Coffee at The Point – Denver CO

Coffee at The Point

Coffee at the Point has been open for seven years as a community-owned, locally focused coffee shop. It is an independent cafe owned by the neighborhood.

It’s centered in the Five Point Historical District of Denver. Their goal is to be a safe space for the surrounding people and causes, so ninety-five percent of their space in the cafe is donated towards non-profits or other meetings for groups.

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A Community Owned Cafe Bringing People Together For Almost A Decade

Come on in for a delicious coffee or tea, a great selection of beer and wine, or a wonderful meal. Open seven days week, it is rare for there not to be an event being hosted at Coffee at the Point that is open to the community and focused on bringing people together for a good time or cause.

There is more than three thousand square feet of space up for availability! It’s located directly beside the Crossroads Theater, which makes it a great spot for an after-show treat!

They Offer Coffee, Espresso, Teas, Wines, Cocktails and Beer

Choosing a drink could get difficult when you walk into these doors! Brewed coffee, espresso drinks, blended coffee, teas, and other specialty drinks are all featured on their extensive menu. Wines, cocktails, and domestic or imported beers are available for purchase as well, so the cafe knows how to cater to any taste; alcoholic drinks are all under ten dollars.

The Food Options That Suit All Lifestyles

As far as food, there are just as many options to choose from as there are for beverages. Any meal can be found at Coffee at the Point, even dessert!

Choose from breakfast sandwiches, hearty breakfast or lunch bowls, salads, soups, and other platters are all freshly prepared upon order, as well as tasty gelato for an anytime treat. There are options that would suit vegetarian, gluten free, and vegan lifestyles; milk alternatives are offered for beverages that contain dairy.

This Cafe Is Spacious Enough For Large Gatherings

This is not just your cozy, neighborhood cafe area. Coffee at the Point is an elegant, large space that offers room for any sized gathering; come in whether you’re by yourself working on a paper or you’re with the Wine for Women group that meets weekly.

There are small tables, large tables, comfortable couches and chairs, and private meeting rooms that are each available for reservation.

Free Parking, Free WiFi and Dog Friendly!

Window, bar top seating is also available. Enjoy the free, covered parking across the street from the space; on the inside, make use of the stocked bookshelves and board games there for customers to enjoy.

There is also outdoor seating available, so make a stop at the Coffee at the Point on a sunny, warm day too! Free WiFi is offered as well; you can even bring your pup along for an adventure in this cafe. It’s a wheelchair accessible building as well.

Searching for a place to hold your next group meeting? Wanting to work on a project in a clean, warm environment where you can find great food and drinks? Looking for a delicious latte on your way to work in the morning? No matter what you’re looking for, Coffee at the Point is a perfect solution.


You can visit this cafe at 710 East 26th Avenue Denver, CO 80205. Come on in and see why the community and tourists love Coffee at the Point!