Drip Denver

Drip Denver

Drip Denver is a coffee shop and cafe located in Denver, Colorado. It was founded in 2014, but recently purchased from its former owners by Kurt Gross and Courtney Woodley, who now co-own and manage the business. The deal was an easy one to make, as the pair demonstrated the same level of passion for the shop as the previous owners had.

If you’re looking to try an amazing top notch blend, try coffee from Blue Mountain, Jamaica!

A Quality Shop With Passion & Understanding as Their Main Ingredient

Passion is a key component in Drip Denver. The shop’s ultimate goal is to provide a place of welcoming hospitality and quality products for its customers.

If a customer doesn’t like their beverage, or isn’t enticed by any of the available options, Drip Denver will work with them to create something unique that they will enjoy.

They Have All Sorts of Beverages

The cafe primarily serves coffee, but for those looking for something beyond it, there are other beverages, such as cider, hot chocolates, loose-leaf tea provided by The Tea Spot, Italian sodas, and even a selection of beer, wine, and spirits.

Their Signature Drink is a Homemade Chai Tea

Fortunately for those non-coffee drinkers, Drip Denver’s signature drink is actually their homemade chai tea. Whereas they source their other beverages from separate businesses, the chai tea is their own blend of spices, sugar, honey, black tea, and cinnamon sticks.

Using Locally Sourced Beans from Pablo’s

However, for those that do enjoy coffee, most of it is sourced from Pablo’s. Drip Denver crafts the roasts into espressos, americanos, cafe au laits, toddies, cortados, mochas, lattes, and more.

Offering Non-Dairy Milks and a Plethora of Syrup Flavors

These are fairly standard beverages, but there is soy, almond, and oat milks to mix things up, and more significantly, twenty different syrup flavors, like white chocolate, almond, honey lavender, Irish cream, and seasonal options such as pumpkin spice.

Try Their CBD Infused Coffee!!!

The coffee beverage that is unique all on its own though, is the CBD Focus from Strava. CBD oil infused coffee is growing in popularity, particularly in Colorado, and Drip Denver offers this medicinal option.

Come Hungry and Leave Satisfied

Food options at Drip Denver consist of their homemade quiche, as well as sandwiches, cookies, oatmeal, scones, and yogurt from Share Good Foods, DiFranco’s Breakfast Sandwiches, breakfast burritos from Mame’s, pastries from Daniel’s of Paris, candy bars from Honey Bunchies, and gourmet salads, pastas, and more from Vert Kitchen.

It’s an Elegant and Cozy Space to Enjoy Local Eats and Drinks

It is a thorough representation of businesses and presented in a well-crafted cafe. Marbled floors and tables meet fancy carpets and locally created works of art to form a cozy, elegant space.

The upstairs loft is furnished with cushioned couches and chairs and is available for reservation for special events. So, whether you want to experience Drip Denver alone, or with an office-full of people, their gourmet food and drinks can satisfy anyone.  


955 Lincoln St, Denver, Colorado, 80203