Drunken Monkey Coffee Bar – Orlando

Drunken Monkey Coffee Bar

Drunken Monkey Coffee Bar is a coffee shop located in the Milk District of Orlando, Florida. Drunken Monkey can best be described in one word: eclectic. One look at the business’s website will demonstrate the demeanor that is prevalent in most aspects of the store, and that is one of laid-back quirkiness, yet friendly and full of quality all the same. 

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Co-Owned By an Ex Martial Artist

The cafe is co-owned between Maureen Hawthorn and Larry Hardin, the latter of which provided Drunken Monkey’s name via his experience in martial arts, in which there is a fighting form of the same name. Unlike most modern coffee shops, Drunken Monkey is neither dressed in whites and minimalist decor or as fancy and uptight.

This Eclectic Shop Serves Up Variety

Instead, everything is uniquely decorated, including the ceiling, which consists of dark brown patterned tiles. Art is strung all along the striped-wallpaper walls, and customers sit at the wooden tables and chairs or the comfortably cushioned couches with individual mugs in-hand.

There is no more than one of every type of mug, so for those who sit and enjoy their drink in-store, which is the recommended method, they will have a different mug every time they order.

Laughter is a Common Sound at the Drunken Monkey

For example, one mug has a painted mouth on the bottom, so that when it is brought up for a sip, it paints a goofy face on its patron.  Be it during the comedy open mics held on Saturdays or through enjoyment of board games Drunken Monkey provides, laughter is common.

Providing Organically Sourced Beans

However, this does not mean that Drunken Monkey doesn’t take things seriously. They roast all of their own coffee, organically sourced through fair-trade and rainforest alliance organizations.

Serving Gourmet Food With Vegan Options

Their gourmet food is plentiful and in vegan options, striving to cater to anyone and everyone. There are sandwiches, soups, and wraps galore, but the name brand food is actually a dessert: The Drunken Monkey ice cream. This is flavored with bananas, rum, and white chocolate. 

50 Flavors to Try in Their Coffee!

Central to drink crafting at Drunken Monkey is their list of over fifty flavors, a few of which are almond, cherry, huckleberry, and guava. With these, customers can create their own beverages in hot, cold, and blended forms, though there are the standard espressos, cold brews, and drip coffee as well.

A particularly identifying aspect of the cafe is the exterior back wall that has been covered with a giant, purple graffiti mural showing Marilyn Monroe, the Eiffel Tower, and New York City.


444 N Bumby Ave, Orlando, Florida, 32803