Either/OR – Portland OR

Either OR

Either/Or is a hybrid coffee and cocktail selling business in Portland, Oregon. It was founded within the last five years by Ro Tam, a coffee veteran renown for her former coffee shop, Sellwood.

There are 2 Locations Serving Portland

Either/Or has two locations, one on Williams Ave, and one on 13th Ave. The latter is a more traditional style coffee shop, but the former is what is making waves within the Portland community.

First, the coffee itself is treated like a wine, cherished for its nuances and notes. The methods used in selecting the specific coffees is of high importance at Either/Or.

They Blindly Select Their Coffee Beans

Whereas some shops select coffees based on certain factors, like how they were made and where, and sometimes choosing lesser beans just based on current trends within the industry, Either/Or’s staff blind-cup the coffees.

That is to say, they solely choose the coffees for their flavor. This is a weekly process, and determines what will be served that week, as according to what satisfies their tongues.

What they do with the coffee is what makes Either/Or a standout, however. To demonstrate the versatility of coffee as an ingredient and flavor, they combine it with the mixers that commonly form cocktails.

Known For Their Coffee Mocktails and Other Crafty Drinks

Certainly, there are normal espressos, mochas, lattes, and more, but their “coffee mocktails,” like the year-round options such as the Salty Russian and Flip, are the most unique aspect of the cafe. It makes sense that Either/Or serves these styles of drinks when you learn that they also serve true, alcoholic cocktails.

Despite the focus on unique coffee beverages, the most popular and specialized item is actually their teas that spurred an entire side company, Tanglewood Beverage Company.

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Try the Home-made Ginger Spiced Chai!

Unsatisfied with the chai teas they could find, Either/Or decided to make their own, and it turned into the Ginger Spiced Chai that can be purchased in bottles at many different stores, as well as online.

Each Location Offers Different Food Selections

More variations came afterward with an Asian flair, and this flair is also found in Either/Or’s food. From 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. there are breakfast burritos and salads, but from then until 10 p.m. at the Williams Ave location, there are shandong noodle bowls and rice bowls that can add tofu, pork belly, and chicken, as well as standard cheeseburgers and tacos.

The 13th Ave location closes at 3:00 p.m. but still serves the coffee mocktails. The late hour of the Willams location allows for the alcohol, but minors are not allowed after 5:00 p.m. Either way, Either/Or offers unique beverages that can be tried.


4003 N Williams Ave, or 8235 SE 13th Ave, Ste 2, Portland, Oregon