Cooxupe: Brazil’s Largest Coffee Exporter

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Cooxupe is a private coffee cooperative, the largest in Brazil, that began its activities in commercialization, quality control, and grading in 1957.

In 1984, the board of directors opened an export department in Santos, which they later staffed with experienced professionals after the company achieved its consistency in great standards, and high volumes of production.

Cooxupe made a great achievement in 2010, whereby direct exports reached 1.8 million bags, making it the top Brazilian coffee exporter, and largest exporter of Arabica coffee.

Cooxupe, as of today, is the largest private coffee cooperative around the globe, with over 12,000 members who own farms in areas such as Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais. They are known to produce Brazil’s finest Arabica coffee.

The company inaugurated a coffee analysis laboratory in 2008, situated in Guaxupe. It is equipped with the latest informational advances to manage and classify their future and present coffee capacity.

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To enable Coop members to track and know the quality of their coffee (from the time of delivery to the time of local sale or export), Cooxupe introduced a computerized barcode system.

Due to an increased significance in specialty coffee on the world market, Cooxupe directors formed a Specialty Coffee Department, meant to keep track of the growth of quality, Gourmet coffees.

Cooxupe – Distribution Network

Cooxupe has operational and warehousing facilities in Monte Carmelo and Guaxupe, which have a network of branch agencies, warehouses, and reception stations that are positioned across the growing areas.

These installations, however, have the capacity to receive up to 5 million bags of the crop, for local sales and export purposes. Cooxupe has also built a new warehouse in Guaxupé, which includes special facilities required in the processing of bulk shipments.

This has been done because of an increased trend in bulk receiving of shipments, for the economy of export clients.

How Does Cooxupe Enhance Efficiency?

Currently, about 43% of COOXUPÉ members are participating in various sustainable programs, where high quality, respect for social aspects, and environmental care are paramount.

These programs have total traceability, hence offering customers reliability and transparency towards the final consumers.

A crucial function of this Cooperative, since its early days (apart from making financial arrangements), was to give agricultural assistance to its members.

Analysis of soil is offered by professional Agronomists, who have the responsibility to instruct farmers about the latest methods of planting, pest controls, and tree varieties.

The Cooperative also offers credit facilities, modern inputs, and products that improve quality and increase productivity.

All of these activities are centered at the Guaxupé headquarters. They are also available at branch agencies and through internet services at nucleus stations.