Doppio Coffee – Denver Co

Doppio Coffee

Denver is one of the most coffee-loving cities around! With more than 1,000 coffee places, this is truly the hub for coffee.

If you’re looking for a new place to try, Doppio Coffee is a great choice. They’ve been in business since 2018 and believe that’s it’s important to craft unique coffee for customers and coffee lovers alike.

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A Fairly New Cafe Making a Name For Itself

Their location connects the neighborhood with busy commerce areas and makes it the perfect place to stop by on your way home or on your way out. Their focus on quality is evident in everything they do. Food isn’t served on a piece of paper or in a plastic basket. They serve food on stylish cutting boards, glass plates, and even use glass mugs.

The Baristas are Knowledgeable and Delightful

The baristas are friendly and knowledgeable and make your visit to Doppio Coffee about the experience. One of their signature drinks is a spicy Mexican mocha. It delivers the perfect blend of coffee, chocolate, and warm spices to give you a little kick in the morning. They use a local roaster to create a smell blend. It’s a fragrant and delightful experience for your senses.

Get a Scone With a Lavender Latte

Their coffee menu includes espresso drinks, macchiatos, batch brews, and your choice of several house-made syrups. Enjoy a unique burst of flavor when you add lavender, rose, vanilla, or almond to any of your drinks. They can whip up a refreshing latte that’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Order a scone, muffin, or other pastry for a delicious blend of sweetness to go with your coffee.

They Offer Gluten Free Pastries

They even offer a wide selection of gluten-free pastries that don’t taste like bricks. It’s the perfect time to try their gluten-free pumpkin chocolate chip scone with white glaze. You won’t even notice that the gluten is missing. If you prefer something savory, try a burrito. Guests love how big and filling they are and they are full of delicious flavors.

It Feels Like A Cafe in New York City

The large space is reminiscent of a New York City loft with its modern open ceilings and gaps between tables. There is no need to bump elbows with your neighbor unless you want to. One wall is painted all black with beautiful floral designs surrounding their business name. Doppio Coffee is a sleek and modern place to be. It’s not all cold though. They incorporate wood tones on the tables and benches and bursts of greenery. Their house plants sit on tables and shelves giving it an earthy and grounding vibe. Large garage doors act as windows that allow in a ton of light.

Hang With Friends Or Work On Your Computer

If you plan to linger with your computer, there are spots with plugs so you won’t run out of battery. They put a lot of thought into creating a space that was cozy, yet modern and trendy.

At Doppio Coffee, you’ll feel welcome from the moment you walk in. With a patio outside for warm weather and ample seating inside, it’s a place for neighbors and visitors to meet.

Try one of the countless pastry options or a flavorful coffee with homemade lavender syrup. If you need a kick, something spicy like a Mexican mocha is right up your alley.


1245 E Colfax Ave #105, Denver, CO 80218