Cuppa Austin

Cuppa Austin

Cuppa Austin was established in February of 2013, taking residence up at the corner of a strip mall. Here it works as a coffee shop, cafe, and drive through that is wholly dedicated to its namesake and home, Austin, Texas.

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Meet the Owners

Owned by Alan and Michelle Stewart, and managed by Verna Whittington, Cuppa Austin has been an ever-evolving customer pleaser with constantly increasing success.  Down-to-Earth, Cuppa Austin is open to critique and suggestion from anyone and everyone, but most importantly from its customers.

Since opening, it has made adjustments and additions by both request and by simply paying quality attention to its coffee-goers. Cuppa Austin’s hours of operation are currently sitting at a 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. timeframe, which is the perfect range of fairly early in the morning to fairly late at night.

Neither ends of this range reach into overbearing nor wasted territory, as they are observably useful to enough customers.

They Have an Extended Range of Beverages

Cuppa Austin has been known to occasionally add flavors and drinks to their menu, out of suggestion from patrons. While extremely nice and personable to do so, it’s hard to see what there could be to add at this point.  The thing that sets Cuppa Austin apart is its intensely extended range of beverages.

Their menu boasts a whopping seventy-two beverage options, but realistically it is more than that due to the many additive milks and syrup flavors that can be used to customize drinks into new territories.

The drinks that their menu does list, however, include a heavy amount of natural crushed-fruit smoothies involving most fruits that a person would typically ask for, Thai, chai, and Matcha teas, and even Matcha chai tea, regular organic and exotic teas and, naturally, a wealth of coffee.

The Specialty Drinks are Candy-Related

The coffee-related beverages consist of the typical espresso-based options like lattes, mocha, americanos, and more. The specialty drinks are where the many flavors detail drinks with deliciousness, and the items are fitted with appropriately candy-related titles such as Almond Joy, Mocha Kiss, Black Forest Mocha, Butterscotch Latte, and many, many more. 

The origins of the coffee found in these drinks is from roaster Crimson Cup, based in Columbus, Ohio. Crimson Cup sources beans directly from exotic areas like Honduras, Ethiopia, Peru, and Guatemala. They only select the beans that they deem best, and after roasting them, Cuppa Austin is one of their many partners that use them enjoyably.

Their Coconut Matcha Latte is Served in a Coconut!

The cups that the coffee is brewed into at Cuppa Austin are often branded with Texan graphics such as the Texas star or even the state itself. Sometimes, there is not necessarily a cup, such as with their currently served coconut Matcha latte, which is served directly in a coconut.

Cuppa Austin strives to be a place for Austinites to enjoy in multiple forms, be it lounging and studying, driving by and snagging a quick quench, or enjoying events like concerts, comedians, game nights, and more.

Inside their comfortable couch, chair, and table equipped environment, they further their relationship with the local community by featuring the works of local artists on their walls.


9225 W Parmer Ln, Suite B101, in Austin, Texas.