Downtown CREDO – Orlando

Downtown CREDO_Orlando

If you are looking for a coffee shop in Orlando look no further than Downtown Credo. Downtown Credo operates two separate locations where they allow you to pay what you want for your coffee. They operate on their credo, “life is worth living.”

Their original location opened in 2010 at College park, but unfortunately as of May 4, 2020, this location was permanently closed.

Then in 2015 they opened their Health Village location by invitation of Florida Hospital as part of their Health Village. This location is open five days a week, provides rental space for private events and has easy access to two garages which they do provide validation form.

Today on Jiale Coffee, we are delving deep into the Downtown CREDO Coffee Shop in Orlando, FL.

A Unique Coffee Business Expanding Throughout Orlando

Their most recent location opened in 2016 inside the North Quarter Market. Fitting in with the organic grocery store, popsicle stand and vintage bike shop, this location is a bright location to spend some time relaxing or getting work done.

There is also space available to rent and this location is open six days per week. With free Wi-Fi and plenty of space to sit down, these locations offer a fantastic spot to relax, gather with friends or having a meeting.

They Source Their Beans from Central America

Downtown Credo sources their coffee beans as directly from the growers as possible from multiple sources including from Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras and Mexico.

They form a partnership with the growers ensuring that their goals match the goals of Downtown Credo’s. This includes providing a positive outcome to both the people and the environment the coffee is grown and avoiding any form of exploitation of the people and environment.

Purchase Coffee Beans From Their Online Shop

By working as directly as possible with the grower and shippers of their coffee beans, they are ensuring that as much of money being spent is directly benefiting those business owners, their families and the communities they support.

You can also go to their online shop and purchase coffee beans from Guatemala, Mexico and Honduras or a coffee mug or thermos for your to go needs be sent directly to your home.

They Roast Their Beans Weekly

In collaboration with Coffee Roasters Alliance, a local coffee roaster in Orlando, FL, Downtown Credo roasts their coffee beans weekly in small batches. This is to ensure the coffee you drink is at its peak freshness.

They Provide Various Options for Coffee Drinks

Downtown Credo provides various options for your coffee including drip, pour over or cold brew. They also make multiple espresso drinks including mocha, cappuccino and americano as well as both hot and cold teas and various baked goods.

Catering Services Are Available

Downtown Credo also provides catering options to bring their coffees directly to you. Options include large cambros of freshly brewed coffee available for pick up the day of your event.

One cambro will serve about 60 people. They also provide Chemex service for a more personalized touch. This includes a barista at each station preparing a cup of coffee out of their Chemex, which serves four cups.

Final Thoughts

If your love of coffee goes beyond just wanting your caffeine kick in the morning, but want to be part of something bigger, a part of something that believes that small choices can make meaningful impacts to the community, then Downtown Credo is a coffee shop for you.


College Park (PERMANENTLY CLOSED) 706 W Smith St, Orlando, FL 32804

Health Village, 550 E Rollins St., Orlando, FL 32803

North Quarter, 885 N Orange Ave., Orlando, FL 32801