Flying Cat Coffee Company – Portland

Flying Cate Coffee Company

Locally owned Flying Cat Coffee Company in Portland Oregon is an exciting venue in S.E Division. It has indoor seating for around 24 people and it’s always packed. It also has seating outside. It has incredible decor which comprises of cat-related oddities. Don’t worry, though. There are no real cats there.

One of the biggest questions we get is how to pair coffee and cheese… find out now.

Serving Coffee and Entertainment Since 2008

The original owner was Susan Klages, who opened the venue in February 2008. It had a great welcome from the community and media who loved its comfortable and warm atmosphere.

Susan then added live performances to the venue and made it into a weekly entertainment hub for the local community. They had Rock singers to poets. On the walls of the Flying Cat, they featured the work of local painters, photographers, and illustrators.

Ownership Changed But the Basic Format Stayed the Same

Eventually, the helm was passed to Jan Hinton, and she kept the basic format of the Flying Cat, why change something that works? Of course, Jan had ideas of her own as well, and she chose to open up space and also added homemade bakery products.

Not content to stop there Jan, after noticing that more young families were moving into the area, she added a children’s performance space on Thursday and Sunday mornings.

The Newest Addition is the Children’s Performance Space

While moms and dads enjoy a great coffee and a pastry, the children get to have a fun time with the featured creative artists. Then in the break, there are lots of different healthy snacks and drinks for the kids to choose from. The kid’s space is unique and a fantastic addition to the local community facilities.

A Cool, Hipster Joint That Feels Like an Old-School Cafe

When you visit Flying Cat, you step back in time a bit. The coffee shop is surrounded by cool, hipster shops that have emerged in recent years as the district changes.

The Flying Cat Coffee Company is a refuge where ordinary people call to collect their coffee from amiable staff who find time to chat with you, the decor is not new.

It is full of character, with stacks of cat books filling odd corners. The covered sofas sag in the middle and a far more comfortable than some of the new, functional, seating that you find elsewhere. While waiting for your coffee, there is plenty to look at, especially the funky cat art.

They Offer Home-cooked Treats and Vegetarian Choices

The pastries are not wholegrain or milled locally, or any other gimmick you can think of. They are just plain old homecooked treats like you remember from where you were a kid.

They resemble the size of large muffins and probably are not so good for you. They also have bagels, and hot breakfast treats, Vegetarian food is available at the Flying Cat.

They Source Their Coffee From Nossa Familia

They serve the superb Nossa Familia Coffee and Jasmine Pearl Tea selections. They carry regular milk, soymilk, and rice milk. All espresso drinks are made with a double shot. They also carry a broad range of cold juices and smoothies.

This coffee shop may not be cool or glitzy, but it has a real personality and a character of its own. Good food, good coffee, and a fantastic atmosphere with a community-minded attitude.


3041 SE Division, Portland, OR 97202