Coffeehouse Northwest – Portland OR

Coffeehouse Northwest

Portland Oregon has no shortages of incredible coffee shops for your to try out. Coffeehouse Northwest is no exception. This shop first opened in 2004 under the helm of several seasoned coffee connoisseurs.

Originally called Portland Coffee House, the owners brought in a specialty coffee enthusiast to help grow their business and embrace ‘third wave’ coffee.

Third wave coffee essentially means they adopted the practice of serving, learning about, and appreciating high quality coffee.

As cool as Sojourners Coffee & Tea in the Denver area.

First Coffee Shop in Portland to Serve Single Origin Espresso

With these changes, the owners decided to change their coffee shop’s name to complete their transformation into a coffee lovers paradise. It was at this point that Coffeehouse Northwest was officially born. Coffeehouse Northwest takes pride in being able to say that they were the first coffee shop in Portland to serve single origin espresso.

A Quaint Little Shop in a Trendy Neighborhood

This quaint little shop looks and feels like you are in the heart of a trendy city neighborhood. A mixture of wood, brick, metal, and sweeping windows give this shop an industrial vibe. The menu board is simple, no frills. Within a matter of seconds you should be familiar with what they have to offer, as well as what you would like to order.

Bring Your Work and Hunker Down For the Day

As far as smaller wall hangings go, the images displayed are carefully chosen. They are not overly bold or bright, and there are not an overwhelming quantity of them around the shop. Instead, the pictures that are hung draw the eye and cause each customer to feel just a bit of intrigue while they wait for their drinks. This shop is not distracting in the slightest, making it the perfect place to hunker down and get focused on your work.

They Offer Coffee and Non Coffee Beverages

Coffeehouse Northwest offers a variety of coffee and non coffee beverages in both hot and cold varieties. They are known for their espresso, however, and frequently change it out with new flavors. Many reviews of this place even go as far as stating that Coffeehouse Northwest has the best espresso in Portland!

Source Their Beans From Dovetail Coffee and Their Food From Shoofly Bakery

Currently, they serve Dovetail Coffee, a family owned business local to the Portland area. They always carry the G.O.A.T blend on espresso, with the two rotating single origins. Outside of coffee, you can get local tea from The Jasmine Pearl.

And as far as food goes, you can also find local offerings from Shoofly Bakery. Coffeehouse Northwest is big on building up their community, help them give back by trying out one of these great businesses they support!

Open 7 Days a Week and Serving the Best Espresso in Portland

If you are looking for a great espresso and to gain some serious coffee knowledge, then you need to add this coffee shop to your list. You can stop by any day of the week from 6:30 am to 7:00 pm.

Not only does this shop have a great atmosphere when you walk in the door, but their belief in building up their community is enough to garner your support. You never know, you could uncover your own love and appreciation for the third wave coffee movement.


You can find Coffeehouse Northwest at this address: 1952 W. Burnside Street, Portland, Oregon 97209.