Copper Door Coffee Roasters – Denver CO

copper Door Coffee Roasters

Women-owned businesses are on the rise, and Copper Door Coffee Roasters in Denver Colorado is an excellent example of one you are sure to love. It’s 100% women-owned and has two convenient locations in Denver. You can find one at 900 W. 1st Avenue #180 or 7581 E Academy Blvd. They both have their own unique decor. Glance over our newest article here: What is organic coffee vs non organic coffee?

There Are 2 Locations Serving Denver

The Yard location has a modern eclectic vibe with industrial ceilings, sleek black walls, and a very unique back wall with a collection of doors and windows. It’s a nod to the name of the business, Copper Door Coffee Roasters. The Lowry location feels like the type of coffee house you’d see on T.V. They have exposed brick walls, refurbished furniture, and they both have a warm and welcoming feel.

Female Owned Business That Grew Into A Full Service Coffee Shop

The owner, Hannah Ulbrich, bought Coffee Door Roasters from a friend in 2014. It started as a coffee roaster with an emphasis on eco-friendly practices that have continued throughout the years. Hannah brought a community-mindedness to the business and expanded from a wholesale roaster to a full-service coffee shop.

Environmental Friendly, Community Conscious & Wind Powered

She uses biodegradable bags and purchases wind energy to offset the impact on the environment. When she opened the second location, The Yard, she wanted it to be a place for the community. She wanted the neighbors to feel like this was their coffee shop. She even included a fun space for the kids, which is a rare find in a trendy coffee shop.

There Is A Wide Selection of Coffee To Choose From

On the menu, you’ll find a wide selection of delightful coffees roasted in house by Ulbrich and her team. They can create americanos, espressos, lattes, and more using their unique flavors and roasts. People love the friendly baristas who can serve up almost anything with coffee.

Their Matcha Latte is a Town Favorite

Another favorite on the menu is the matcha latte. If you want a snack or something for lunch, they serve all locally-made foods including burritos, pastries, doughnuts, and even syrups for the drinks come from nearby. They are known for their special roasts, and they even sell bags of whole beans for you to make at home. Try something new every time you go, you may even find a new favorite.

Both Locations Offer Free WiFi

If you’re a student or you work remotely, you can stop in for coffee and free WiFi. Both locations offer wireless internet service that you can use to study, work, and even hang out to stream your favorite movie. It’s an inviting place for everyone in the community. And because they use wind power, your impact on the environment will be far less than if you went somewhere else.

You’ll Find Locally Roasted Coffee, Locally Made Foods and Locally Made Syrups

It’s always a great idea to shop local and eat local. At Copper Door Coffee Roasters they make it easy with two convenient locations in the Denver community. They serve locally roasted coffee, locally-made foods, and locally made syrups and flavors. With eco-friendly packaging and the use of wind-energy, their focus on the environment and the community is evident. Bring the kids along to The Yard location because they have a special place just for them.


Copper Door Coffee – The Yard900 W. 1st Avenue #180 | Denver, CO 80223 | 720.638.0915

Copper Door Coffee – Lowry7581 E Academy Blvd | Denver, CO 80230 | 720.432.1891