Craft & Common – Orlando

Craft and Common

Craft and Common is a multi-faceted coffee serving cafe located in Orlando, Florida. Owned and operated by the married couple, Lindsay and Brandon Duensing, the store has only been open since mid-2018. Brazil’s coffee brand recommendations can be found.

It’s a Fully Conceptualized Shop

Despite its so far short life, it is as fully conceptualized and equipped as shops that have been in business for much longer. Craft and Common is a business of many parts, as inside they sell coffee, beer, wine, cocktails, food, and products more often found in boutiques. 

The couple had been traveling the United States in their RV, having set out from where they had been living in California, and eventually settling in Florida, where they each had prior roots.

Inspired By Their Time on the Road

Taking inspiration from their traveling experience, they now sell soaps, candles, books, writing utensils, and even some clothing. The name of Craft and Common lends itself to the crafty nature of their store, which is not exclusive to these boutique items, as it also flows into the consumable goods they serve, and even the store itself.

There is a Touch of the SoCal Vibe Throughout the Cafe

Craft and Common can both fit in with most modern coffee shops, with its metal stools, white walls, concrete floors, and wooden attributes, but also set itself apart with a few more unique aspects.

One wall is entirely painted in a leafy, classy design of plants, which are also found in literal, physical form throughout the store. Some furniture, such as the pink, fuzzy cushioned chairs, add to the Southern California vibe they strive for as well. 

They Serve Beer and Wine Too

The alcohol Craft and Common serves comes as five beers, six wines which are half red and half white, and three cocktails. There are snacks such as marinated olives or deviled eggs that pair well with these, but also seasonal toasts loaded with hummus, salmon, and more that go well with everything.

Offering Traditional Coffees and Coffee with a Cocktail Flair

Craft and Common sells Intelligentsia Coffee, as well as canned cold brew from Made Coffee. There are the standard beverages such as mochas, cappuccinos, cortados, espresso, and brewed-to-order coffees and teas, but the most unique drinks are those with a cocktail attitude.

Don’t Forget To Try the Wild Child!

Taking the same approach as they do toward cocktails, there are beverages like The Mule, which is a Moscow Mule made with coffee instead of alcohol, and the most popular item called Wild Child, which mixes espresso, vanilla, cardamom, and rose syrup, topped with rose petals. Like their beer, they also serve nitro cold brew and even nitro lattes on tap. 


47 E Robinson St, Set 100, Orlando, Floria, 32801