Essence Coffee & Chai – Portland

Essence Coffee and Chai

A Portland, Oregon standout, Essence Coffee and Chai, (a.k.a. “Essence Coffee and Tea”), has definitely found and is keeping its. . . ground . . . here in one of the nation’s most competitive coffeehouse markets.

Not every coffee nook can be dubbed a “friendly” and “cheery” addition to its nod-worthy (Maple Spice Latte) reputation, for example.

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It’s Not Your Every Day Coffee Shop

This unique and popular collection of luscious lattes and teas, paired with a revolving array of mouth-watering baked and other treats that fans rave, is a testament to the Essence proprietors’ commitment to excellence.

One reviewer puts it simply: “The two owners are coffee connoisseurs and truly understand what it takes to make the perfect coffee drink.”

They Offer Specialty Coffee Drinks and Seasonal Pastries

Their sumptuous seasonal specialties will wow you (blueberry pastry fans, be on the lookout). Despite the season, remember it’s never too cold to imbibe on Essence Coffee and Chai’s Vietnamese Iced Coffee; chanted by a devoted following as simply (sip-ly) “the best.”

These notorious specialty- brewed drinks bring a throng of regulars as well as satisfied other visitors to this conveniently-located gathering place.

The Decor Is Cozy and Inviting

The small, cozy and laid-back atmosphere, draped in deep Merlot and gold tones, keeps guests wanting to finish another chapter in a good book while appreciating the jazzy tunes piped in the background.

Professionals working in and near the Water Tower building on Macadam Avenue know what other, destination-visitors have learned about Essence Coffee and Chai: pure quality. whether it’s the Raspberry Cream, Orange Bliss, or Raspberry Mocha, iced and hot versions of these signature drinks offer something for everyone.

They Offer Gluten Free Food Options

Even self-proclaimed “picky” tea connoisseurs agree the fine grade of loose-leaf teas here definitely rock their cups n’ saucers.

Not to be overlooked are the gluten-free treats and yummy options keeping up with today’s savvy customers’ needs, Wi-fi is available and seating is on a first-come, first-serve basis, as is common with popular coffee houses.

Their Tasty Treats Go Along Great With Their High Quality Coffee

There’s a sense of the whimsical that folks love about Essence’s overall experience – fresh berries dotting a perfect cake, served with sexy, sudsy bevvies, designed by experienced bakers and baristas, in an eclectic little space adorned with loving touches and funky nick-knacks . . . so that all the senses are adorned here.

And you can leave with some high-quality coffee and teas to brew back at home . . . just don’t leave without some of their eye-popping cookies or a sweet-du-jour.

Imagine all the times that a well-earned visit to a local coffee shop turned up disappointing, whether due to the service, prices, quantities, ambiance, or the product — or any combination!

An experience like that can sour the first part of any optimist’s busy day. That’s why the pros at Essence have brought it all together for a come-one-come-all welcoming oasis, wafting in the aromas of carefully roasted beans, top shelf teas, aromatic spices, and heavenly ingredients that conjure fond memories and inner peace for all who enter.


WATER TOWER, 5331 SW Macadam Ave STE 262, Portland, OR 97239