Extracto Coffee Roasters – Portland OR

Extracto Coffee Roasters

Extracto Coffee Roasters is a coffee roasting and selling business located in Portland, Oregon. They currently support one of their own cafes, which is also the site of their roasting operations. They have had another location in the past, though in 2018, that closed down upon the end of their lease at that spot.

Extracto Beans are Sold Nationwide

Nevertheless, Extracto Coffee Roasters is a dedicated coffee roaster, and as such, they not only sell their beans in their cafe and through online sales, but to a myriad of wholesale partners. One look at their website will show the lengthy list of cafes that sell Extracto Coffee.

Their Roasting Technique is Traditional

Their product presents an easy find within the Portland area, and no matter where you purchase it, you will experience the result of Extracto’s central goal. With all of their coffees, Extracto does not seek to roast in extremes. Instead, they simply roast to present the most realized flavor of each type of bean.

They Carry Up to 20 Different Varieties at All Times

Roasted in small batches with a 22-kilo Probat drum roaster, Extracto provides roasts that are common and popular, as well as unique, exotic types. Working directly with farmers, Extracto has personally picked out their various roasts, and they carry as many as twenty different varieties at all times.

Whatever your roast of choice may be, if you visit Extracto’s own cafe, they can brew it for you in just about any method you could want; from aeropress and french press, to drip coffee, cold brew, and espresso.

Their Drink Menu is Extensive

These straight coffee varieties are Extracto’s specialties, as they most prominently present the flavors that the shop desires to share, but there are other beverages as well.

Mochas, cappuccinos, macchiatos, cortados, cafe au laits, lattes, americanos, matcha, chai, hot chocolate, tea, and juice make up the rest of the beverages, all of which can be paired with the food on-hand.

They Offer Bagels, Cookies & More

Mostly of the dessert and quick-snack sort, Extracto serves bagels and croissants, as well as rolls, cookies, and more. The food and drinks are flavorful, but the interior of the cafe is tasteful.

The Decor is Classic and Rustic

Artwork lines the tan walls, a chalkboard menu hangs behind the wooden counter, and the rustic floor is covered in not only metal and wooden tables and chairs but loads of literal coffee bean bags.

Further coffee decor can be found in the classic-style mugs and pots on shelves amongst the artwork. The actual coffee can be found in the hands of its customers, however.


2921 NE Killingsworth St, Portland, Oregon, 97211