Flitch Coffee – Austin

Flitch Coffee

In September of 2014, Erica Foster began a Kickstarter campaign with the goal of raising the funds needed to start her very own coffee shop. By April of 2015, her dream became reality, and Flitch Coffee was born in Austin, Texas.

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Kickstarter Built This Shop

With the help of her fiancé and the funds allotted from Kickstarter donations from family, friends, and future customers, what was once simply an old, unsuspecting 1950’s trailer was renovated to suit the bean serving business. 

Erica’s fiancé played a key role in the conception of the shop, and in many ways. Through his wood-working expertise, as well as his wood-working business, Hatch Workshop, he not only aided the trailer restoration process, but even inspired the name for the store.

Made Out of Fallen Branches

“Flitch” is a wood-working term, which is a reference to a piece of wood that is ripe for resizing and reshaping. Using fallen branches and reusing wood is what Hatch Workshop specialized in, and it is with these eco-friendly practices that Flitch Coffee was outfitted with wooden walls, counters, and patio furniture in the forms of benches, chairs, and the platform that works as a stage. 

Hatch Workshop is located right next to Flitch Coffee, and the area has been transformed into a sort of hub for the local community. This is logically due in part from the popularity of the two businesses, but not exclusively.

Partnering With Local Businesses

Flitch draws people in with its coffee assortments but furthers its reach with the partnership of food serving businesses such as Luxe Sweets, who provide baked pastries, and Viejo, who serve breakfast tacos.

The offering of these morning coffee shop standards suits Flitch and their morning centric hours. Flitch Coffee is open from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. throughout the week and opens an hour later on the weekend.

However, in spite of the morning hours, the patio area is prime for the many events that take place there at all times of day, including the evenings. These events range from concerts to pop-up flea markets. The unique opportunities and events that Flitch allows for make it stand out greatly.

Try the Popular “Little Sweetie” Drink

Certainly though, there are their signature products themselves: coffee.  Flitch Coffee features a menu consisting of “Coffee,” and “Not Coffee.” The coffee menu includes beverages such as mochas, espresso, cortados, cappuccinos, lattes, drip and cold brew coffee, and a standout beverage that is the “Little Sweetie.” This drink is a mix of cold-brew, maple syrup, and milk.

Maple finds its way into quite a few drinks Flitch serves, not limited to their coffee menu. The “Not Coffee” menu features teas and milk, and the Matcha latte, for example, is made of Matcha, milk, and maple syrup.

Flitch procures its roasted beans from two locations in Texas, Evocation Coffee Roasters and Wild Gift, and two from out of state. Those two are Kickapoo and Onyx Lab Coffee Roasters, from Wisconsin and Arkansas, respectively. 

Using Sustainable & Eco Friendly Means

These coffee roasters work in sustainable, eco-friendly means, which is important to Flitch Coffee, which, as an homage to Hatch Workshop’s work, is a standing reflection of environmentally focused efforts. 


641 Tillery St. in Austin, Texas.