Epoch Coffee – Austin

Epoch Coffee - Austin

Founded in 2006 by three friends, Chris Clarkson, Joe Rodriguez, and Kevin Garry, Epoch Coffee is an art-centric coffee shop and cafe with locations throughout Austin, Texas. Pronounced in the same manner as “epic,” Epoch Coffee currently supports four coffee destinations, with each being a bit different from the next.  For the freshest brew on coffee reviews, check out Jiale Coffee!

A Coffee Shop for College Students

The original location found on North Loop Boulevard is unique in a couple of ways. Firstly, it is located near the University of Texas, and its customers are made up largely of college students.

Along with this, it is the only Epoch Coffee location that is open twenty-four seven, much to the benefit of its frequent collegiate customers. Each Epoch store is engrained in artistic culture, and while all are very much of elegant designs, they are also aware enough to acknowledge graffiti as an art form, allowing it in their bathrooms. There are limits, however.

Serving Reasonably Priced Beverages

For instance, the North Loop bathroom may only include graffiti with quotable relation to the biblical underworld.  If you’re to stay up all night, you’ll want some caffeine, and coffee is Epoch’s specialty. They serve reasonably priced beverages of the hot, cold, and blended sorts.

Some of these include cafe au laits, cubanos, americanos, espresso, iced versions of all of these, and blended drinks like divinity chai and wildberry blast.

Offering Reduced Priced Refills

They even serve reduced-priced refills for their simpler drinks.  Beyond coffee, Epoch Coffee partners with local businesses to provide their food, which includes pizza, sandwiches, wraps, oatmeal, and pastries.

Another offering that helps distinguish one store from the next is the serving of alcoholic beverages at the Park Tower location. With the more elegant offerings comes more elegant business practices, such as excluding nightlife hours, and dressing the store with a more modern appearance. 

The aesthetics of each store might be different between them, but they are all hubs for local artists to display their works. Epoch Coffee hosts events in the same way that an art gallery would, featuring a select artist for a period of time, both for the sake of viewing and selling art.

Take a Workshop! Learn How to Be an Artist

Further than just featuring artists, Epoch provides the ability to teach those that want to learn, through their hosting of artistic workshops. One such workshop, for example, is their upcoming clay workshop where customers will make their own espresso shooters and mugs. 

These workshops and artist inclusions are just examples of Epoch’s goal to make people feel welcome. If there is revenue to be made, Epoch would rather it be a revenue of smiling faces and satisfaction than mere financial surplus. They would happily spend money to fix and upgrade things in order to boost the satisfaction of those they serve, rather than just take and keep the money for themselves.

Though they are certainly a successful business, they measure their success on the satisfaction of their customers. This extends to their employees as well, and Epoch holds pride in the often long-term employment that their workers exhibit.

Final Words

If you fancy browsing art upon walls or the foam of lattes or are looking for either an elegant hangout or place for a homework long-haul, seek out Epoch Coffee in Austin, Texas.


221 W N Loop Blvd, Austin, TX 78751