over the World

With coffees from Ethiopia, Guatemala, Brazil, Honduras, and Colombia, Coava places particular interest and care in the differences of the regions, not just environmentally, but socially. As a result, the various coffees they sell are unique in flavor and the processes they undergo.

No two coffees are exactly the same, and this is kept in mind at Coava’s roastery. Using drum machine roasters, Coava applies art and science to perfect each roast, and is only satisfied once they can achieve consistency with a particular bean.

4 Locations in Portland and 1 in San Diego

Coava has five cafes. Four are in Portland, Oregon, where the business was founded, and one is in San Diego, California. The shops are mostly the same, although there are a couple standout traits amongst them. Each shop serves a different selection of two espressos, as well as tea from Spirit Tea.

Using House-made Flavors

Using their house-made vanilla and chocolate flavors, lattes and mochas are offered at each cafe, but nitro cold brew, for instance, is only available in San Diego and at the Portland roastery location.

The Appearance is Toned Down but the Hospitality is Vibrant

The latter spot allows customers to watch the roasting process in person, and the Jefferson St. cafe in Portland has a mural of evergreens painted alongside the staircase that leads to the second floor, but every location otherwise consists of cement floors and medium-tone woods.

All very much sleek, rustic, and modern in appearance, Coava strives to offer fantastic hospitality within these walls, to customers and staff alike.

Serving Locally Sourced Pastries

The last component found in each cafe is pastries, which in Portland are provided by Petunia’s Pies & Pastries and Little T Baker, and by other local businesses in San Diego. No matter which cafe you visit, though, you will find the coffee that is the most vital offering of Coava Coffee Roasters.


Try it at either 1300 SE Grand Ave (A), 2631 Hawthorne Blvd, 1015 SE Main St, or 1171 Southwest Jefferson St. in Portland, Oregon, or 400 W Broadway in San Diego, California