Commonwealth Coffee Roasters – Denver CO

Commonwealth Coffee Roasters

The beautiful city of Denver, Colorado has many activities to enjoy. Being the state capital situated at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, Denver has a wide range of outdoor and even indoor activities for people of all ages!

This Rocky Mountains and High Plains hybrid city requires a lot of driving, walking, or even biking. These activities and more will require a lot of energy.

One of the best places to get the required amount of energy is the fun, contemporary Commonwealth Coffee house!

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A Community Based Cafe That Brings People Together

The Commonwealth Coffee house was founded in 2013 and it is located in North Park Hill, Denver. This company believes that amazing and delicious coffee should be shared with everyone in the community. They work hard to create relationships with everyone they serve and bring people together.

The Coffee is Perfectly Balanced and Delicious

This coffee house is a perfect insider hangout for people of all ages, genders, colors, and backgrounds together. The business is built around being ethical and valuing the customers and staff. Their coffee is perfectly balanced between sweet and complex. The casual, cozy interior is already enough to make you fall in love!

You Can Get a Monthly Subscription of Coffee

One thing that makes this particular coffee shop stand out from the rest is their monthly coffee subscriptions. You can get their wonderful coffee delivered straight to your door every month for only $15! The best part is that you don’t even have to be a Denver local to get their great coffee sent to you so you can make it at home yourself! Pretty awesome, huh?

The Staff is Highly Knowledgable About Coffee

The incredibly affordable coffee tastes like a million bucks! The staff is knowledgeable about what they serve, they take joy in taking part in one of the best coffee houses in Denver! If you’re looking to relax, then look no further than the Commonwealth Coffee cafe and Roastery!

Friendly staff, peaceful ambiance, tasty coffee, ethical business practices, and homey interior, it is obvious as to why so many Denver locals love this niche coffee house! Want to know how their coffee is made? Any staff member will proudly inform you! Are you looking to catch up with an old pal? The relaxing atmosphere makes it possible to have nice, calming conversations.

With their goal being to roast coffee to its fullest potential, it is guaranteed you’ll get nothing but a delightful feeling when you try this coffee. So, come on by and take a sip! If you hate feeling tired in the morning then stop by this coffee house for some freshly roasted coffee. They’re open from 7 am-2 pm Monday through Friday so you can be ready to face the day! Own your week by feeling energized.

If you’re looking to support ethical businesses and get a drink while doing it, the Commonwealth Coffee house is perfect for that. The owners of the company pay their staff a livable wage so that they don’t have to live off of tips. You can tell these owners care about their staff!


The coffee house is located at 5225 E 38th Ave, in Denver, Colorado. Show some love and support, you’ll for sure enjoy your time there!