Flamingos Coffee Shop – Orlando

Flamingos Coffee Shop - Orlando FL

There are many reasons that attract people to Suit D of the City view apartment complex on W Church Street. Some are looking for a quiet space to sit down and pass the time with a good coffee.

Others want a reasonably priced beer before they head to a concert at the Amway Centre. Or maybe some are intrigued by the burn orange sign sporting the words “Flamingo Deli Shop” strung above the arched walkway along the street.

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Downtown Orlando’s Hip Spot for the Caffeine Fix With a Vibe

From the road the Flamingo’s cafe entices caffeine lovers with a picture of 2 cups of the sweet brown liquid protruding over the passing cars. For a passersby on the pavement, people having drinks on the small tables outside the door portray the good time that could be had by those enjoying a coffee or a rather generous slice of freshly made pizza.

They Have Great Customer Service

Inside the walls are adorned with hand painted murals of steaming coffee or flowers and as you enter wooden flamingos of different shapes and sizes look down on you from above. You’re sure to be greeted by a smile that part of the excellent service so many customers have enjoyed as well as their extensive selection of food and drink.

Enjoy New York Style Pizza Served By Italian Owner, Ralphie

A lasting memory for many of this small establishment is the quality and quantity of pizza for a reasonable price. Served by the slice New York style made by the Brooklyn born Italian owner named Ralphie, it’s not hard to see why the quality is so high.

The local feel and potential offers of free garlic buttered rolls while you wait is enough to bring anyone back for more. However, you’re not likely to be waiting long as Ralphie is known by locals for being quick witted and quick with the dough!

It’s Open For Take-out or Dine-in and Relax

Whether you are grabbing some pizza on the go or wanting to sit and relax with a meal, both are fully accommodated here with indoor and outdoor seating. If you walked in solo and want to stay inside, you’ll most likely never be truly alone as most tables come with a large hand painted picture of a flamingo or two to accompany you with your meal.

Great Selection of Coffee, Teas & Beers

For curing your parched throat or sufficiently lubricating it before a concert or an Orlando City soccer match, the usual selection of tea and coffee is readily available or if you want something a bit stronger, they also sell a good selection of beers for a very reasonable price. Considering the location, this could be an ideal spot for a few beverages without having to shell out extortionate amounts for ones in the sporting venues but shhhh keep it to yourself…

It’s a Hidden Gem Serving Coffee & Pizza

After you’ve enjoyed your evening Flamingos is usually open and you can still come in the grab a coffee from Ralphie to help keep you awake on the journey home. Several people have referred to this small corner of coffee and pizza heaven as the “Hidden Gem” of the area.

Flamingos comes highly recommended and is fast becoming one of the worst kept secrets for travelers and locals.


595 W Church St, Orlando, FL 32805, United States

Mon – Fri 9am – 8pm