Coffee by Design – Portland, Maine

Coffee By Design

Coffee by Design is a coffee shop and cafe with three locations in Portland, Maine, as well as one location in Freeport. Sometimes referred to simply as “CBD,” Coffee by Design has no association with anything relative to cannabis oil, or CBD oil.

They are wholeheartedly invested in the coffee industry. The first location opened in 1994, founded by Mary Allen Lindemann and Alan Spear. The duo met in Seattle, Washington, where both were working in separate, unrelated careers that eventually paired well together to form a business.

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Meet the Masterminds Behind CBD

Mary was involved in Marketing, and Alan in Architecture, and being the coffee hub that it is, Seattle introduced them both to a world of coffee that was begging to be explored. After establishing a partnership, they took their affinity for the New England area and began Coffee by Design in Portland, Maine. 

With Mary’s community-oriented expertise and Alan’s business knowledge, Coffee by Design acts as a community hub that serves high quality coffee with a conscience. They pride themselves on their coffee sourcing and have garnered a B Corp certification in the process.

They Have a B Corp Certification

This defines Coffee by Design as a business that takes into account and acts accordingly toward its impact on everything relevant to their business, from the customers, clients, staff, farmers, and the environment itself.

Coffee by Design only sources beans within the top one percent of Arabica coffee, all of which is picked and sorted by-hand from farmers of particular selection. Based throughout Central America, Africa, and Indonesia, the farmers in partnership with Coffee by Design maintain long-term relationships, to the benefit of both parties, and the farmers’ profits and quality. 

Their Rebel Blend Fund Helps Artists and Organizations Every Year

Coffee by Design is involved with many organizations, but one directly related to their coffee is their own Rebel Blend Fund. For every pound of Rebel Blend sold or brewed in-store, a dollar is put into the fund which benefits various artists and arts organizations picked each year.

In reference to their blends, they are what make up a majority of the menu in CBD cafes. Espressos and coffees brewed in just about all conceivable methods are available in a wealth of blend and flavors.

Just Added New Drinks to Their Menu

A recent addition are a few coffees that were crafted with seventy-two hours spent in a sealed stainless-steel tank, which adds a distinct pop to the flavor. Further selections consist of mochas, cappuccinos, lattes, chai, and loose-leaf teas.

Syrups used in the beverages are from Da Vinci Syrups, and each cafe provides pastries from Holy Donuts. The coffee is roasted with a Kestrel 35 kilo and Peregrine 70 kilo Loring roaster, in small batches that require skill and commitment.

CBD’s Successful Operation Grew Into 4 Amazing Locations

Fortunately, Coffee by Design’s success has enabled them not only to support four cafes, but to employ enough staff with the training and abilities to properly operate the business.

As a result of this, and the various programs CBD is involved with, they have bolstered the community around them, economically and artistically. Having lasted for twenty-five years at this point, they will surely sustain for many more.


1 Diamond St, 620 Congress St, and 67 India St. in Portland, Maine, as well as 95 Main St. in Freeport, Maine